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The big password policy review

Posted By PasswordCoach 117 days ago on Security - The password policy. You know… that seemingly arbitrary set of rules whichgovern what passwords we can and cannot use to secure our account. Everywebsite’s got one. But what do they look like and what purpose do theyserve? We’ve reviewed the password policies of some of the English-speakingworld’s most popular online destinations, and here’s what we found.

Upgrade Your Home Security With A Biometric Door Lock

Posted By RealtyWW 201 days ago on Security - Technology is forever improving the way we live our lives. This is apparent in all areas and security is no exception. While fingerprint technology may still seem like science fiction or something that is only seen in the movies, it has become a reality for use in the home or business. A biometric door lock is the most convenient and secure option for allowing only those with authorization in and everyone else out.

6 Basic Tips For Better Home Security

Posted By RealtyWW 204 days ago on Security - Better home security is something we could all benefit from and is just about making some small tweaks here or there. Here are some tips on how to improve yours from Irish security company

Factors to Know About Buying a Home Security Door

Posted By RealtyWW 205 days ago on Security - Intruders trying to invade your privacy and thieves or robbers making their way to your house are nothing new. And the main reason behind it is the installation of improper doors and gates. Shockingly, in Australia, the crime rate, due to careless and poor security at home, is quite high. Robbery, sexual assault, and murders are always making a headline in the newspapers. And thus, you need to take ample amount of care in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Doing a wholesale password change

Posted By PasswordCoach 207 days ago on Security - If the thought of updating 20 plus passwords in 20 plus systems is leavingyou cold, don’t worry – it’s a pretty straight-forward process. It's a dullprocess. But it's not difficult. Let’s walk through that process and lookat what we need to do to secure all of our important and sensitive accountsin one hit.

Billions of our passwords are now online for anyone to see.

Posted By PasswordCoach 207 days ago on Security - All of the passwords and PII that the bad guys have been stealing over theyears has finally surfaced in a searchable online database. There are 2billion records in this data source, which may include you. If you havebeen using a password that's been around for a while, then you might bevery vulnerable to having one of your accounts accessed by pretty muchanyone. This short article will explain how you check to see if you're inthe database, what data is available on you and a suggested course ofremedial action to reduce the chances of becoming vulnerable again in thefuture.

How long before we are being fined for having lame passwords?

Posted By PasswordCoach 207 days ago on Security - We've been slack about password security for ever, but the recent miraihacker attack on internet-connected devices means that legislation forcingus all to get better at security might be around the corner.

6 Fun Facts from Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Report (No really. They are fun)

Posted By PasswordCoach 207 days ago on Security - Six of the best fun facts from the 2017 Verizon Data Breach InvestigationsReport. Use them to prioritise your own security training :-)

Stand and Deliveroo – Dick Turpin is back and he's making off with your dinner money

Posted By PasswordCoach 208 days ago on Security - It’s probably been a while since you attended school, and the days ofhaving your dinner money wrenched out of your hand by the school bully arenow a fond and distant memory. But all that’s about to change, becauselosing your dinner money is back! And you don’t even have to go to schoolanymore. Now, there’s a new, more hip way for everyone to get mugged –cybercrime!

Update Your Computer Software Using Kaspersky Updater Tool

Posted By neerajrawat1 738 days ago on Security - Kaspersky has always been in our favorite list if we talk about Antivirus. If you are regular at Experts Galaxy then you must be running a good security software and that too for free. Running a good Antivirus doesn't guarantee the security of your PC, if the other software are outdated. Anyone can make use of the vulnerabilities present in the older version of the installed software to bypass the security software.

How we blocked zero-day malware attacks on websites using NAXSI firewall

Posted By man1056 762 days ago on Security - Unlike other kinds of attacks, defense against a zero-day attack is harder because no official patch or notification would be available from the vendor. We use unique characteristics of such attacks to block similar exploit attempts on servers under our care.