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Posted By WorldFoodStory 3 days ago on Humor - Ćevapi is, without any doubt, the most popular dish in Bosnian cuisine. What pizza is to Italians, hamburgers to Americans, fish & chips to the English, ćevapi is to the people of the Balkan. It is so popular it can be served as breakfast, lunch or dinner. In each town and city, you will find...
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In Defense Of: Songs That Have Dance Instructions in The Lyrics

Posted By brya23456 7 days ago on Humor - Humor. In Defense Of: A new series where we defend the things we all love to hate. In this first installment, we defend the songs we all know and love (to hate)--the ones with a formulaic dance attached!

Fritule (Fritters)

Posted By WorldFoodStory 10 days ago on Humor - Fritule (fritters) is a traditional, home-made delicacy in Croatian cuisine. Originating in the coastal areas, the dish has spread over time throughout the country. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular desserts, especially among street food delicacies. Fritule are small balls of dough fried in hot oil. As with all traditional...
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Posted By WorldFoodStory 13 days ago on Humor - Uštipci is a very popular dish in Serbia, especially in Vojvodina, the northern part of Serbia. This is doughnuts-like, a small ball of dough, fried in oil. Uštipci is so beloved that it can be served sweet or savoury, with or without sides, as an appetizer or a dessert. Sometimes it can even be the...
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Mućkalica (Leskovac Mućkalica)

Posted By WorldFoodStory 22 days ago on Humor - Mućkalica or Leskovac mućkalica is one of the most popular dishes in Serbian cuisine. It is a kind of stew, which is made from leftover barbecue meat baked in a vegetable sauce. The origin of this dish comes from the town of Leskovac in southern Serbia. In addition to mućkalica, Leskovac is known for its...
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Posted By WorldFoodStory 26 days ago on Humor - Gibanica is a dish of traditional Serbian cuisine. It is so widespread in Serbia that we can call it one of the symbols of Serbian cuisine. This is a very simple pastry made from filo dough, white cheese and eggs. Sometimes referred to as a guzvara, because of the way it is prepared. For Vuk...
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