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Shadow Fight 3 Mod Download 2018

Posted By utsavchopra 188 days ago on Gaming - Shadow Fight 3 is an RPG-fighting game with a realistic design, real-time and life-like animation and with more customizable gameplay options that you will find in any other similar game. And by customizability, I mean combo moves, players, from appearance to the gears they wear and use in combat, not to mention all the pre-packaged cool combo moves the game comes with.

Blog #5 – Dilemma, RPG Craving

Posted By GhostOfGamerPast 357 days ago on Gaming - I choose Shadow of War and I was regretting it immediately. I did not play the first title of the series, Shadow of Mordor, and it makes the sequel difficult. It picks up right after the first, and there is no tutorial. It’s as if I was placed in the cockpit of a jet and told to go forth and save the world… Read More Blog #5 – Dilemma, RPG Craving

Blog #4 – Video Games and Writing

Posted By GhostOfGamerPast 387 days ago on Gaming - I play a lot of old games and I like to write about them to the point where I would even dare to call myself a writer. Not a good writer, just someone who knows enough about the language and has a pen and a notebook. I will confess now, recording my thoughts is a very selfish one. I will let you all in on a secret now… Read More Blog #4 – Video Games and Writing

Samurai Riot, A Beat ‘Em Up Review

Posted By GhostOfGamerPast 398 days ago on Gaming - Samurai Riot comes to us from Wako Factory. They are indie game developers from France and have been working on this game since 2014. It really does show because the production value is high. I may be used to 8 and 16 bit graphics and sound but I still know good art work when I see it… Read More Samurai Riot, A Beat ‘Em Up Review

The Death and Return of Superman – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective

Posted By GhostOfGamerPast 418 days ago on Gaming - Blizzard, who are known now for their epic well made license to print money games, did not put any effort into the bad guys when it comes to this game. There are only 2 or 3 different enemies per stage, not including the boss. And the stages are decently long. So yes it gets soul-suckingly tedious… Read More The Death and Return of Superman – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective

Blog Post #2 – Coffee, RIP Jay Thomas, Double Dragon

Posted By GhostOfGamerPast 420 days ago on Gaming - Unfortunately this week started and ended on sad notes. My Keurig coffee machine stopped working, it had a good run of nearly four years. The pump gave out and it was time to lay it to rest. I don't hear of many people replacing the pump on their coffee machines, so tossing it into a garbage bin seemed more feasible.… Read More Blog Post #2 – Coffee, RIP Jay Thomas, Double Dragon

Arcade 3-Pak Featuring Battletoads, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, and The Simpsons – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective

Posted By GhostOfGamerPast 425 days ago on Gaming - The Simpsons was available on consoles briefly for download. But not any longer making the game currently lost to the world. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs has never been ported to a home system making it quite unknown for some gamers. All these games play the same, they are standard beat em ups. Although each have their own unique charm and stand out for separate reasons.… Read More Arcade 3-Pak Featuring Battletoads, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, and The Simpsons – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective

Blog Post #1 – Sonic Mania, Megaman, Metroid

Posted By GhostOfGamerPast 427 days ago on Gaming - The bright spot of my long work week besides the bottle of Crown Royal I picked up on sale, has been the Sonic Mania collector's edition showing up in the mail.I heard of some folk's Sonic statue showing up broken so I was grateful that mine was fine and in one piece… Read More Blog Post #1 – Sonic Mania, Megaman, Metroid

Top 10 Best Free No WiFi Games to Play Without WiFi

Posted By HusnainMeerzadeh 428 days ago on Gaming - No WiFi Games are the games that you can play without WiFi. You can get access to the internet everywhere and that's the reason why the offline games become much more important. You need free games that don't need the internet connection and you can play them for free without the need of WiFi. Looking for the best offline games to play without WiFi? Here is a nice list of such offline games.

Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective

Posted By GhostOfGamerPast 430 days ago on Gaming - While there are no weapons - unless you count throwing dumpsters around, there is webbing. It’s available to both Spidey and Venom and it’s rather useful. We can use the web to make a shield, or to tie up our enemies. Even to sling those random jerks into one another. The ‘get over here’ move was my favorite attack.… Read More Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective