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78 Wise Quotes on Life, Love and Friendship

Posted By stevescottsite 65 days ago on Quotes - This is a large collection of "wise quotes" covering a wide range of general "wisdom" topics such as life, love, wisdom and friendship. The people quoted are mostly currently famous or shining lights from our history and include a wide variety of famous quotees. Such as Oprah Winfrey, Eleanor Roosevelt and Aristotle.

Chocolate Day Images with Quotes

Posted By jyotichauhan 304 days ago on Quotes - Chocolate Day Images: Each year the love birds celebrate the Chocolate Day on 9th February. It is the third day of the famous love week celebration. The last but not the least day embarks the Valentine’s Day. These beautiful days helps the couples to get closer to each other.

Kiss Day Images with Quotes

Posted By jyotichauhan 304 days ago on Quotes - Kiss Day Images: When two people are in love then small moments of affection are natural to happen. They hold hands, glance at each other and care for each other. They hug and console each other in hard times. But when they are feeling too much loved then they kiss.

85 Crazy Quotes about Being Crazy

Posted By jyotichauhan 305 days ago on Quotes - Crazy Quotes: Do you have a group of crazy friends with the utter craziness the find in everything? Well, friendship is the very basic thing that any human learns in the first step of his life after his family and there is nothing better than having friends who have a really crazy sense of humor.

Best Quotes About Life and Love With Pictures

Posted By jyotichauhan 310 days ago on Quotes - Best quotes about life and love: Life is a roller coaster ride with its ups and its downs. We may not be happy with the curveballs that it throws on us, but that is the way of life. The only thing that we (mere mortals) can do is deal with it and move on.

101 Happy New Year Quotes 2017 That Never Shared Before

Posted By jyotichauhan 310 days ago on Quotes - Happy New Year Quotes, Happy New Year Messages 2017: The New Year is a time of mirth and celebrations; it is the initiation of a brand new year with new hopes, happiness and aspirations. The Happy New Year quotes are sent to our loved near and dear ones to express our happiness and good fortune for having them in our lives.

Happy Rose Day Images with wishes Quotes

Posted By jyotichauhan 311 days ago on Quotes - Happy Rose Day Images: In this modern and busy world no one has time for each other. Thankfully, we have love week to make an excuse. It is the time to shower love on your partner. It gives you an excuse for leaving everything you are doing. Make full use of this precious time by spending it with your partner.

101 I Love You Quotes with Images to Express your Love

Posted By jyotichauhan 495 days ago on Quotes - I Love You Quotes with Images: Saying I love you to anyone, who have a special place in your heart may require courage because these feelings are deep and strong to be expressed by voice. The feeling of love is just felt in hearts.

101+ Good Night Quotes Images for Him Her

Posted By jyotichauhan 501 days ago on Quotes - Good Night Quotes: It is easy to start anything but hard to end. This also applied to our real life. The starting of the day can be happening. But when you reach to the night, you get too much tired. The struggle of everyday makes you worried and restless. You feel irritated and start reacting over petty issues.