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Boohoo Rocks ! Alternative Fashion Picks

Posted By Thunderella666 8 days ago on Fashion - “Some people like to pick online fights; I like to pick items online in my basket. Teehee!” –  Thunderella, November 2019 Yes, the Fashion Picks are back; and I will be doing these weekly or as I pay off my credit card and spend some more …muffled screaming bank account noise.  Nah, actually it is all […]

Whitby Goth Weekend 2019

Posted By Thunderella666 10 days ago on Fashion - Last weekend, I made my way oop norff (“up north” for my non-British friends) for one of my favourite events of the year : Whitby Goth Weekend. … Aaaand because it is only one day post-Halloween, I have decided to share a spooky pic with you dear folks of the virtual land : a geeky […]

Alternative Modelling Competition 2019 : Or The Revenge of An Average Girl

Posted By Thunderella666 20 days ago on Fashion - ….Yes! you read that right; and no, this isn’t a joke, or a new super hero movie I am plugging. I seriously want to talk about the Average Girl Syndrome. Because I am –  well, scrap that, I WAS a victim of it. The Average Girl Syndrome is a creation from modern society.  In a sea […]

An Inked Life Update

Posted By Thunderella666 34 days ago on Fashion - Yep… I got new ink ! This is part one of an epically beautiful tattoo I am getting done on my left forearm. I am so happy with it – it’s beautiful and it covered rather well my crappy lightning bolt, which I will have redone properly in a different body zone (that sounds dodgy […]

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath : A Brum Trip

Posted By Thunderella666 46 days ago on Fashion - As much as I pre-whinged, mid-whinged and post-whinged about this Birmingham work trip [there was a whole lotta whingeing y’all], I must say it was so worth it for the bloody fantastic Black Sabbath Exhibition held at the Birmingham’s Museum & Art Gallery! I was very lucky actually, since the exhibition is actually on its […]

London Edge September 2019

Posted By Thunderella666 57 days ago on Fashion - I was not meant to go to London Edge this year, as I was holidaying stuffing my face in Paris with my family. But I thought, why the heck not, since it was scheduled to happen on the day of my return to the UK. The rationale to go was also driven by the fact […]

Apologies …

Posted By Thunderella666 58 days ago on Fashion - … I have been too busy butchering AC/DC on a microphone to publish my Edge and Barcelona posts in time tonight. Honestly! This is legit me planning a “soz” face in the rehearsal studio. But hey … Does it actually matter? My stats have gone straight down the Abyss of the Internet and turned redder […]

Velvet & Spikes Lookbook

Posted By Thunderella666 61 days ago on Fashion - Yes! The back garden strikes again! Sorry folks but until I entirely shed of the excess hormonal weight that is plaguing me, the posing will have to happen behind bushes to spare my blushes (I am such a poetic poseur). This outfit has a significance to me – other than being super cute (right?) –  as […]

A Gallivanting Goth’s Random Update

Posted By Thunderella666 78 days ago on Fashion - I don’t even know if anyone will read this, as my presence on this blog has been as illuminating as Uncle Fester’s latest teeth whitening session. Read : non existent. As I said previously though, it has been all good as I’ve slowly tried to creep away from the misery pit inflicted by hormonal bullshit. […]

I Am Back!

Posted By Thunderella666 122 days ago on Fashion - Time heals. Time also tells me I have had two cocktails in Bournemouth pier, and that I probably shouldn’t be writing this but oh well !! #rebelcocktailyell #2for1Queen David Bowie said in “No Control”: Stay away from the future Back away from the light It’s all deranged – no control Sit tight in your corner […]

Polymetal : A New Club Night in London

Posted By Thunderella666 184 days ago on Fashion - Alright Peeps! I am really pleased to be doing a shoutout for a new alternative night hitting the London shores this month : the Polymetal Club Night which you can find on Facebook here. As a (sadly) former club night/scene participant, I am rather excited to not only attend this event, but to also be supporting […]

For Those About To Bollock…

Posted By Thunderella666 199 days ago on Fashion - I rebuke youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Oh. I know what you may be thinking….”What a nice introduction eh?!” (alternatively you may also be singing along to the original tune, in which case I actually salute you). ​​SMXLL You see, I used to run a blog years ago … A blog that was as shiny as Dave Mustaine’s mane, and as funny […]

Paracetamol To The Wall

Posted By Thunderella666 200 days ago on Fashion - In a typical turn of events, the day I decide to be productive (e.g. write silly stuff, take silly pictures and play silly metal), my body decides to go on strike, like a true French representative of the lazy derrière. I literally woke up feeling like Maiden’s Eddie would feel after a night of tantric yoga with […]

Sad But (Sing) True

Posted By Thunderella666 200 days ago on Fashion - One of my latest objectives is to transition from the lyrical version of Jason Voorhees (massacres everything even in silence)  into the lyrical version of Hannibal Lecter (massacres everything with class, precision and a glass of Merlot). Basically, I have started taking singing lessons (and guitar lessons). This is happening after years of singing and […]