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Having troubles with working remotely? These 6 tools that can make your life easier.

Posted By supermonitoring 698 days ago on Communication - Remote work will continue to rise in the coming years. And, as a manager, you need to take advantage of it – sooner rather than later. While it’s evident that your employees can benefit from this option, you can too.

Chatfuel – Build Messenger Chatbots easy way

Posted By supermonitoring 1258 days ago on Communication - Chatfuel is bot messenger building platform that allows you to create your Chatbot using Facebook’s Messenger. Chatfuel simplifies the creation of Chatbot without programming knowledge, and even technically-impaired people can do it without any hiccups.

SaneBox: Using Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Email Services

Posted By supermonitoring 1272 days ago on Communication - To make a clutter-free inbox a reality, help comes in the form of Sanebox. This is a software program made especially to clean up and effectively organize your inbox.

Overflow: Dynamic User Flow Diagrams to Tell the Story Right

Posted By supermonitoring 1335 days ago on Communication - Overflow operates as a cross-platform tool that can effortlessly work with highly popular design tools to produce one-of-a-kind user flows, which are informative and user-friendly.

Notion: The four-in-one workspace for enhancing productivity

Posted By supermonitoring 1383 days ago on Communication - The Notion workspace is a place where users can visualize, create, write, and cooperate with one another to come up with exciting ideas and concepts.