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Bizarre Insurance Policies: Edition 2

Posted By crom84 699 days ago on Off Beat News - All about weird insurance policies that range from alien abduction, impregnation and consumption insurance to multiple birth insurance and free riot insurance. If there is a risk to mitigate and people willing to pay the premiums then you can count on there being a policy!

That Night When Antisemite Joshua Bonehill Had A Public Meltdown On Twitter...

Posted By loupdargentonline 1551 days ago on Off Beat News - Perhaps, the pressure of leading his brand new, but already failing, movement (losing support from his fellow neo-nazis by the minute) was too much after all for the infamous fascist, antisemite, racist and convicted serial liar, Joshua Bonehill?...

The States Should Have the Power to Fire Congress

Posted By cameroncowan 1556 days ago on Off Beat News - Let’s Fire Congress Most parliamentary systems have a mechanism to dismiss the legislative body when it’s not working. This causes new elections and hopefully changes. However, there is an interesting anomaly in the American system: Congress can’t be fired in whole or in part. How Do we Fire Congress?   I can see how the […]

Education 2.0

Posted By cameroncowan 1558 days ago on Off Beat News - Its time to seriously reform education in the United States Rates of graduation have been on the decline. Students are unprepared for college and life in general. The rating of the education system in the United States has gone from #1 to #23 in 50 years. It’s time to reform the education system.     […]

The Communal Nature of Travel

Posted By cameroncowan 1562 days ago on Off Beat News - I traveled quite a bit in 2014. Between 2 trips to Washington, moving to Washington and dashing back to Colorado for the holiday season I’ve spent quite a bit of time in airports, train stations, and (in one case) standing with an instant acquaintance in the middle of I-90 waiting for a blasting operation to […]

Publicly Funded Savings Accounts

Posted By cameroncowan 1578 days ago on Off Beat News - The savings rate in the U.S. and many other developed nations is extremely low. Most people don’t have $2,000 in savings for emergencies or other expenses if a car breaks down or some other essential comes up. So then that leaves the question, how do we get people saving money? Economically, savings are important because […]

Race in America: We should all go to church

Posted By cameroncowan 1586 days ago on Off Beat News - James Poulos on The Daily Beast has a very old fashioned way of dealing with racism: Church. Its not so clear in the article but he brings up a good point. In the light of a very racially charged 2014 it is clear that in some ways we are no further along the pathway to an […]

I Spent my Hiatus Watching Woody Allen Films

Posted By cameroncowan 1597 days ago on Off Beat News - I watched a few woody Allen films that are going off Netflix and here’s what I learned. There were quite a few Woody Allen movies that rolled off Netflix 1 January. Over my holiday hiatus I did my best to watch the ones that were recommended as well as some that I thought I should […]

Why Christians can’t live in a secular society

Posted By cameroncowan 1608 days ago on Off Beat News - The Pluralism of Religion Christians can’t live in a secular society because too many people’s beliefs are dependent on constant visual and social reminders of their god. I maintain that because of this simple truth the faith of a variety of christians simply can’t hold up under a secular society or a plurality of religion. […]