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Archaeology News: May 23, 2017

Posted By AncientDigger 904 days ago on History - ARCHAEOLOGY NEWS – Ancient Digger brings you the latest archaeology news and headlines everyday of the week!Washington's birth site more mysterious than thoughtOn Popes Creek in Westmoreland County, park rangers tell visitors that “George Washington slept here first.” It’s a riff on that old line encountered at innumerable Mid-Atlantic historic sites, but if any place has bragging rights, it’s here—George Washington Birthplace National Monument in Virginia’s Northern Neck. Here on this acreage, the first U.S. president came into the world.Stone Age 'cult' henge site and human remains discovered near StratfordA STONE Age ‘cult’ henge site and human remains – which could belong to some of south Warwickshire’s earliest residents – have been discovered close to Stratford. Archaeologists have

Houston Festivals: Houston Cultural Events

Posted By uttoransen 974 days ago on History - The culture of Houston is a boisterous blend of cuisines, languages, food, fine arts, cinema and festivals. This is due to the great diversity of the people. Over a million of its residents were born outside the U.S. and there are more than 90 languages spoken here.

The Encoded Crusader's Sword

Posted By Ashley2202 1073 days ago on History - Can you solve the cryptic code engraved into the blade of this 13th century sword? The curious inscription continues to baffle historians, cryptographers and linguists and last year the British Library appealed to the public for help in cracking this 800 year old mystery.

Sir Isaac Newton and the Doomsday Temple

Posted By Ashley2202 1077 days ago on History - Revealed, Sir Isaac Newton, the grand architect of modern mathematics, physics and optics practiced ancient psych-magic to drive a deeply mystical apocalyptic agenda. Secretly, he was Europe's leading Alchemist in esoteric commune with ancient spirits. Having spent five decades exploring the macro and micro-mechanics of the universe seeking a date for Armageddon, Newton finally decoded it from the measurements and proportions of the legendary Solomon's Temple. The greatest scientific mind that has ever lived concluded the world would end in A.D. 2060.But WHY?

Sir Isaac Newton and the Philosopher's Stone

Posted By Ashley2202 1079 days ago on History - The Philosopher's Stone, a mysterious substance said to be capable of turning base metals into pure gold, was discovered in the fourteenth century by famous Fresh alchemist Nicolas Flamel. Two centuries later, along side establishing the Three Laws of Motion and Universal Gravitation, Sir Isaac Newton spent over 20 years trying to recreate the Philosopher's Stone. Did he succeed?


Posted By Ashley2202 1083 days ago on History - From monstrous Bear Dogs to parachuting puppies, this article explores how humans ritualised dogs and together, became the most effective hunter-killer team in history. It also examines an act of sheer vanity in the 19th century which ended over 40 million years of the genetic evolution of dogs.

Sir Isaac Newton and the Emerald Tablet

Posted By Ashley2202 1086 days ago on History - The historical observations presented within this article answers some of scientific histories most perplexing questions. Who or what inspired Sir Isaac Newton to conceptualise, visualise, test then implement his 3 Laws of Motion and Law of Universal Gravitation?To find these answers, we must travel back in time to ancient Egypt and the 7th century discovery of the legendary Emerald Tablet of Thoth. Said to be imbued with deeply transmutational and transformative esoteric powers, this glassy green Egyptian tablet directly influenced Sir Isaac Newton's most sublime Universal Dynamics and Laws.

Rosslyn Chapel EXPOsed

Posted By Ashley2202 1093 days ago on History - In mid-fifteenth century Scotland a wealthy knight, Sir William St. Clair, built Rosslyn Chapel just before the first printing presses. At that time over 98% of Scots were illiterate and this a pandoras box of mystical Catholic symbolism was designed to be used as a method of liturgical communication. Over time the symbols have come to mean something different to every observer, but this exhibition urges you to see beyond the carvings and to consider the designers mastery over the secrets of geometry, shape, scale, ratio, proportion and symmetry.

Decoding Britain's Lost Masonic Secret

Posted By Ashley2202 1107 days ago on History - This intriguing story of detection and discovery stands testimony to how our eyes and minds are predisposed to find patterns, not to discount them. In our distant past this was essential for survival, for example; if a person in the jungle glimpsed a pattern of light and dark stripes in the shadows, it would be prudent to assume that the pattern was a tiger and act accordingly. The consequences of incorrectly assuming that the pattern is not a tiger, far outweigh those of incorrectly assuming that it is. But as you will see, when applied to random events this primal survival skill leads to errors in judgement.

Magical Relic Surfaces From Wizard's Grave

Posted By Ashley2202 1115 days ago on History - Powerful wizards, warlocks and sorcerers wielding supernatural staffs and spells have captivated our imaginations for thousands of years. Four years ago I discovered a 19th century map marked with a curious name beside a circle. I pinpointed a remote location in the North Highlands of Scotland near to where I was brought up and discovered a 12th century wizard's grave. The magical artefact I unearthed there, still completely mystifies me.


Posted By Ashley2202 1118 days ago on History - Last week I led a documentary crew to a highly-secured property in the mountains north of Bogota, Colombia. I had been invited to interview Professor Jamie Gutierrez-Lega, Colombia's leading Architectural and Industrial Designer and owner of the Gutierrez Collection, the world's most controversial Pre-Colombian artefact collection. After the interview he led me to an environmentally controlled safe-room and showed me a 130 million year old fossil. Upon seeing it, a psychosomatic effect warped my sense of time and caused my body to stiffen. I was looking at pair of human hands!

Half Million Dollar Mask With Otherworldly Origins

Posted By Ashley2202 1120 days ago on History - Deep in the Congo, at the darkest moments within three-day long drug enhanced rituals, this mask is revealed to initiates as representing a being from another dimension. A collision of man, animal and spirit. And this one just sold for 500'000 dollars! These aesthetically challenging artefacts are highly sought after by collectors and museums all over the western world, but to tribal insiders they are multi-interpretational matrixes of ancient knowledge holding the secrets of creation and the otherworldly origins of mankind.