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Update to I’ll Just Remote In: Nana gets an iPhone​

Posted By RougesMagazine 270 days ago on Politics - In the early days of this blog, I talked about my Nana her computer in my popular post: I’ll Just Remote In. Like many younger family members, I am the go-to tech consultant for family members for whom a phone should be a speaker, receiver, and numbers with nothing else going on with it. Recently, I’m facing new challenges with Nana and electronic devices when she recently decided that it was time to get an iPhone. I will admit, I would have advised against it but she felt it was time and it will be soon time for her to start taking advantage of Uber, so it’s really for the best, but the challenges she has had with it have revealed some ways in which tech isn’t always accessible to people with different disabilities. In my working with her, I’ve identifi

The Media Desperately Wants Biden

Posted By RougesMagazine 278 days ago on Politics - When we have such a diverse field of candidates including dynamic women and younger voices like Beto and Buttigieg. So why is the media so obsessed with promoting Biden and his “great” polling numbers? I call it, the Hillary effect for 2020.The Media Has Pre-Nominated BidenOne of the problems in 2016 is that Sanders, while popular, never got the free promotion that Donald Trump got and certainly did not get the attention that media heaped on him. It was said at the time the Trump received $1 Billion in free promotion from the media during the 2016 race. Hillary was gasping for air time. The sad thing about that is that the media was invested in Trump because he was good for ratings. Les Moonves said, “It’s good for CBS” at the time. Media attention can m

Why It’s Time to Dump Biden and Embrace Kamala

Posted By RougesMagazine 279 days ago on Politics - Joe Biden, from his announcement, has been at the top of the polls. Even before then, he ranked on people’s idea of an ideal candidate and now that he is in, he has eroded support from Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Buttigieg. Others that ranked in the single digits have fallen off the radar (Booker, Gillibrand). However, there is a good reason to dump Biden early.Diverse FieldThis time around, Democrats have a diverse field to choose from. There’s no reason to pick the old, white guy. He might seem like the “safe” option. He might seem like someone so unobtrusive that Trump can’t find a way to brand him in a negative way. However, the Democrat field has produced much better options. We have candidates with a better record, less baggage, and that are

My Current Music Playlist

Posted By RougesMagazine 284 days ago on Politics - In the past, I’ve posted quite a few music videos on this site. As many of you know, music is a huge part of my life. I listen to music almost all the time. So instead of posting a bunch of videos (like we do over at Rouges). I decided to share my current music youtube playlist with you instead. I’m adding things and taking things off all the time to go with my mood so make sure to follow it and see what I’m listening to now.Here’s my playlist: The post My Current Music Playlist appeared first on Cameron Cowan.

Are We Doomed to Get Poorer?

Posted By RougesMagazine 284 days ago on Politics - This started as something fairly simple. My thoughts on this started in regards to a comment I’ve seen on almost every social platform, even Youtube and that is the idea that in some small way, American is doomed to get poorer as our standard of living and our incomes level with the rest of the world. It is no secret that the American standard of living is in the top 5% of the world, only Australia had a higher standard of living that we do. However, thanks to the modern global economy I posit this single idea: Americans are doomed to get poorer because there is a great leveling happening worldwide. Globalization Thanks to globalization, the economy has gone global and is very interdependent. Economics can only be thought of in a global sense. Companies now do business all over

Memoirs of a Manwhore

Posted By RougesMagazine 285 days ago on Politics - You might not believe it but in my young years, I had a bit of a reputation. In the beginning of this post I am going to warn you. You may find this terribly cringe-worthy as the kids say. I took a very amoral view to sex from a young age. It was something fun to do. I just wanted to have as much sex as I could get my hands on. Hence, why I’m writing this post. If reading about the bedroom exploits of others is not your thing I implore you to stop reading now. I will not speak of any explicit acts (I have my secrets) but I will generally talk about some of the fun I’ve been up to. Boys Just Want to Have FunI was young and I wanted to have fun, a lot of fun. I grew up pretty sheltered. I grew up in the church where sex was a thing only to be done in marriage and gay sex wa

Women's Rights Organisations Speak Out in Defence of Sexual Assault Survivors

Posted By loupdargentonline 554 days ago on Politics - "There can never be equality in a culture that normalizes or trivializes sexual assault and sexual harassment. By giving survivors the space to be heard we can change the status quo..."

UNICEF: "Violent Discipline, Sexual Abuse And Homicides Stalk Millions Of Children Worldwide"

Posted By loupdargentonline 883 days ago on Politics - Staggering numbers of children – some as young as 12 months old – are experiencing violence, often by those entrusted to take care of them, UNICEF said in a new report released today...

Don't Expect Trudeau To Pick A Fight With Trump In Washington

Posted By crom84 1473 days ago on Politics - What can we expect Trudeau to say about Trump in Washington? Nothing. What can we expect him to say about diversity? And inclusiveness? And building bridges? A lot!

UK Parliament Voted To bomb Islamic State In Syria – So, What Will That Mean Internationally?

Posted By loupdargentonline 1583 days ago on Politics - Britain’s bombing will not be significant and it certainly will not be part of a coherent strategy against the Islamic State, let alone a reasonable approach to Syria’s 56-month conflict...