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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Analytics

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In many ways, marketing is an art. Finding that special combination of factors that not only cuts through the clutter to reach out to your audience, but also entices them in, and wins their loyalty, is something that is hard to distil into theory. It’s like how a book on how to play the guitar...Read More
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Sennheiser GSP 500 – Sennheiser’s answer to high-fidelity gaming audio

Posted By michael.aulia 23 hours ago on Technology - The pursue of gaming headsets with high-fidelity continues. Only just recently that Steelseries announced the launch of their Arctis Pro line capable of delivering 44,000 Hz Hi-Res audio. And now, Sennheiser is launching their newest gaming headset, the GSP 500, that seems to be a worthy successor to their GAME ONE gaming headset. If I’m […]

4 ways to connect your data & your web apps

Posted By supermonitoring 1 day 10 hours ago on Software - You might not be aware about this but there are a lot of vendors out there who are developing platforms and tools to help people with organizing their data by establishing connections between the web apps they use.

How to fix chrome software reporter tool

Posted By jyotichauhan 1 day 11 hours ago on Technology - Chrome Software Reporter Tool - This blog post deliver all information about the chrome software reporter tool like What is Software Reporter Tool?, What does Software Reporter Tool do? Issues Related to Software Reporter Tool, How to Block or Disable Google Chrome’s Software Reporter Tool? Lets enjoy!

How to use PS3 Controller on PC

Posted By jyotichauhan 1 day 11 hours ago on Technology - PS3 Controller on PC - So you want to enhance your gaming experience with your computer and looking how to use PS3 Controller in the computer, here I am defining all steps that you will follow, this article has every small and big point that you should know at the PS3 controller on windows 10

Migrating from Evernote to OneNote – I don’t like it

Posted By michael.aulia 1 day 19 hours ago on Technology - I’ve been an Evernote user for many years, though I don’t consider myself as a heavy note taker user. I will write notes every now and then while I’m researching on things and compiling information, without using web clipping tools. I frequently use Scannable and Evernote to scan all my bills, letters, and documents to […]

Original vs Fake Samsung Charger, How to Differentiate?

Posted By acrange 2 days ago on Technology - Have you ever experienced Original vs Fake Samsung Charger? Are you planning to purchase a charger for your Samsung smartphone? If yes, how to spot a fake Samsung wireless charger?

Five Tips For Developing Brand Voice

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In the world of marketing, the tone of your company’s brand voice can be a game-changing differentiator. Why do you need a brand voice? For starters, the tone and feel of your brand are how your company communicates to your audience, gives your customers a touchstone to recognize your brand, and ultimately helps determine who...Read More
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The Best Tech Rentals for a Memorable Event in 2018

Posted By VernonComputers 5 days ago on Technology - If you’re an event planner, you won’t want to miss out on the great deals you can get on must-have technology for a smoothly operating conference or trade show that your attendees won’t forget. Keep them engaged with photo booths and games, get their feedback with surveys, give them a place to charge their phone …
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When did mobile apps become so popular?

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Today, we pretty much all use at least one mobile app a day. Whether it’s checking your bank account, placing a bet on the latest round of football fixtures, shopping for an outfit for your next night on the town or looking for directions to a restaurant, there’s an app for all of the above...Read More
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NETGEAR releases an Advanced, New Router dedicated for Pro Gamers

Posted By michael.aulia 5 days ago on Technology - I’m still using the NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S (check out my review) at home, which in my opinion, is really awesome in every way – even when the product is already a couple years old. I personally love its Dynamic QoS and its stability that I rarely find the need to restart it ever. D-Link COBRA […]