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Chatfuel – Build Messenger Chatbots easy way

Posted By supermonitoring 25 days ago on Communication - Chatfuel is bot messenger building platform that allows you to create your Chatbot using Facebook’s Messenger. Chatfuel simplifies the creation of Chatbot without programming knowledge, and even technically-impaired people can do it without any hiccups.

A List of Effective Mailchimp Alternatives

Posted By supermonitoring 37 days ago on Communication - After a detailed analysis of many email marketing tools, we stumbled upon some fresh and promising alternatives of MailChimp. These tools seemed like they could be the solution we were looking for.

SaneBox: Using Artificial Intelligence for Smarter Email Services

Posted By supermonitoring 39 days ago on Communication - To make a clutter-free inbox a reality, help comes in the form of Sanebox. This is a software program made especially to clean up and effectively organize your inbox.

Overflow: Dynamic User Flow Diagrams to Tell the Story Right

Posted By supermonitoring 102 days ago on Communication - Overflow operates as a cross-platform tool that can effortlessly work with highly popular design tools to produce one-of-a-kind user flows, which are informative and user-friendly.

Notion: The four-in-one workspace for enhancing productivity

Posted By supermonitoring 150 days ago on Communication - The Notion workspace is a place where users can visualize, create, write, and cooperate with one another to come up with exciting ideas and concepts.

AskNicely Brings Together Customer Feedback for Company Growth

Posted By supermonitoring 193 days ago on Communication - AskNicely is used by companies across the world to get first-hand knowledge about their client experience. It collects customer feedback in many ways like email, web, SMS at any point of the customer’s use of the client service.

The Interactive Whiteboards Variety

Posted By claryco 416 days ago on Communication - Interactive whiteboard LCD screens are bringing revolution in the academic world as well as business interactions. It is achieving this by allowing users to effectively communicate and disseminate data among a large group of audience.