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A Salute to Veterans at Sam’s Burger Deli

Posted By lovelivegreen 8 days ago on Travel - Sometimes your place in life is far greater than you would ever expect, and sometimes, you have no clue what your place will be until it happens. This Veterans Day, I want to tell you a real-life story of a gentleman, Sam Edwards, and how his life puzzle fits together in the most unexpected of ways.
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Vacationing with Three Oaks Farm in Coastal Georgia

Posted By lovelivegreen 22 days ago on Travel - On a recent trip to Jekyll Island, our family was visiting the wharf. I went up to a ticket window thinking it was for the dolphin tour (which was amazing by the way!). I was at the wrong window, but I began chatting with Whitney, who works with Three Oaks Farm. Due to my mistake, we were able to experience Three Oaks Farm, and our great vacation became one we will never forget!
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Immerse Yourself in Thuringian History at the Wartburg Castle

Posted By iExplore 25 days ago on Travel - Thuringia, Germany, is one of those places where its history runs so deep that when you visit, you feel immersed in it. Beside being known as the “Green Heart of Germany,” Thuringia is home to four UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is where Martin Luther did his most impactful work — where he was a monk, gave numerous speeches and where he translated the New Testament. There’s so much history to uncover and explore in Thuringia, you might as well get to planning your second trip while you’re on your first.

Venture Off the Beaten Path in New Orleans

Posted By iExplore 27 days ago on Travel - New Orleans is a destination unto itself, where you can let loose and be the life of the party, but also where every stop off the beaten path opens up new ways to indulge in the lively, vibrant city.

The Allure of Jekyll Island Dolphin Tours

Posted By lovelivegreen 28 days ago on Travel - On a recent visit to Jekyll Island, we had the opportunity to take a dolphin tour. However, what we thought would be a fun excursion while on the island transformed into so much more. Not only did we spot dolphins in the Atlantic, but we also learned so much about the history and eco-system of the region. The island and the surrounding sea work together as a beautiful symphony that draws visitors of all ages and backgrounds.
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The Driftwood Bistro on Jekyll Island

Posted By lovelivegreen 31 days ago on Travel - When searching for the best beaches in America, Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island is at the top of my list. The beauty of the wood on the beach is beyond comparison and it is the perfect place to take the family on a stroll, get engaged, married, or just to have fun in the sun.
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Delightful Day Trip Options from Baton Rouge

Posted By iExplore 33 days ago on Travel - Within an hour and a half of Baton Rouge, Louisiana are so many darling towns worth a visit. These day trips offer a chance to see another part of Louisiana, ones with quaint main streets, exciting festivals, delicious, homemade meals and tons of history.

Bring Your Travel Blog To Life With PosterMyWall

Posted By ivanpw 33 days ago on Travel - There are few things more exciting than travel. There are so many new places to explore, so many sights to see, and so many new people to meet. There’s the thrill of doing something unfamiliar and adventurous and the excitement of learning something new – about the world and about yourself. There’s the motivation of […]The post Bring Your Travel Blog To Life With PosterMyWall appeared first on UPTOURIST.

Happy with the Harvest Mix

Posted By lovelivegreen 39 days ago on Travel - Living in the south, all it takes are temperatures below 85 degrees and a month that ends in -ber for people to go crazy with everything autumn and pumpkins. Fall…
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The Swag Raises the Bar for Hotel Experiences

Posted By iExplore 40 days ago on Travel - There are hotel stays and then there are hotel experiences. The latter is an immersive, one-of-a-kind experience that makes you never want to leave. It’s one that from the magical moment you enter to the glum feeling you get packing your bags to checkout, you know you’ve stumbled on something special. Hotels that evoke these feelings are few and far between, but at The Swag — sitting at an elevation of 5,000 feet and on 225 acres of private land that borders the Great Smoky Mountains National Park — rustic luxury and Southern charm mesh for the ultimate all-inclusive experience.

Finding Family with a Rusty Bike

Posted By lovelivegreen 43 days ago on Travel - One of my very favorite songs of all time is by Kenny Chesney. The song is entitled Freedom, and it talks about how, regardless of our circumstances or socioeconomic status…
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San Diego On My Mind

Posted By lovelivegreen 46 days ago on Travel - While the weather is scorching here in Georgia, my mind drifts away to a city where the temperature is always perfect. You guessed it, San Diego, California. From June through…
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Easy Homemade Tortillas

Posted By lovelivegreen 50 days ago on Travel - I am a sucker for street tacos. However, the reason why is not because of the meat or toppings, but because of the authenticity of the tortilla. The tortillas I love, and the ones I consider genuinely authentic, are made with corn flour. These are not the traditional yellow shells that we typically eat as hard-shell tacos, but rather a white tortilla that looks very similar to flour tortillas.
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