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Can WordPress Themes be Edited in Photoshop? Bring 10 WordPress & PSD Themes Below to Your Notice

Posted By wpnewsify 14 hours ago on Blogging - The best thing is that if you’re a skilled Photoshop user, it makes sense to poke around PSD themes. Thus, you can open a PSD file in Photoshop to save and edit parts of the image into separate .jpg or .png files.

What WordPress Theme To Choose For A Startup?

Posted By wpnewsify 19 hours ago on Blogging - Have you ever questioned yourself what WordPress themes are perfect for a startup web project? How about a one-page site? It is found to be one of the best options for advertising any kind of startup online.

[Case Study] How to Build Restaurant Website With Betasso WordPress Theme?

Posted By wpnewsify 1 day 19 hours ago on Blogging - We can help you in choosing the most an appropriate template for your next restaurant website. Let us get familiar with Betasso WordPress theme.

How to Make Money Blogging with Affiliate Marketing?

Posted By TheBadBlogger 5 days ago on Blogging - Can you still make money blogging? The short answer is yes. When you combine written content with affiliate marketing, there's a lot of opportunity for bloggers to make real money online, if they have the right strategy. In this blog post, we talk about different ways to make money blogging and go in-depth into the affiliate marketing opportunity for any niche blogger out there. Find out how you can make money blogging with affiliate marketing, check it out!

Millennial Finances Are In The Dumps, But It’s Not Because Of Avocado Toast

Posted By christopherjanb 7 days ago on Blogging - Find out why millennail finances are at an all-time low. Surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with their work ethic but more on their education.