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The Story Behind That Iconic Photo Of Steve Jobs

Posted By fershid 44 days ago on Photography - Albert Watson is an award-winning, widely published Scottish photographer known for his iconic portraits of celebrities. Perhaps his most famous portrait is the 2006 shot of Steve Jobs that is seen everywhere – from print to the internet. It has been used on the cover of the Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson. It was also the photograph Apple used on their site when Jobs passed away.

In this 2-minute video from Profoto, Albert Watson shares a peek into the shoot and the moments that led up to it. Apparently, Job’s PR agent told Watson: “Just wanted to let you know, Steve hates photographers.” Watson, being the veteran that he was, used a little bit of reverse psychology to make Jobs feel comfortable in front of the camera so he could capture the perfect shot. Watch here.

Beautiful Images Of Everyday Objects Organized By Color

Posted By fershid 55 days ago on Photography - Caroline South is a photographer and content-creator based in West Sussex, UK. A graduate of the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Caroline loves to paint, draw, and craft artwork using natural or ‘found’ items. She spends a lot of time exploring the Southern Coast collecting pottery and sea glass which she often uses in her photography.

Color is an important aspect of Caroline’s work. She loves to create color-themed photographs, often organising objects in rainbow or linear gradient order. Her carefully curated Instagram feed features beautifully composed images of everyday objects like pencils, spoons, books, brushes, and thread rolls, organised by color. Check them out here.

This Guy Photoshopped Himself Into His Childhood Pics To Hang Out With His Younger Self

Posted By fershid 61 days ago on Photography - What would it be like to meet your childhood self? Until time travel is invented, we’ll probably never know. But Montreal-based photographer Conor Nickerson used a handy little time machine called Photoshop to travel back in time photographically and hang out with his younger self. He photoshopped his present self into his childhood photos from 1997-2005, and by the looks of it, he’s done a fine job.

The idea came to Conor when he was browsing through some old photos and wondered what it would be like if he photoshopped himself into them. He gathered his old hats and t-shirts and decided to give it a shot. The biggest challenge he faced was matching the quality of the new photos to the old ones. “It involved a lot of blurring, sharpening, and noise to try to get it to look like an olde