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Mini Projecters | A review 2018

Posted By wesselby 132 days ago on Hardware - Probably the last time you came across a projector was at school, college or university. It was clunky and either sat on the teacher's desk or was hanging from a substantial bracket on the classroom ceiling.
Well, things have changed somewhat and now you have mini projectors that can fit in the palm of your hand but are versatile, functional and offer many great features. They are perfect for home cinema, on the go business presentations or for the teacher moving classrooms.

5 Totally Cool Designs You Won’t Believe Are Flash Drives

Posted By Ehi 1513 days ago on Hardware - This article highlights five quirky flash drives that are suitable for gift giving. From a USB stick that looks like a popular cartoon character to a flash drive that is disguised as a tube of lipstick, there are numerous innovative designs available.

How to Tell if Your Hard Drive is About to Crash

Posted By Ehi 1513 days ago on Hardware - A hard drive crash could mean the loss of years’ worth of data and irreplaceable files, but hard drives rarely fail out of the blue. This article takes a look at some of the early warning signs that could mean a crash is on the way.

Why You Should Get a Solid State Drive

Posted By Ehi 1513 days ago on Hardware - A solid state drive provides tremendous performance improvement, particularly when it comes to loading times and boot times. However, many people fail to recognize their advantages because they consider them to be a storage upgrade rather than a performance one. This article explains in detail how SSDs work and the benefits that they offer.

Retrieve Deleted Files from Your Memory Card or Hard Drive

Posted By Ehi 1513 days ago on Hardware - You can lose important files by inadvertently reformatting a memory card or an external hard drive. The data storage media can even become corrupted, thus erasing your files. There are ways to recover deleted files. This article discusses file-recovery options provided by memory card manufacturers, as well as Recuva, the free desktop file recovery software.