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25 Most Interesting Topics In Architecture

Posted By RealtyWW 512 days ago on Architecture - Architectural design researches are trendy, referring whether to social needs or to individual demands. The issues for academic analysis include an enormous amount of patterns. Airports, motorways, buildings designed for public authorities, instructional institutions, offices, industrial and cultural objects, multiple kinds of private residences, parks, squares, objects of cultural destination are not all patterns of architectural design that are subject to researching objectives.

Character starvation

Posted By nicholassogard 711 days ago on Architecture - “The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual” or “A written statement of someone’s good qualities” definitions provided by Google for an elusive term – character. For me, at least, showing this trait is the absolute minimum requirement, a baseline. Am I asking too much? Yes. From a population of air breathers that have […]

Millennial syndrome

Posted By nicholassogard 720 days ago on Architecture - Morning Wake up, wash, breakfast. Fuck… It`s 2016 idiot! You are considered an old-timer if you start like that. Rewind … Wake up, open phone, let social media suck the life out of me … Fuck… it’s  1 pm already… Day The invisible Antichrist needs souls to feed upon. And we are the first in […]

Brilliance of Blue

Posted By nicholassogard 723 days ago on Architecture - Round sphere, your customized mark of Cain, Concentrated dancing nebulosity in tints of blue. While providing instant pleasure to the brain, Life defining secrets are hidden in plain view. For us, mortals, a mere shape, a colorful imprint, For you, an entire connected universe of perception. We are ready to embrace that it will disappear […]

False Confidence

Posted By nicholassogard 723 days ago on Architecture - One constant element that is hailed, preached by motivational speakers, literally brainwashed into our consciousness, confidence. We are ought to believe that in order to succeed, this trait is a must. Infused with cocktail words like “You can do it”, “It`s within your power”, “Be confident, you will rise above”, our minds are tricked, the brain […]

Prodigious Soul

Posted By nicholassogard 723 days ago on Architecture - A prodigious soul baffled me today, question: “What makes you happy, what brings you joy?” Sparkling smiles, enlighten faces, photosynthesizing on the agony of others while exhaling luxury commodities: solace, delight, thrill, bliss. “No! What makes you happy, what are the elements of your selfish realm?” My head felt stuck in a metal helm. Blackout. […]

Role Models you said?

Posted By nicholassogard 723 days ago on Architecture - If not the biggest, certainly among top troubles of society nowadays is the praising of bad role models. People are dying of hunger and nobody gives a damn but if a singing queen dresses in almost no clothes, everybody loses their minds. Instead of following and learning from people who really have something in their heads, that can propel us to new heights in our lives, […]

Emotionless Robots

Posted By nicholassogard 724 days ago on Architecture - Walking from work today, maybe for the thousand time; passing frequently the same bus station where I always saw this old lady that was selling flowers. Now she didn’t have a stand or something, she was just laying there, sitting on some steps, waiting to make an honest amount of money. In my mind, I […]

Rock Saved Me!

Posted By nicholassogard 724 days ago on Architecture - Was about 20 y.o. when, for the second time in my life, I made the final preparation for my eternal demise. One step away  from putting the final nail in my coffin… One step away from taking my own life… 30 seconds and I would have fallen into demise…Prospect food for crows, I saw my shadow […]