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Memories of a Marshmallow Man

Posted By thebl4cknight 3 days ago on Self Improvement - The movie Ghostbusters was released the year before I was born, but I hadreached age four by the time the sequel came around. I was still to youngto see and understand the movie, but not the toys. I loved the toys.

You Are What You Eat... So What Should You Eat?

Posted By thebl4cknight 6 days ago on Self Improvement - Depending on what book you read, YouTube video / documentary you watch orscientific paper you slog through you will find many different answers tothe question 'What should I eat in order to be healthy?'

Do we need to rethink how we deal with offensive language?

Posted By thebl4cknight 6 days ago on Self Improvement - As a software engineer I spend a lot of time thinking about systems. Abouttheir design, whether or not they are built to last and if they are evenfit for purpose. Not just computer systems either. Today I got thinkingabout one commonly used social system and how it is completelyunsustainable.

Peanut Butter on a Rye Cracker

Posted By thebl4cknight 6 days ago on Self Improvement - Have you ever found yourself suddenly catapulted into contemplation aboutyour childhood, your life or your very existence while doing somethingutterly mundane? That's what happened to me recently as I ate a rye crackersmothered with almond butter.

Going from picky eater to healthy diet

Posted By thebl4cknight 7 days ago on Self Improvement - I was a fussy eater growing up. As with most picky people this means mydiet was seriously lacking in nutrients and consisted of large amounts ofprocessed food. My plate was generally beige in color and bland in taste.

The problem with: Nutrition Science

Posted By thebl4cknight 8 days ago on Self Improvement - When it comes to scientific studies most of us only ever see what themainstream media choose to report on (usually with sensationalistheadlines).  This often leads to a barrage of confusing a conflictinginformation.