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Report: Some patients are now dying twice from Coronavirus.

Posted By intergalacticbiz 13 days ago on Humor - As the death toll for COVID-19 rises across the world, a new study commissioned by the Intergalactic Business Report has found that the virus is more deadly than we first imagined. So deadly, in fact, that many patients are dying twice after contracting it. The full report, which is about four thousand and thirty-two pages, shows stunning new findings about the nature of the virus and will be available in the near future. We have excerpted the key details below:  A subset o [...]

Rhoda Bloom is feeling super negative about the Coronavirus.

Posted By intergalacticbiz 137 days ago on Humor - I’m Rhoda Bloom and I decided to not even try for a good introductory sentence. No one’s going to read this anyway and even if someone does, it’s not like it’s going to matter whether anything about this is good or not. Coronavirus sucks. But it sucks most because I’m pretty sure there will never be a cure. I even spoke with a psychic about it and she left midway through our session because she said the world was ending and she needed to get some of her [...]