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NVIDIA Develops AI That Can Remove Noise, Grain, And Even Watermarks From Photos

Posted By fershid 1 day 4 hours ago on Photography - Researchers from NVIDIA, Aalto University, and MIT have developed an AI that can remove noise from grainy photos and automatically enhance them. This technology can be beneficial in several real-world situations where it is difficult to obtain clear image data like MRI scans, astronomical imaging, and more.

Existing noise-reduction AI systems require both noisy and clean input images, but NVIDIA’s AI can restore images without being shown what the noise-free image looks like. It just needs to look at examples of corrupted images. The researchers trained the AI on 50,000 images and the deep-learning algorithm was able to produce impressive results. Check them out here.

iPad may get a full PC like version of Photoshop

Posted By aditya29best 1 day 16 hours ago on Photography - If you are a Photoshop and iPad, both, user then you must have always wanted to use the full-size display of iPad for using Photoshop. How convenient would it be? All the edits you want to make just on the go, anywhere and anytime.

Mid-Summer Evening Workshops

Posted By alanranger 24 days ago on Photography - Last night's sunset workshop at Chesterton Windmill was great as the lastsunset hour turned the hues and colours to rich blues and pinks.  Withthe hot weather forecast for the next week, there is still time to make themost of these summer sunsets with workshop places available.

10 Clever Tricks Used To Make Food Look Delicious In Photos And Ads

Posted By fershid 94 days ago on Photography - Did you know that scoops of mashed potatoes are dyed in different colors and used in ice cream ads because they don’t melt during long shoots under hot studio lights? Cereal ads often use glue instead of milk because it doesn’t make the cereal soggy. Shaving cream is used instead of whipped cream because it has a consistent thickness and doesn’t melt.

Top Trending has come up with an interest video that shares 10 clever tricks advertisers use to make food look delicious. Watch here.