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6 Negative Ways to Deal with Stress that You Should Avoid

Posted By harleenas 22 hours ago on Health - Stress can sometimes be frightening and frustrating. As a result, we are sometimes forced to resort to negative ways to deal with it. These may offer some relief initially but then we're caught in a vicious cycle. Thus, we form a bad habit to deal with stress that adversely affects our day to day life, making life more difficult. Here are a few bad ways to reduce the stress that you should be careful to avoid.

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Thai-sty tofu cakes to tantalise your tastebuds

Posted By glycoleap 1 day 13 minutes ago on Health - One of my favourite Asian cuisines has got to be Thai food. I love the complex flavours and freshness that really packs a punch! Thai fishcakes is a must have appetiser whenever I treat myself to lovely Thai meal at …

Deliciously Tangy Baiye Tofu Salad

Posted By glycoleap 1 day 4 hours ago on Health - I went to Taiwan a few months back and fell in love with a baiye tofu salad that I ate at a restaurant in Taoyuan. Ever since, I’ve been trying to re-create that deliciously tangy, moreish and appetising taste, and …

Admire consistency…… but variety may be the key

Posted By kehoephysio 6 days ago on Health - Blog Courtesy of Joanne Dowds (chartered physiotherapist, MISCP) Doing the same thing day in day out should be admired for its consistency. Bit unimaginative though. Running during the recent extreme weather can on one hand be seen as battling adversity and demonstrates persistence. On the other hand it can be seen as not taking full [...]
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Rosti With A Twist: A Singaporean Take On Swiss Food

Posted By glycoleap 7 days ago on Health - Rosti is a national Swiss dish that is typically served with sour cream alongside other dishes such as Spinat und Spiegelei, Cervelas or Fleischkäse. Traditionally, they are made with shredded potato patties which are then fried. However, Rosti With A Twist is slightly …

A Blooming You in 2018: Top Ten Healthy Foods To Eat

Posted By gauthoo 8 days ago on Health - Feeling down all the time? If the answer is yes, you need to follow some healthy habits this year. This post is all about the top ten foods which are good for improving your health.

It’s already 2018 and you have added one more candle on your birthday cake. Whether you are a teenager, a person around 30 or enjoying your retirement, good health is crucial for you.

Healthy Baked Beans with Roast Capsicum

Posted By glycoleap 11 days ago on Health - Baked beans are a fantastic breakfast choice, however, many of the commercial baked beans are loaded with sugar and salt! These healthy baked beans with roasted capsicum can be made in bulk and frozen to make them just as convenient …

Types of Fat – Which is the Healthiest?

Posted By glycoleap 13 days ago on Health - Of the three main groups of food nutrients, we have long vilified fats the most. At 9 calories per gram, fat provides a hefty amount of energy that dieters may find difficult to use up. As a result, they end …

“Weather Dependent”

Posted By kehoephysio 13 days ago on Health - The weather is a national obsession – talking about it, predicting it, celebrating it and even surviving it! It’s the easiest conversation to have. It’s the common ground. Awkward silences are avoided because it allows moaning and complaining about the struggle caused by Irish weather. It’s a safe subject and allows contentious subjects like religion [...]
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10 best hair trimmer for men or women

Posted By jyotichauhan 13 days ago on Health - 10 Best Ear Hair Trimmer - do you want to trim your ear hair and looking best trimmer kit, this post have 10 best devices that can help you, let's check Philip Norelco NT3155/60 Trimmer for Ear, Breett Ear Hair Trimmer, Wahl Clipper Nose Ear Trimmer, Remington NE3250B Waterproof Ear Hair Trimmer

Depression in the Elderly: Major Signs, Symptoms, and Causes | Aha!NOW

Posted By harleenas 14 days ago on Health - Are there any elders in your family who are suffering from depression or who you feel have become low and subdued? Depression in the elderly is not uncommon and it can be treated successfully. To help the elderly people with depression, you need to know the general signs of depression and understand the causes of depression in older adults. Here’s all the information you need to know to get started on helping your loved seniors who are passing through this tough phase in their lives.

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