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11 Best Check-in apps for Android & iOS

Posted By Artemale 4 hours ago on Technology - Simple Check-in Simple Check-in is an application for Android, which allows you to do Checkin just like the Foursquare application but much faster. So to say nothing superfluous. After the first start and authorization through your Foursquare profile, the application will immediately show a list of nearby places in which you can make a check. Moreover, […]

Best Online Calendar Maker Tools That Can Manage Your Life Dates & Task

Posted By jyotichauhan 5 hours ago on Technology - Best online Calendar Maker: Is it just me or you also find coping with daily events very hard, every day? Our lifestyle, today has become very dynamic and fast-changing. We all have events to remember, dates to memories and deadlines to be taken care of.

Best Websites to Download Movies for Free Online

Posted By jyotichauhan 5 hours ago on Technology - Download Movies for Free Online: Buying DVDs of favorite movies have been an old way of watching movies. Today's generation don't like to spend money on buying movie cassette because they believe in utilizing their internet connection for it.

11 Best radar gun apps for Android & iOS

Posted By Artemale 8 hours ago on Technology - A large number of new programs appear daily in the application market. If you go with the times and can not imagine your life without gadgets, this selection of radar gun mobile applications will be very relevant. These mobile applications can be found both on the iOS platform and on Android devices. In the App […]

17 Best time killing apps 2017 for Android & iOS

Posted By Artemale 16 hours ago on Technology - Duet The developers of the game Duet have a unique effect when the user can easily master the basics of the game but the desire to perfect his skills turns into a rather complex and fascinating task.The player’s task is to control two spheres rotating in the same orbit and bend the blocks that fall […]

iPhone X Review – A Month Later

Posted By michael.aulia 18 hours ago on Technology - Apple iPhone X Review – Apple iPhone X is one of the most anticipated iPhone releases as it offers an all new edge-to-edge design with OLED screen, wireless charging support, and more. I’ve been using the iPhone X since its launch day (3 November 2017) and loving it so far. I’ll try to skip explaining […]

11 Best “find my car” apps for Android & iOS

Posted By Artemale 20 hours ago on Technology - Anchor Pointer Anchor Pointer is a new unusual navigation application for iPhone from the company Pleeq Software. It will help you to return to any point on the planet, where you leave the virtual anchor. You can also meet with friends in any large public places, remember the location of a cafe or store hidden […]

How to Fix Wifi Connected But No Internet Access Error

Posted By jyotichauhan 1 day 5 hours ago on Technology - Are you facing 'Wifi Connected But No Internet Access' issue on your windows 10 computer?? Is your phone connected to wifi but no internet access? If so, this article is dedicated to you.

Fiverr Review 2017 For Gig Seller & Buyer

Posted By jyotichauhan 1 day 5 hours ago on Technology - Fiverr is arguably one of the most popular, trustworthy and established freelancer's platforms on the Internet, but there's a lot of blur regarding quite a few of its aspects, and that's what we aim to throw some light on throughout this Fiverr review.

How to Send a PayPal Invoice & Request Money

Posted By jyotichauhan 1 day 6 hours ago on Technology - For Everyone, who is into online business, the value of sending Paypal invoice is immense. In this comprehensive guide, I'll tell you how to send a PayPal invoice and request money Paypal.