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Celebrating Thuringia: A Cultural Road Trip

Posted By iExplore 1 day 3 hours ago on Travel - Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything you want into a road trip vacation — maybe there’s a trade-off between enjoying a place’s youthful ambience or its historical significance, or maybe it’s just a pain to get everywhere you want to see. Luckily, there are no tradeoffs in Thuringia. Home to about 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, medieval castles, historic planetariums and the youthful vitality of numerous universities, Thuringia lets you have your cake and eat it, too.

Wine, Shine and Dine in JoCo

Posted By iExplore 2 days ago on Travel - Nestled deep in the heart of eastern North Carolina lies Johnston County, (or JoCo as it’s called) and it’s a must-visit for anyone looking to stimulate their taste buds. JoCo is just southeast of Raleigh and features a Beer, Wine, and Shine Trail with great dining options along the way. So, no matter your spirit, booze or brew of preference, JoCo has just the right taste for you.

Have a Glamorous Adventure in JoCo

Posted By iExplore 3 days ago on Travel - Far from the lights of Los Angeles in eastern North Carolina lies Johnston County, which holds its own piece of Hollywood glamor and history. Actress and Academy Award nominee, Ava Gardner was born in Johnston County before Tinseltown came calling for her beauty and on-screen presence in the 1940s. JoCo, which is just southeast of Raleigh, continues to honor Ms. Gardner’s legacy and is ready to roll out the red carpet for your next adventure.

Get on the Water in Halifax County

Posted By iExplore 4 days ago on Travel - It’s a warm day — the sun is shining down on you, a slight breeze touches your skin, the sound of water hits your ears. You’re in full fun and relaxation mode. If this is your place of zen, then Halifax County, North Carolina, is for you.

Halifax County Is Your Family Fun Destination

Posted By iExplore 4 days ago on Travel - Near the Virginia, North Carolina border, not far from either Richmond or Raleigh lies Halifax County, North Carolina. Halifax is a great family destination full of history, exciting educational opportunities, and plenty of dining options. The area is full of fun activities that will captivate people of all ages and has all the makings of the next family vacation you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Making Memories and Exploring the Undeniable Beauty of Northern Europe

Posted By harleenas 6 days ago on Travel - Planning to visit Northern Europe? Here are some tips that you can use to fully explore the beauty of Northern Europe and make the best of memories of your tour.

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​Delectably German: The Scenic Route to Germany's Regional Specialties

Posted By iExplore 8 days ago on Travel - Roadtrips call for snacks, but for a German road trip, you probably won’t need them with all the regional foods you should try. Snacks just take up valuable stomach space that should be saved for fried fish, bratwurst, dumplings, white asparagus and so much more. After all, the country has more than 300 Michelin-star awarded restaurants to try and plenty of other regional spots.

4 Types of Florida Beaches and What to Wear There

Posted By ivanpw 11 days ago on Travel - Florida is home to some of the worlds most stunning beaches. Traveling here means you will enjoy breathtaking scenery along the coastline.The post 4 Types of Florida Beaches and What to Wear There appeared first on UPTOURIST.

Discover Excellent Shopping Opportunities Around Longboat Key, FL

Posted By ivanpw 11 days ago on Travel - Longboat Key, Florida, is the perfect destination to enjoy pristine beaches, local events, restaurants, and wonderful shops. There are many hotels within walking distance to make your shopping experience even more convenient. Simply stop by your hotel to drop off your bags before continuing on your next retail excursion! Whether you like to shop high-end […]The post Discover Excellent Shopping Opportunities Around Longboat Key, FL appeared first on UPTOURIST.