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Penis smell fishy . How to stop it ?

Posted By curiosity 148 days ago on Medicine - Once I stop eating the fish the smell went away . You see Salmon is a good source of vitamin B-6 and this vitamin can affect the colour and smell of your urine. After doing some research I have come up with a list of things that can cause fishy smelling penis .

New study finds that beta-blockers reverse genetic changes in heart failure

Posted By sciwriterdave 183 days ago on Medicine - Beta blockers are used to treat patient who have suffered from heart failure. Unfortunately, scientists and doctors do not fully understand how these drugs affect the heart and improve patient health. A study from York University in Toronto indicates that certain cardiac genes switched on during an experimental heart failure are subsequently turned off by beta-blockers. This may provide some insight into the biological mechanism this type of treatment.

"The cure to all ailments"

Posted By kehoephysio 472 days ago on Medicine - It’s a prescription like no other. It should be taken at least once daily and restocked as often as necessary – it has unlimited refills. It can protect your joints; prevent falls, premature death, cardiovascular disease, ischemic stroke, type 2 diabetes, some colon and breast cancers, and even depression (Carlson et al., 2015).

Vithoba saved his life

Posted By drshirahatti 510 days ago on Medicine - t was 1975 or 76 I think…..I was an Orthopedic resident at the Sion Hospital….I had examined a 12 year old boy…There was not an iota of doubt…It was osteosarcoma of the lower end of the femur…..Accompanying chest x-ray showed cannonball metastases in both lungs…..This was a death certificate if there was ever one….

You are ready now....

Posted By drshirahatti 512 days ago on Medicine - I was the senior registrar...Those days General Surgeons handled Pediatric Surgery as well..We were on call thrice a week for PedSurg emergencies...The most common surgical references were for esophageal atresias and meconium ileus....Those days, the mortality following surgery for these conditions was almost 100%...One tasted ashes as you operated these patients in the middle of the night only to lose them them the next day...."Sclerema" was the most dreaded complication...The neonate's skin became hard and inelastic....It portended uncontrolled infection and a sure sign of death.....Most of the birth defects were diagnosed late and had already complicated when they were referred for surgery.....

This will remain between us

Posted By drshirahatti 512 days ago on Medicine - I had completed my internship and was in a limbo.....What specialty should I choose? My personal favorite was Ob Gyn but it was very difficult to get registration....Surgery was my second choice but sinceOb Gyn was not feasible, I chose to register myself for Masters in Surgery.....

The first few weeks were very difficult...The work was very heavy and my registrars had a simple rule...Dump the chap in the deep end..He will either swim or there was very little guidance...

When Sugar-Free Doesn’t Mean Good for Your Teeth

Posted By HiTekDental 665 days ago on Medicine - As much as we all enjoy junk food and sugary beverages, most people try to stay away from them, conscious of the negative consequences too much of them can have our teeth, waistlines and general health. But sadly, the “healthier” alternatives are rarely as good for us as advertisers would have us believe. Many of these products can be just as bad for our teeth as what they’re meant to replace.