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Joe Biden Set To Completely Get Rid Of Bulk Of Trump’s Tax Cut.

Posted By Tehila 2 days ago on Politics - Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden made a shocking revelation to his potential donors to his campaign stating clearly that he would get rid of most of President Trump’s tax cuts, even though most Americans might not like the idea. Biden’s announcement to his supporters came as he laid out his policy goals during a campaign on Monday. “Folks, this is going to be really hard work and Donald Trump has made it much harder toContinue reading

“Real Men Wear Masks”!! Pelosi Lashed Out At Trump.

Posted By Tehila 5 days ago on Politics - Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her recent criticism of Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic said that a mandate for all Americans to wear masks was long overdue, but such mandate has been subdued so that would not “offend” the president. She also stated that Trump has not been pictured wearing a mask since the outbreak of the deadly pandemic which has lasted for more than three months. WATCH: JUST IN: @GStephanopoulos: “Is it time toContinue reading

Federal Appeals Court Orders Immediate Dismissal Of Michael Flynn’s Case.

Posted By Tehila 7 days ago on Politics - It was a moment of victory for Michael Flynn as  federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that the U.S. District Judge immediately dismiss his case. He was President Trump’s national security adviser. In 2017, Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI but the DOJ filed a motion early last month to dismiss the criminal charges against him, during investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. President Trump’s appointee Neomi Rao suggested thatContinue reading

House Finally Approves Police Reform Bill Named In Honor Of George Floyd.

Posted By Tehila 8 days ago on Politics - The House of Reps. on Thursday passed the police reform bill and named it in honor of George Floyd who was murdered by White police officer in Minneapolis. This came after his death which triggered the nation-wide calls to address racial injustice and police brutality. The bill was passed with a final tally of 236-181.Amid the Republican opposition, three Republicans vote in favour of the bill. “Today with the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act,Continue reading

Trump’s Administration File Major Lawsuit Against John Bolton.

Posted By Tehila 10 days ago on Politics -  President Donald Trump’s administration filed a civil lawsuit against the former national security adviser John Bolton, trying to stop the publication of his highly anticipated tell-all memoir. They buttressed their act with the point that the book contained classical information that would lead to compromise of national security if it is published. In a statement, Bolton clearly stated that the book contained massive details about his time at the White House. He had so manyContinue reading

President Trump Disappointed At The Row Of Empty Seats At Tulsa Rally

Posted By Tehila 11 days ago on Politics - The number of empty seats at the rally in Tusla, Oklahoma left president Trump disappointed and infuriated. The rally had been expected to be a raucous return to the campaign trail after three months off due to the outbreak of the deadly pandemic, according to multiple people close to the White House. The Trump campaign boasted that the people would fill BOK which has 19,000 seats, but only 6200 supporters occupied the general admission sections.Continue reading

UEFA Meeting that Could Affect Chelsea Signings Timo Werner and Ziyech.

Posted By Tehila 11 days ago on Politics - The UEFA registration rules that made Philippe Coutinho miss Champions league with Barcelona after his move in January 2018 from Anfield could be different this season. Chelsea signings may get opportunity to join Stamford earlier than expected as UEFA plans to meet today. Timo Werner handed Chelsea a transfer boost as he is willing to forfeit RB Leipzig champions league quater finals for a Chelsea move. Chelsea £33.4m signing Hakim Ziyech is set to startContinue reading

Barack Obama And Michelle Marked Juneteenth With Powerful Messages.

Posted By Tehila 12 days ago on Politics - Former President Barack and Michelle Obama marked Juneteenth on Friday with powerful statements. Barack Obama in his statement called the annual June 19 holiday commemorating the abolishment of slavery a chance to take stock of the work still ahead. Obama tweeted that the annual holiday has been a celebration of victory, and it has also been “a celebration of progress”. Juneteenth has never been a celebration of victory, or an acceptance of the way thingsContinue reading