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10 Golden Rules To Improve Your Typography Skills

Posted By fershid 4 hours ago on Design - There are two types of typography – expressive typography (where type is used as a visual element) and functional typography (type that is meant to be read). Emmy Award-winning designer Chris Do’s Typography Manual focuses on the latter and shares 10 golden rules to help you improve your type skills. Check it out here.

Funny Agency Memes That Designers And Creatives Will Relate To

Posted By fershid 1 day 3 hours ago on Design - You know the feeling when a client asks you why the button in your mock-up JPG isn’t working. Or when the account manager tries to brief you on a Friday at 6 PM. How about the mornings when your creative director walks in with a constipated look on his/her face and you know he/she’s going to take a dump on all the work you’ve done so far?

The Incumbent Agency, an online store for agency-related merchandise, runs a hilarious Instagram account where they share memes that accurately depict life in a creative agency and the bowel-numbing experiences that come with it.

Whether you’re a designer, copywriter, art director, creative director, or an account manager, there’s a relatable meme for everyone. Check them out here.

17 Memes Every Graphic Designer Will Relate To

Posted By fershid 8 days ago on Design - Having a long day at work? Boss giving you a hard time? Client being a prick? Then indulge in some meme therapy and brighten up your day. Memes stimulate the release of endorphins in your brain, which reduces stress levels and makes you forget about work problems and deadline-related anxiety.

In a study of more than 150 working professionals, scientists found that when colleagues receive memes from you, it builds loyalty, trust, and a sense of satisfaction knowing that someone else is going through the same shit as you. By the way, none of this is true, we just made it all up. Enjoy the compilation here.

Amazing Typographic Portraits Of Celebrities Made Using Their Movie Titles And Lyrics

Posted By fershid 11 days ago on Design - Sean Williams is a Canadian illustrator and creative director known for his typographic portraits of musicians, actors, and pop culture influencers.

Each type design is hand illustrated and uses text from the celebrity’s movie titles, song lyrics, or famous quotes, to create a recognizable face of that person. The list includes Audrey Hepburn, Beyonce, Bob Marley, Elvis, Eminem, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, and more.

Sean’s work began as a personal project but quickly grew into something more and has since been featured in leading publications. He now works with international brands on a variety of projects. Check out the portraits here.

Designers Share Valuable Advice They Would Give To Their Younger Selves If They Could Go Back In Time

Posted By fershid 12 days ago on Design - If you could go back in time and give advice about the graphic design profession to your younger self, what would it be? Redditor Chrisbscotland asked this question in r/graphic_design. Here are some of the best replies.

Photoshop's New 'Select Subject' Tool Lets You Select People And Objects In Just One Click

Posted By fershid 14 days ago on Design - To select people or objects from an image in Photoshop, designers use either the Pen Tool, the Quick Select tool, the Magic Wand, or the Lasso tool. All of these require a certain level of effort.

To simplify workflows for Photoshop users, Adobe is working on a new tool called ‘Select Subject’ that lets you select people or objects from plain or complex backgrounds, in just one click.

The tool is powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Watch it in action here.

The Most Popular Font Types In America

Posted By fershid 29 days ago on Design - Venngage is a popular online tool that lets you create free infographics for reports, data presentations, promotions, and more. It is used by over 1 million users and 21,000 businesses worldwide. Recently, they analyzed the usage statistics of 50+ fonts they offer on their platform, to see where in the US certain types of fonts are most commonly used. These included serif, sans serif, decorative, headline, and script fonts. Here are the results.

Designer Turns Popular Gadgets Into Letters Of The Alphabet, And They’re Pure Awesome

Posted By fershid 30 days ago on Design - Brazilian designer Vinicius Araújo has come up with an exceptional typography project which showcases the letters of the alphabet in the shape of well-known gadgets, based on their initials. For example, the letter ‘J’ has been designed to look like a JBL speaker. The letter ‘C’ is based on the industrial design of a Canon Camera. The letter ‘L’ has been created using an LG air conditioner and its outdoor unit.

Araújo has used Helvetica as the font of choice. The project is a tribute to past and present electronics that have made life simpler for all of us. Check it out here.

10 Famous Proverbs Tweaked For Graphic Designers

Posted By fershid 34 days ago on Design - Manchester-based design studio Madrigal Creative has come up with an amusing series of 'Graphic Design Proverbs' that combine famous proverbs with graphic design puns. So, "Better safe than sorry" becomes "Better SAVE than sorry". "Marry in haste, repent at leisure" becomes "MERGE in haste, repent at leisure". Check out the full list here.

8 Types Of Clients You Never Want To Work With

Posted By fershid 35 days ago on Design - Which type of clients do you find the most difficult to work with? The design experts who think they have an eye for design? The penny pinching visionaries with tiny budgets and huge expectations? Or the workaholic clients who work round the clock and expect you to do so as well? GetCRM has put together a relatable infographic that lists the eight types of difficult clients you’ll find in the industry. Check it out here.

Adobe Scribbler Is A Powerful New Tool That Can Colorize Any Black & White Image Within Seconds

Posted By fershid 42 days ago on Design - Have you ever wanted to colorize old black and white photos of yourself or your loved ones? The conventional process involves meticulous preliminary research followed by hours and hours of work in Photoshop. Hundreds of layers of color are added and blended together with precision. The physics of how light works also needs to be taken into account.

What about black and white sketches and blueprints? Ever wanted to show a client how a rough black-and-white design looks in color?

To make life easier for everyone, Adobe is working on a tool called ‘Scribbler’, an interactive deep learning-based image generation system powered by Adobe Sensei. Scribbler colorizes black and white photos, sketches, and designs within seconds so you can express your ideas and visualize them.