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5 Awesome April Holidays

Posted By PixiteBlog 11 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - April is upon us – solidly Spring, the perfect time to tune up your bike,
dig out your warm-weather clothes, and enjoy the warmer days. Today we’re
sharing five April holidays that will add extra fun to your month.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Busy Culture

Posted By PixiteBlog 19 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - It’s easy to get sucked into “Busy Culture” – to feel like you need your
calendar to be constantly full, your time constantly booked. A hundred
years ago, leisure time was a status symbol, but in modern America, the new
status symbol is often how busy you are. Surveys show that 66% of Americans
lack work-life balance.

Healthy Habits Start With Tracking

Posted By PixiteBlog 27 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Planners are great for organizing your schedule, and they are also amazing
tools for creating a healthy lifestyle. Tracking health habits in your
planner is a great way to motivate yourself to make daily positive

4 Ways to Focus on Creativity, not Productivity

Posted By PixiteBlog 27 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Obsessing over productivity is, ironically, counterproductive to a
sustainable artistic lifestyle. Churning out creative work misses the joy
of creation, and often results in pieces that are less memorable or
meaningful. Most prolific artists aren’t driven by productivity. They
create constantly because it’s their lifeforce and obsession.

5 Interesting March Holidays

Posted By PixiteBlog 33 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - March is a month full of promise, with significant religious days
(Passover, Palm Sunday), a cheeky holiday (St. Patrick’s Day), and, in the
Northern hemisphere, it is the first month of Spring. While there aren’t
any public holidays to celebrate this month, there are plenty of offbeat
events that you should consider celebrating. Mark your calendars – or
digital journals – and consider including one (or all!) of the following
five holidays in your annual traditions.