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8 Hidden Facts About Bruno Fernandes

Posted By Braith 5 hours ago on Sports - Three years ago, Bruno Fernandes was unknown, but today? He’s Manchester United’s best player. The 1.79 meters tall Portuguese midfielder has been the best signing United have made since Sir Alex Ferguson retired. Having spent a year at Old Trafford, he’s been able to bring back hope to the hearts and smiles to the faces […]

Elon Musk Falls to Second Place as He Loses $27billion in Just One Week

Posted By format 11 hours ago on News - Elon Musk Falls to second place as he loses $27billion in just one week. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has lost $27 billion in a week due to a drop in the company’s stock [...]

14 Life Lessons I learned From the Year of Corona

Posted By adimesaved 11 hours ago on Finance - It’s been more than a year since Corona hurled into our lives and upended everything we know. It has been a crazy year- at times, it feels like a different lifetime (remember people? remember going places?). At times, it feels like it was just yesterday when we all started learning about social distancing, lockdowns, and … 14 Life Lessons I learned From the Year of Corona Read More »

Curb Appeal- How Important is it?

Posted By Kevinvitali 11 hours ago on Real Estate - This content is provided by Kevin Vitali of EXIT Group One Real Estate your Massachusetts Real Estate Agent
Don't under estimate the power of curb appeal when selling your home. Curb appeal sets a lasting impression that carries through your home buyer's entire experience of your home.
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What to Do when Your Business is Struggling

Posted By ivanpw 13 hours ago on Business - If your business is currently in a precarious financial position, you may be faced with some tough decisions ahead. It is unfortunate yet inevitable that during economic downturns small and medium-sized companies will struggle.You should not give up hope, however.If you adopt a positive and active approach, you may find that your business is salvageable. At the very least, you will mitigate any risks to yourself. Here are a few tips for when your company is at risk of going under.Evaluate Your Financial PositionIt will be difficult for you to judge what you should to with your company without getting a clear picture of its finances.…The post What to Do when Your Business is Struggling appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

Make Sure You Distinguish Elephants and Flies

Posted By booksnbackpacks 14 hours ago on Literature - What do elephants and flies have in common? Not much, and that is exactly the point in today’s fun idiom. делать из мухи слонаto make an elephant out of a fly Russian Idiom As you might be able to guess, this is the Russian equivalent of making a mountain out of a molehill. (Or creating …
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What Are The Three Types of Income?

Posted By JustStartInvest 22 hours ago on Finance - One of the best ways to improve your personal finances is to increase your income. Today we’ll be reviewing the three types of income, including examples of what they are and their pros and cons: Earned Income Capital Gains Income Passive Income Your income can be diversified, just like an investment portfolio. The more income […]

Gregoire Akcelrod: The Fake Footballer Who Conned Elite Clubs

Posted By Braith 22 hours ago on Sports - Akcelrod managed to fool an elite European club into believing he was a real player, A fake footballer has told the story of how he convinced a Champions League club to offer him a £15,000 per week contract. At 10 years old, the Frenchman was like any young boy with a dream. The only problem […]

Amnesty Still the Most Effective Way To End Banditry- SA to Zamfara Governor

Posted By format 23 hours ago on News - Zamfara State SA to the Governor on Media and Communication, Zailani Bappa, has succinctly argued that the most effective way to curb banditry still remains by Amnesty. So over the past few years, terrorism has [...]