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What to Do When Involved in a Car Accident

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Being involved in a car accident is never a pleasant experience, but there are specific steps we can take to minimize the hassle and stress of the situation. Not only is there the potential for severe injuries, but there is also the emotional trauma that can come from being involved in a collision.

The best way to deal with the aftermath of an accident is to be prepared.
1. Checking for Injuries
The priority after an accident is to make sure that everyone involved is okay. Even if we feel fine, it is always a good idea to have a medical professional take a look to be sure.…

Books That Have Sold Over 50 Million Copies

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C. L. Cannon’s Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Fair

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C. L. Cannon's Fantasy & Sci-Fi Book Fair feature 100+ Free and Discounted books. You can also enter for chances to win a Kindle Fire, 1-month Owlcrate Gift Subscription or a $10 Starbucks Gift Card.

New Giveaway! The Weight of Blood by Tiffany B. Jackson

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Legal Implications of Unsafe Workplaces: A Guide for Employers

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It’s your duty as an employer to provide a safe working environment for your staff. Failure to do so may lead to unplanned accidents resulting in your staff’s permanent disability or fatalities. Thus, you must check and ensure all your equipment is in good condition, and if there are any damages to them, you conduct early repairs or replace them.

Doing so is essential to saving your company from legal repercussions that may make you lose your business. So, if you’re an employer, read below for a guide on all the legal implications that may result from unsafe working conditions. But first, a quick overview of what constitutes a dangerous or unhealthy workplace:
Characteristics Of Unsafe Workplaces
To prevent your company from suffering from the consequences of an unsafe place, you ought to look out for characteristics such as:

Defective tools: Watch out for equipment used for a long time without regular servicing or repairs.

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Crucial Things To Know To Survive a CRA Audit

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More and more companies are facing audits from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Now that the agency ramped up assessments of small to medium-sized enterprises, you want to ensure that your company can survive a CRA audit.

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Fortunately, audits are nothing to be afraid of if you comply with tax rules. Another thing that can help you get through the process is learning the tips below.
Ask Questions
Before the audit starts, you must confirm what taxation years are under assessment and what records will be needed. Doing so can help ensure you have all crucial documents ready when the auditor arrives.…