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Introducing Preview Option for Photos / Images on Download Page

Posted By ravikumarnama 2 days ago on Technology - Now, Sharezy is come up with an amazing feature "Preview" to view images / photos on Sharezy Download page. We all take lot of photos from our phones and love to share them to our friends or relatives. It should be easy to share these photos or images. At the same time, it should easy to view these photos before downloading into your devices. To solve this problem, intoducing Preview option on Download page.

7 Companies That Run the Best Omnichannel Campaigns [+ Bonus]

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Since we entered the 21st century, we’re all becoming more and more involved in the communication with the help of various devices. In the last 10 years mainly with Internet-connected ones. As technologies develop, they become more affordable year by year, which by now has led to the fact that almost everyone has at least...Read More
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NAB Bank now supports Apple Pay

Posted By michael.aulia 3 days ago on Technology - Following ANZ and Commonwealth Bank (CBA), NAB has finally given in and announced the support for Apple Pay on their credit cards. With Apple Pay, you can easily and securely pay using your iPhone and Apple Watch. While Fitbit Pay was already supported, it only works if you have a Fitbit like the Fitbit Versa. […]

A bass upgrade to your Echo speakers – Amazon Echo Sub Review

Posted By michael.aulia 3 days ago on Technology - Amazon Echo Sub Review – The title says it all. The Amazon Echo Sub is basically a bass upgrade to your Amazon Echo speakers set up and it’s a worthy investment for serious music listeners. While we can hear a bit of bass from these Echo speakers, it doesn’t do justice. If you really want […]

Swann is taking on Ring with a new security system

Posted By michael.aulia 3 days ago on Technology - Ring has been the frontier in smart home security systems that are consumer friendly with self-installation. Their floodlight cam, for example, is quite popular and was one of the best floodlight security cams in the market. However, today, all that is about to change. Swann has just released their newest addition to their Home Security […]

An all-in-one smart display – Google Nest Hub (formerly Google Home Hub) Review

Posted By michael.aulia 3 days ago on Technology - Google Nest Hub Review – To those who wish their voice assistants can do more than simply replying to your voice command with a voice, you are in for a treat. Google Nest Hub (which was a rename recently from Google Home Hub) is technically a 7″ touchscreen display powered by Google Assistant. With a […]

Fragging with less than a AU$100 mouse from Razer – Razer Basilisk Essential Review

Posted By michael.aulia 5 days ago on Technology - Razer Basilisk Essential Review – Razer Basilisk is one of the finest Razer’s wired gaming mouse that I love. It features a unique clutch design (paddle) that you can use for quickly changing DPI on the fly (e.g for sniping) and dedicated rubber grip for right handed gamers. The original also offers fully configurable paddle […]

How to Start a Food Truck Business [a Practical Guide]

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The food truck industry is booming. It’s predicted to expand by 20% in 2019. It’s a space where a growing interest in satisfying food and diverse cuisine is combining with innovative entrepreneurs starting up food trucks as a low-investment, dynamic and often experimental way to make their mark in the foodservice industry. But if you...Read More
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Dear Huawei phone owners in Australia, stop panicking & stop selling your phones away

Posted By michael.aulia 5 days ago on Technology - Alright, so if you don’t know what’s going on, you might want to stop reading and read this other post first to understand the context. But if you have been following the news for the past couple of days, move along. Today, Huawei Australia released an official statement in response to what’s happening, basically giving […]

Sony’s new wireless, noise-cancelling headset, the WH-XB900N, is coming

Posted By michael.aulia 5 days ago on Technology - Sony has just added a new addition to its EXTRA BASS series of headphones with the upcoming Sony WH-XB900N. It has a Digital Noise Cancelling feature to cut ambient noise out so you can be more immersed in your music. Noise cancellation is a very useful feature especially if you listen to music while you […]

Huawei gets a total ban from Google’s Android OS & processors makers have joined in

Posted By michael.aulia 6 days ago on Technology - In a sad and shocking news today, following the order from U.S Trump’s administration, Google has completely banned Huawei devices (which includes the awesome HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphone – check out my review on the P30 Pro) from Google Android OS – which means you will not be able to update to future Android OS […]