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Mind over Mouth – How Brands Go Beyond The Tongue

Posted By rozdeba 5 days ago on Marketing - Where does the taste of a brand fit? You guessed it, in the mouth. But even if your brand can’t fit into your customer’s mouth, this article may still provide you with wisdom about this unique portal to human consumption. The taste of any brand is more about what you think a brand is than what you think you experience.

How to Make Email Newsletters that Your Subscribers Will Open

Posted By christopherjanb 16 days ago on Marketing - "Discover how to make email newsletters that include the right elements to increase open and click-through rate for better engagement with subscribers!

How To Bring Your Email List Back From The Dead

Posted By adamjc 19 days ago on Marketing - You haven’t emailed your subscribers in months.It’s no secret that having an engaged and active email list is key to pulling in the big bucks. Not to mention, email is the third most influential source of information on the web.So it comes as no surprise that you’re feeling terrified of emailing your subscribers after a long hiatus. Read more »

3 (Data-Backed) Digital Marketing Trends You Must Prepare For by 2019

Posted By erikemanuelli 20 days ago on Marketing - As we rapidly approach 2019, are you confident your marketing strategy is robust enough to contend with your competitors’ plans?

Unfortunately, it appears that the Digital Marketing landscape is saturated. So, to truly succeed, you need to find a way to stand out.

It’s no longer viable to just ‘do marketing’; customer expectations are increasingly higher, while B2B technology (specifically martech) floods our world. You must design a clear-cut Digital Marketing strategy that utilizes the best methods and tools to specifically suit your business.

Use resources like this to guide you through the noise…

Here is a selection of fundamental changes to keep in mind, spanning both audience-focused and technology-orientated trends.

How To Promote Your Blog: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

Posted By adamjc 32 days ago on Marketing - How do you promote your blog? Do you share it on social media and hope for the best?Sadly, that’s not going to work. Unless you have millions of fans who live and breathe your every word. But I’m guessing you’ve not reached celebrity status … yet.In the meantime, Read more »

How To Build A Low Touch Sales Funnel That Sells Like A Human

Posted By adamjc 39 days ago on Marketing - The dream of every online business owner is to buy a domain, create a beautiful website, send traffic to that website, and wake up every morning with sales notifications via email.The reality happens to be much different.You have to constantly check what resonates with your audience via your analytics tools, Read more »

How Chanty Tripled Their Organic CTR In Less Than A Year

Posted By adamjc 44 days ago on Marketing - Note from Adam: This is a guest post by Olga Mykhoparkina, chief marketing officer at Chanty – a simple AI-powered team chat. They’ve been having some great results improving their organic click-through rates and getting more traffic from Google. So, I invited Olga to share what they’ve been doing with us. Read more »


Posted By christopherjanb 47 days ago on Marketing - Learn whose marketing automation features are more appropriate for your online business in this ConvertKit vs ActiveCampaign post.