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Posted By WorldFoodStory 34 days ago on Humor - Pastitsio is one of the synonyms of traditional Greek cuisine today. It is one of those dishes that you will find in every gastronomic guide through Greece. It’s actually a layered casserole made of round pasta and minced meat and tomato sauce, topped with a bechamel sauce usually with added cheese. Because of its apparent...
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Gemista (Yemista)

Posted By WorldFoodStory 41 days ago on Humor - Gemista or yemista is a well-known dish in traditional Greek cuisine. This is a very popular dish, traditionally prepared in the summer, since it is made using a variety of vegetables. In Greek cuisine it belongs to a group of dishes known as Ladera (Lada meaning olive oil in Greek). Unsurprisingly, it is made with...
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Posted By WorldFoodStory 48 days ago on Humor - Souvlaki is probably the most popular dish in Greek cuisine. Most certainly, it is the most spread one. Souvlaki is a traditional dish which is fast food at the same time. It’s marinated pieces of meat baked on skewers. Although most often made of pork, they can be found in many other variants. It’s not...
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Posted By WorldFoodStory 50 days ago on Humor - Tzatziki is certainly the most famous sauce or dip in Greek traditional cuisine. It is an incredibly delicious and refreshing sauce that can be made very quickly and simply. Traditionally, Tzatziki is made of Greek-style (thick) yoghurt, cucumbers, garlic, olive oil to which is added herbs like dill, mint and parsley. In some variants lemon...
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Greek Moussaka

Posted By WorldFoodStory 58 days ago on Humor - Moussaka is, without a doubt, synonymous with traditional Greek cuisine. It is hard to imagine a gastronomic guide to Greece which doesn’t mention moussaka. Greek moussaka is an oven-baked, multi-layer casserole made of sautéed aubergines, minced meat and Bechamel sauce. The traditional Greek recipe was created in the 1920s by Nikólaos Tselementés. He is probably...
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