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Microservices vs APIs: One Doesn’t Always Imply the Other

Posted By AdNgin 631 days ago on Coding - The oft-misconstrued relationship between Microservices and APIs is one that is critical to distinguish between. You’ve definitely heard of them if you’ve been working in app dev and especially with microservices.

Top 49 Must Have DevOps tools for 2021

Posted By AdNgin 703 days ago on Coding - DevOps is about people, processes and technology. It is often referred to as a movement and a culture and as such, requires organizations to have in their arsenal the tools that enable all these benefits.

In this post, we will present the top 49 DevOps tools to make your software development life cycle more efficient in 2021.

How to monitor the proper functioning of a website

Posted By supermonitoring 1242 days ago on Software - Website monitoring services' main task is to detect problems and inform the website owners. So that they find out about every failure and malfunction first—before any of the users notice.

Effortless and Elegant Project Management With ClickUp

Posted By supermonitoring 1284 days ago on Software - ClickUp is a productive platform that is easy to use and is affordable. It allows everything that happens in the business to go through it. It works as a central hub. Users can do everything they want to do in it.

The Changing Trends in Programming and Some Predictions for the Future

Posted By stunningmesh 1312 days ago on Software - In this article, we are trying to look into some future trends of programming to make some predictions in terms of what programming will be like over the next ten years.