Is Optavia A Scam? Lose Weight And Lose Money?

Posted By DerekMarshall 14 days ago on Blogging - Heard all the hype about Optavia and then question "Is Optavia A Scam" started running in your mind!.  The problem with other reviews is that some are associated to the company and thus not exactly giving a truly balanced review or independent investigation.  Tainted and biased from the outset!. This article is not sponsored and I am […]

OBL Fuel – Is OBL Fuel Legit? [REVIEW]

Posted By DerekMarshall 9 days ago on Blogging - Heard about OBL Fuel?. Sure there is a lot of chatter on social media about the OBL Super fuel of the future and maybe you are wondering is this all real if OBL fuel is legitimate or the whole thing is a big hoax!.  In this article I'll share with you my thoughts on this new […]

MOBE Scam Shutdown By The FTC! [MUST READ]

Posted By DerekMarshall 5 days ago on Blogging - MOBE, A Shocking and obvious scam ordered to shut down all websites by the FTC!. That opening sentence should put to bed any doubts that you had regarding the question "Is Mobe A Scam?". It is official, shut down, kah put! closed!.  Before I continue, I'd like to congratulate you on researching scams - this is exactly […]

Why Outlining is Crucial for Writing Success

Posted By cameroncowan 17 days ago on Blogging - Sorry pantsers, if you want to complete a work, you need some organization. However, there is a way to fulfill both desires. There are popular camps when it comes to how best to write your first book. There are people who sit down and just write whatever they have in their heads. We call those “pantsers” because they write by the seat of their pants. Then there are people who sit down and outline what exactly is going to happen and when. Neither is right or wrong, however, I’ve found that those writing by the seat of their pants face huge problems during manuscript revision and the quality of writing can be quite low. Usually people that write this way just want to get their words out of their head and just write. That is fine, however, to create a manuscript t

Is Team National A Scam! The Truth EXPOSED!

Posted By DerekMarshall 15 days ago on Blogging - The question is in your mind already - Is Team National A Scam?. And you are right to raise questions about an MLM opportunity centred around selling discounts! while I make no secret of my dislike for MLM's or any network marketing opportunities - really just not my cup of tea. Not my thing. I prefer […]

The Intellectual Dark Web

Posted By cameroncowan 24 days ago on Blogging - The intellectual dark web has found a huge audience outside the mainstream to talk about things the mainstream don’t dare speak about.There’s a new brand of intellectual out and about these days. These are the members of the Intellectual Dark Web. But what are they proposing? That depends entirely on which thinker you decide to watch. The Intellectual Dark Web or IDW, for short, doesn’t have a solid set of central principles and values except for their collective dislike of the “regressive left.” Proponents include names you’ve heard of like Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan but also people you might not know much about like Eric and Bret Weinstein. Ayann Hirsi Ali is also among their number. She made waves several years ago for her sharp criticism of

Is Bizrate Rewards Legit? My Review REVEALS ALL!

Posted By DerekMarshall 20 days ago on Blogging - Are you searching For Info About Bizrate Rewards? Looking for the answer to the question "Is Bizrate Rewards Legit Or Is It A Scam?" Half the trouble with reviews on the internet is most are associated with the company they are reviewing which kind of means a lot of the Bizrate Reward Reviews out there you […]

Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) Announced for SFW X Part 2 This November

Posted By BlazingMinds 21 days ago on Entertainment - Hey, my fellow geeks and nerds, we’ve had the brilliant news in from CHIC FESTIVALS, AREA 51 and TELOS PUBLISHING with their latest reveal of another fabulous guest for SFW X – PART 2 at their new venue in Great Yarmouth. We’ve been told by the team that they are delighted to announce that JOHN […]The post Gimli (John Rhys-Davies) Announced for SFW X Part 2 This November appeared first on Blazing Minds by Karen Woodham

Complete Review Of MyEcon – Scam Or Legit?

Posted By DerekMarshall 16 days ago on Blogging - Are you looking for a complete review of MyEcon? Curious about the hype around this business opportunity?.  The problem with some reviews is they are not independent. Yes, you read that right. Some of the reviews out there are written by people that are connected to the company in some form, either directly or as a […]

AWOL Academy Review – Is Keala Kanae A Scammer?

Posted By DerekMarshall 14 days ago on Blogging - Welcome to this AWOL Review. When You hear the word AWOL, normally you think of a Soldier skipping duties without permission. In the case of AWOL Academy the term means something else. Very cleverly thought of - "Another Way Of Life". The question still remains is AWOL a Scam, is it Legit and who is Keala […]

What Are Freedom Checks – Is Matt Badiali Full Of BS?

Posted By DerekMarshall 17 days ago on Blogging - You have heard about Freedom Check's But What Are Freedom Checks?  And Is Matt Badiali full of bullshit? Well, as he would have you believe just for $10 you can start cashing in on this one!.   That is the trouble with the internet - you really do need to wade through a field of manure […]

Is Trump Bonus Checks A Scam? The Truth EXPOSED!

Posted By DerekMarshall 10 days ago on Blogging - Have you heard all the stories about Trump Bonus Checks? maybe even the thought "Is Trump Bonus Checks A Scam?" Is this more fake news? are whirling around in your head!.  And you are right to question it, to do your research!. It's Pretty smart of you to do your research - this is how you […]

Southend-on-Sea Interview with Axman producer and DoP Duncan Newham

Posted By BlazingMinds 5 days ago on Entertainment - Axman (2019) Director: Marc Blake Writer: Marc Blake Stars: Fiona Hardy, Simon Scardanelli, Rob Trend, Marc Lucero, Ian Alldis Petty rivalries and huge egos clash as Smokescreen, possibly the greatest Rock and Roll band of the 70’s reform for one last Album and tour. Trapped in an underground recording studio simmering tensions boil over with […]The post Southend-on-Sea Interview with Axman producer and DoP Duncan Newham appeared first on Blazing Minds by Philip Rogers