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How to Ensure Tenants Pay Rent on Time

Posted By ivanpw 2 hours 8 minutes ago on Business - As a landlord, reliable tenants that look after your property and consistently pay rent on time are the dream. But unfortunately, they are not always the reality, and many investors find themselves left short by their tenants. This can have significant knock-on effects, particularly if you are reliant on incoming rent to make your mortgage payments.The good news is, there are some easy things you can do to increase the likelihood of prompt rent payments. Here are just a few of the tactics successful property investors use to avoid rental arrears.Select your tenants carefullyYou can set yourself up for a stress-free tenancy from the start by choosing the right applicant.…The post How to Ensure Tenants Pay Rent on Time appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

16 Top Rewards Credit Cards

Posted By parentportfolio 22 hours ago on Finance - What’s better than getting extra bonuses when you spend money? Getting extra bonuses that you actually want.  Rewards credit cards are, as you might guess from the name, cards that offer you rewards for using them. These could be cash back, travel reward points, miles, or a slew of other incentives. Rewards cards are ideal for … 16 Top Rewards Credit Cards Read More »

15 Investing Tips For Beginners in 2021 (That Are Easy!)

Posted By MeMoreMoney 1 day 12 hours ago on Finance - Investing in the stock market is one of the best ways to build wealth over the long term, whether it's for retirement, to increase your net worth, or working towards financial freedom. Investing in the stock market is the place to do it. But like anything worthwhile, it can be tricky, and you should build […]

5 Best Dividend Stocks Right Now

Posted By parentportfolio 1 day 13 hours ago on Finance - The best dividend stocks are ones that keep paying their dividends over time. When investors buy a stock for the dividend, they count on that dividend to get paid each quarter. It is essential for the investor since the dividend is a source of passive income. Furthermore, buying dividend stocks can be a necessary part … 5 Best Dividend Stocks Right Now Read More »

Do You Need Expert Advice on Marketing Analytics?

Posted By ivanpw 2 days ago on Business - Today’s workplace is the age of the expert. Businesses can employ experts on every topic under the sun, from legal experts to HR experts and yes, even marketing analytics experts.With so many experts in the office, you may be wondering if you really need an expert consultant on your marketing analytics project.Short Answer: YesThis is where you are wrong. You do need an expert consultant – just not on marketing analytics.Unless you’re working on a new product launch or relaunching your existing product, I would start off with someone more suited to write the Code of Conduct for your startup than an expert on marketing Data analytics.…The post Do You Need Expert Advice on Marketing Analytics? appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

5 Best Cheap Phone Plans

Posted By parentportfolio 2 days ago on Finance - Phone plans are complicated and often expensive. It’s enough to make the most avid phone lover’s head spin. Not to worry, though, as you’re about to learn about some of the best cheap phone plans of 2021! You need to worry about whether a phone plan is prepaid or not, whether you want 4g LTE … 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans Read More »