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Coordination of Benefits: Which Health Plan Pays First?

Posted By crom84 470 days ago on Insurance - What happens if you have more than one health insurance plan and you need to submit a claim for expenses that are covered? Which plan pays first? What if you and your spouse both have health benefits? Read on for an explanation of "coordination of benefits".

List of Factors that Makes Your Health Insurance Premium Affordable

Posted By ravikumarnama 483 days ago on Insurance - Once you have made up your mind to buy health insurance, the next natural question would be, how to ensure the health insurance premium is affordable? There are several useful tools available, especially a health insurance premium calculator, which computes the premium payable for a given sum of cover, the tenure and the type of plan - individual or family insurance. In this article, we shall study the factors that impact the premium value.

What Does Private Canadian Health Insurance Actually Cover?

Posted By crom84 484 days ago on Insurance - Here's a top-level overview of what private Canadian health insurance does and does not cover. There are also links to more in-depth articles regarding specific types of coverage (e.g. chiropractors, prescription drugs, dental care, etc.).

Lyft, Uber Lawsuit: All that You Need to Know

Posted By harleenas 501 days ago on Insurance - If you use the Lyft and Uber ride-sharing services, then you need to read this. Whether you’re the driver or the rider, if you’re involved in an accident, then here are the facts you should know about the ride-sharing service insurance policy and legal issues.

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5 Things to Consider When Looking for Pet Insurance

Posted By harleenas 583 days ago on Insurance - Do you have pets? If you are going to or still thinking of buying insurance for them, then check out these pet insurance facts that you should consider beforehand.

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Coverage for Diabetic Medical Supplies via Canadian Healthcare and Health Insurance Plans

Posted By crom84 606 days ago on Insurance - Find out what sort of coverage is available for diabetes-related medical supplies via Canadian healthcare and private health insurance (group and individual plans).

Foreign Workers in Canada, Healthcare and the Role of Visitor Insurance

Posted By crom84 1001 days ago on Insurance - Canadian foreign workers and their families will get the same provincial healthcare coverage as Canadians. There are coverage gaps, however, which is where visitor to Canada insurance comes into play,