How To Submit New Posts ?

Submit New Posts

Click on submit once you have logged into your Blog Engage Account. You will then get an option of adding an URL to your post.


Add Details About Your Post

Add some basic details about your post like headline, post summary, category, tags and a description. Then just hit 'Preview and Submit'.

See Your Post

Once you have submitted your post, you will be able to see your post on our Upcoming page.


How To Update Your Profile ?

Login and Go To Settings

To update your profile, login to your Blog Engage account and go to Settings page. The first option that you get is changing your avatar.


Change Your Password

You can change your password. To change it, you need to enter your old password along with the new one.

Change Your Personal Details

You can change your personal details like public email, private email, occupation, location etc.


Add Your Social Accounts

You can add your social media account links to your Blog Engage profile. Your profile visitors will check you out and know more about you.

Select Categories

You can select your categories on which you want to receive updates on your Blog Engage homepage.


Subscriptions & Status Updates

You can subscribe to comments on your stories. You can also configure your status update settings where you can enable some useful features.

How To Use The Site Chat ?

Login To Your Account

To use the site chat, you should be logged in to your account.


Chat With Your Friends

Once you have logged in, you can see members who are already logged in and chat with them. You can just type your message and hit 'Enter'.

Use Extra Chat Features

You can use some of our special chat features like handwriting a message, send a file, share a whiteboard, view your chat history or even save a conversation.


How To Send Private Messages ?

Login To Your Account

To send private messages, you should be logged in to your account. Once logged in, you can go the member's profile to whom you want to send a private message.


Write Your Message and Send

After you send your message, you can check it on your profile. You can click on 'Messaging' to get the details of all your messages.

See Your Messages

You can actually see your received and sent messages similar to how an online email client works.


How To Vote Up Comments and Stories ?

Login To Your Account

To vote up stories and comments, you should be logged in to your account. Once logged in, you can vote up stories. To vote up comments, you need to go the individual story page.


Vote Up Stories

You can vote up stories from either the upcoming page or the homepage. You can also go to the individual story page and vote them up. Please note you can vote up stories only once.

Vote Up Comments

You can vote up comments only from the individual story page. Please note you can vote up comments only once.


How To Make Use Of The Groups ?

Join Group

To join a group, you need to be logged in to your Blog Engage account. You can click on Groups, and it will show you groups which are there on Blog Engage.


Group Activities

When you join a group, you will be able to see what other members have shared and how much vote they have received.

Share Stories On Groups

You can share stories on the Groups that you have joined. You will get the option of submitting your stories to the group when you're submitting the story itself.


How To Make Use Of The Status Wall ?

Connect With Your Friends

The status wall is similar to how Facebook status updates work. You can follow your friend's activities.


Tag Your Friends

On the status wall, can create an update by tagging your friend. It's similar to how you tag people on Twitter.

Like Your Friend's Updates

You can like your friend's updates similar to how it works on Facebook.


How To Make Use Of The Live Page ?

Check The Status Of The Posts

On the live page, you can check the status of each of the posts. For those which have been recently submitted, their action would be 'Submission'. For those which have received a vote, their state would be 'UpVote'.


Check Published Posts

From the Live Page, you can also sort posts based on Published, Upcoming and Comments.

Upcoming Posts and Comments

You can also see the latest posts that has been recently been submitted. Selecting 'Commented' will give you the post that has recently been commented on along with the comments.


How To Sort Posts Based On Your Requirements ?

Sort Published Posts

You can sort the published posts based on time duration like 'Yesterday', 'Week', 'Month' 'Year' and 'All'. You also have option of filtering posts using comments and votes.


Sort Upcoming Posts

You can also sort 'Upcoming Posts' based on the same criteria as the 'Published Posts'.

How To Make Use Of The Top Users ?

Check The Ranks Of The Top Users

You can check out some of the top users of Blog Engage on this page. They are ranked based on 3 criteria - Blogs, Published and Comments.


Check Out What Works

From the rankings, you can check out what works to rise up in the Top Users section. You can get clues on how to reach the top.

How To Make Use Of Tags On Blog Engage ?

Add Tags While Submitting Articles

You can add tags to your posts, while submitting it on Blog Engage. Make sure you add tags that are relevant to your post.


Tag Cloud Page

In the tag cloud page, you can find all the tags on Blog Engage.

See The Posts Under A Tag

Clicking on a tag will open all the posts that are there under that particular tag.


How To Make Use Of The Navigator On Blog Engage ?

Blog Engage Navigator

You can navigate through blogs very easily through the navigator. You just have to click on the unique link of each story.


Navigate Through Links

Using the 'Next Link' and the 'Previous Link' you can move forward and backward between links.

Other Functionalities Of Navigator

Using the navigator, you can vote up and down a story, make a comment and also share the story.