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Practice These 24 Powerful Time Management Tips To Stop Wasting Time and Achieve Your Goals Now!

Posted By ekuzevska 292 days ago on Body and Mind - Planning is the best time saver.You need powerful time management tips to stop wasting time and achieve your goals.Here are 24 Powerful Time Management Tips

How I Healed An Ovarian Tumor With Home Remedies

Posted By ekuzevska 304 days ago on Body and Mind - Nine years ago I was diagnosed with a tumor on my right ovary. The ovarian tumor was immediately removed with surgery. Three months later during a regular check-up, I was told that there was now a tumor on my left ovary and although a biopsied tumor showed that it was benign, it was recommended that I have it removed

Signs That You Are Under Too Much Stress

Posted By ekuzevska 317 days ago on Body and Mind - We all know stress is an inescapable part of modern life, but there is such a thing as too much stress. The trouble is, we often get into such a rut that the excessive pressure starts to seem reasonable. Fortunately, researchers know more about stress than ever before, and the impact it can have on one’s health. If you exhibit any of the following signs, it might be time to consider stress relief and stress management strategies.

Five simple exercises for targeted abs exercises

Posted By ekuzevska 323 days ago on Body and Mind - Hard activities of exercise are the essential requirement if the person wants to achieve abs. There are two basic methods with the help of which abs can be gained. The first method is doing different types and styles of regular exercises and the second way is the intake of proteins. Abs show that the person is concern about his fitness and is active. The exercise of special parts of the body helps you in having great abs. It not only makes you look smart but also improves your health. There are many exercises which are not only for achieving abs but also improving the physical strength. Of them the important five abs exercises are as follows:

Learn about Different Kinds of Anemia and Anemia help

Posted By ekuzevska 326 days ago on Body and Mind - Do you feel weakness, dizziness with the lack of energy? Do you have pale/grayish skin and dull and haggard look? These are the main symptoms of anemia.Other symptoms include poor memory, ringing in the ears, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath on exertion, slow healing of wounds, and mental confusion. Learn about Different Kinds of Anemia and Anemia help

How Pets Can Help To Reduce Stress

Posted By ekuzevska 329 days ago on Body and Mind - Numerous studies have proven that animals help to reduce stress, it has been proven that just being around an animal can reduce blood pressure. The animal doesn’t even have to be furry and cute, watching fish has been proven to lower blood pressure too. Dentists have known how relaxing fish tanks are for years.

Live Healthy! Here are 5 Nutrition Rules to Live By

Posted By ekuzevska 330 days ago on Body and Mind - Nutrition plays a significant role in maintaining our health. A balanced diet which consists of a combination of vital nutrients is essential for our well-being. So to help you boost your immune system and protect yourself from diseases, I bring you 5 Nutrition rules to live by

Relapse: What You Need to Know and Do to Prevent It

Posted By harleenas 333 days ago on Body and Mind - Have you or your loved one suffered from an addiction relapse? A relapse may happen after rehab and that's okay. However, it's better to prevent a relapse from happening. Here are a few relapse warning signs and tips to prevent it to help you and your loved ones live a sober life.

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Passive income is actually very active.

Posted By LoaThomas 541 days ago on Body and Mind - If you are as me, you would like to have those fast dollars. On my journey i found out the hard way that there is no free lunch. I share about my experiences and give some objective thoughts in my own way.