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Tips to Manage Your Medication Effectively

Posted By Pharmica 13 days ago on Health - Effective management of medication plays a vital role in managing the health condition. When one has more than one medication, it is essential to manage your medications to avoid errors which can have unwanted side effects.

Apps That Pay You To Walk

Posted By Seansupplee 13 days ago on Health - We all do it every day right. Walking around at home cleaning, working or just going to a brisk jog in the morning.

Did you know there are apps that pay you to walk ?

Here are the top paying apps for doing what you already do.

Hair Care Products for Lovely Locks…

Posted By FabFearlessFemales 20 days ago on Body and Mind - I really LOVE short trendy haircuts…on OTHER women. When I cut my hair off a few years back I felt super cute, for like a week. It wasn’t long before I didn’t feel like myself and I wanted to do everything I could to get my long hair back. I considered extensions, but luckily it […]The post Hair Care Products for Lovely Locks… appeared first on Fab.Fearless.Females.

Attention America: It’s Time to Address and Fix Our State of Mental Health

Posted By harleenas 25 days ago on Health - Let’s accept the fact that the state of mental health of many sections of our society is deteriorating. From children to teens and adults to seniors – there’s a growing trend of mental health disorders. Here’s an insight into the upcoming mental health epidemic and things that we can do to fix it.

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Your Guide to Sexier, Toned Arms

Posted By JohnPaul 32 days ago on Health - When you see a picture of yourself, do your eyes go right to your arms?

Whether in pictures or in person, “bat wings” are hard to hide, especially if you want to rock a sleeveless top for a fun night out. We all want sexy, toned arms, and this guide will help you get your arms ready for their close up.

5 Benefits To Combining Yoga & Strength Training

Posted By JohnPaul 38 days ago on Health - While you may be hitting the gym regularly to strengthen and tone your body, you should really think about adding yoga to your fitness plan.

It’s been around forever and for good reason. Yoga boasts a ton of very real, very powerful benefits for both your body and mind.

Top 6 Ways Senior Women Can Start Taking Control Of Their Health

Posted By JohnPaul 55 days ago on Health - The changes that we often associate with old age, such as reduced mobility, fragility, or cognitive ability, are often the result of lifestyle factors rather than the passage of time.

This means your quality of life is within your hands and that you can take back control of your well-being at any time.

My Experience with Intermittent Fasting…

Posted By FabFearlessFemales 55 days ago on Body and Mind - Keeping weight off has been a struggle of mine for a long time. I always enjoyed being active and working out but I LOVE food and am a small person with a slow metabolism. This is not a great combination when it comes to staying in a healthy weight range. A few years back I […]The post My Experience with Intermittent Fasting… appeared first on Fab.Fearless.Females.

My Favorite Bath Products for Relaxation…

Posted By FabFearlessFemales 58 days ago on Body and Mind - When I was young my mother put me in a hot bath as a remedy for every ailment. Headache? Hot bath. Leg cramps? Hot bath. Broken heart? Hot bath. Now as an adult, as soon as I feel unwell it is still the first thing I want to do. I now know however that baths […]The post My Favorite Bath Products for Relaxation… appeared first on Fab.Fearless.Females.

Baby Soft Skin: Exfoliating from Head to Toe…

Posted By FabFearlessFemales 66 days ago on Body and Mind - When I was younger my skin was never dry. I hardly ever worried about using lotion even through the winter months. Well those days are long gone, and now I get dry skin EVERYWHERE (even my eyelids). I know we all get tempted to slater ourselves with heavy creams and oils when this happens, but […]The post Baby Soft Skin: Exfoliating from Head to Toe… appeared first on Fab.Fearless.Females.

How Does Yoga Help To Maintain Our Health and Vitality

Posted By gauthoo 69 days ago on Health - Nature has made our physical body perfect and given us the power to resist illnesses which we are prone to. Even though medicines have been discovered for almost all sorts of illnesses and new treatment methods have been evolved, the dependence of man on medicines is increasing. This is something we have to think about.

Giving Thanks with Gratitude Journaling…

Posted By FabFearlessFemales 71 days ago on Body and Mind - With the holidays coming up, particularly Thanksgiving, I wanted to share one of the most important ways I give thanks. For many of you, the idea of keeping a gratitude journal to improve your mood is not a new concept. You might be saying to yourself, “I’ve heard this 100 times, be more original.” This […]The post Giving Thanks with Gratitude Journaling… appeared first on Fab.Fearless.Females.