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Age Is Not A Barrier to Creativity

Posted By PixiteBlog 21 hours ago on Creative Lifestyle - When he was 68, renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed Falling
Water, one of his most famous – and acclaimed – architectural masterpieces.
Youths don’t have a monopoly on creativity; on the contrary, many artistic
endeavors lend themselves to the wisdom and life experience of older folks.

Creative Ways to Preserve Precious Family Memories

Posted By PixiteBlog 4 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Humans are natural storytellers. We hang onto old photos, tell our children
about our late relatives, and relive the highlights of our lives. We
cherish the memories of those big days— weddings, vacations, holidays— and
revel in the beauty of simple, candid moments. Here are some creative ways
to preserve your precious family memories for years to come.

Bring Exercise Into Your Creative Routine

Posted By PixiteBlog 7 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - If you’ve made a resolution to add more creativity into your daily life,
chances are you’ve focused on making time to create, seeking a creative
community, or building skills through practice and classes. What you might
not have considered is: adding exercise to your creative routine. Today we
are sharing three reasons exercising boosts your creativity.

How to freely let go of the need to control?

Posted By itzsayantika 10 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Your incessant need to control situations, people, or even objects can be conquered. Learn my 5 step process to let go of the need to control.
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Managing The Stress of a New Year

Posted By PixiteBlog 11 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - After one of the more stressful years in recent memory, practicing
self-care strategies in the new year is so important. These techniques are
simple ways to help you cope with stress and prioritize your health as they
work to reset and relax your mind and body. Here’s to a truly happy new

How to Deal with Brain Fog

Posted By PixiteBlog 14 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Brain fog is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.
Researchers have linked it to stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety. If
you are experiencing bouts of brain fog, take a moment to examine the
stress triggers in your life, and try to make healthy, sustainable changes
in your daily lifestyle. (And, of course, talk to your doctor about any
health concerns you have.) What works for you? We’d love to hear how you
tackle brain fog. Tag us on social media with #pixiteapps.