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Best Treadmill Workouts – Ignite Your Inner Treadmill Beast!

Posted By fitgearhq 187 days ago on Body and Mind - Are you looking for the best treadmill workouts? Look no further I have some of the most effective treadmill workouts below. From beginner to advanced, I think I have covered a lot of great treadmill tips and tricks! As always make sure you comment below and reach out to me! Let’s begin…

Best Spin Bikes For 2017 – Best Spin Bike Reviews & Prices

Posted By fitgearhq 191 days ago on Body and Mind - Welcome to another awesome guide, I’m going to be taking you on a journey through a range of the best spin bike prices, key information you need to know and some fantastic spin bike reviews.

The Best Core Exercises : 4 Core Exercises To Light Your Midsection On Fire

Posted By fitgearhq 193 days ago on Body and Mind - Who wants to know the best core exercises to build a killer core and look great at the same time? AWESOME, let’s get into today’s post shall we

Passive income is actually very active.

Posted By LoaThomas 199 days ago on Body and Mind - If you are as me, you would like to have those fast dollars. On my journey i found out the hard way that there is no free lunch. I share about my experiences and give some objective thoughts in my own way.

Blueberry Concentrate May Boost Brain Function

Posted By dawg 213 days ago on Body and Mind - Drinking blueberry concentrate may boost brain function in older people, according to a recent study. Research by the University of Exeter showed that drinking blueberry concentrate improves cognitive function as well as working memory.

Can This Ancient Greek Technique Help You Build a Super Memory?

Posted By dawg 276 days ago on Body and Mind - Researchers from Radboud University, Holland, have found scientific proof that memory can significantly be improved. Even better, it only takes about 40 days of daily 30 minute training sessions to super-size your memory.