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Get Noticed! 3 Nifty Marketing Automation Hacks to Try Now

Posted By erikemanuelli 2 days ago on Marketing - Get ready to win the battle for precious attention; converting your visitors almost like clockwork, while stunning your competitors all at the same time.

Don’t feel daunted — any business can use slick Marketing Automation to stand out and become more effective.

Sam Hurley shows you where to start in this informative post.

Personalized Video Content Can Be The Marketing Breakthrough Brands Need

Posted By erikemanuelli 16 days ago on Marketing - The “pivot to video” - it’s something we’ve been hearing about for years now. If you’re tired of the phrase, buckle up, because video marketing is not going away anytime soon.

KWFinder Review & Tutorial (Plus Special Discount)

Posted By contentchampion 19 days ago on Marketing - I’ll tell you a secret. A few years ago I kind of sucked at keyword research. Which isn’t great as an SEO and content marketer.

It’s not that I wasn’t getting results, it’s just that the whole process seemed so boring – and I often found myself making excuses not to do ​any at all.

Clever Ads From Post-it Highlight Creatives Who Spend Sleepless Nights Coming Up With Bright Ideas

Posted By fershid 29 days ago on Advertising - Ogilvy Istanbul has come up with a brilliant campaign for Post-it that highlights the artists, designers, and creatives who spend sleepless nights honing their craft. The 3-ad series features illustrations of an architect, a musician, and a designer working late into the night while everyone else has left the office or is asleep.

The yellow light of their office/studio matches the iconic yellow color of Post-it sticky notes. The tagline reads, “Bright ideas are worth to remember.” Check out the ads here.

Watch This 6-Second Ad From ‘The Nun’ That YouTube Removed For Being Too Scary

Posted By fershid 30 days ago on Advertising - You must have come across those jump-scare videos that look unassuming at first, and then suddenly a scary face appears from nowhere and leaves you startled. Well, the marketing team for ‘The Nun’ movie came up with a similar pre-roll ad for YouTube, which apparently shocked viewers to the extent that YouTube had to take it down. Watch it here.

[Wake Up!] 3 Eye-Opening Content Hacks for 'Boring' Businesses

Posted By erikemanuelli 30 days ago on Marketing - Content Marketing is a vital component of visibility — also driving revenue, customer retention, and brand affinity — when it performs as intended.

So, speaking of intentions, how do you:

- Conjure up relevant, appealing content ideas that hold the potential to go viral?
- Ensure all pieces of content reach your target audience?
- Gain targeted traffic, leads and sales as a result of this content?

Here are 3 overarching, ROI-focused methods to hack your ‘boring business’ Content Marketing strategy!

Don’t think outside the box. Know you are never bound by a box.

How To Clean Your Email List With ZeroBounce

Posted By sethlahaul 36 days ago on Marketing - For anyone sending bulk emails, using an email verifier has never been more important than now. With the increase of spam, email verification is now of utmost priority for most of us. While looking for email verifiers, ZeroBounce recently caught my attention. ZeroBounce has a lot of cool features to help you clean your email list.

News Site Captures World Leaders From Unusual Perspectives In Clever Ad Series

Posted By fershid 55 days ago on Advertising - Argentinean news site Dos Miradas (translation: two looks) has come up with a clever campaign that features images of world leaders Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un captured from unusual but symbolic perspectives.

The objective of the campaign is to inform viewers that there are two sides to every story, and Dos Miradas offers “a different point of view“. The agency is TBWABuenos Aires. Check out the campaign here.