Watch How 3D Printed Prosthetics Allowed This Disabled Dog To Run Again

Posted By fershid 1089 days ago on Design - Derby, a husky born with deformed front paws, was going to be euthanized or “put down” before Peace and Paws, a dog rescue group in Hillsborough, New Hampshire, took him in. Derby’s life changed majorly after a lady named Tara Anderson fostered him. Tara happened to be the director at 3D Systems, a US-based company that specializes in 3D design-to-manufacturing solutions. Her team developed customized prosthetics that enabled Derby to not just walk, but outrun humans as well. In August, Derby was adopted by the Portanova family who take care of him ever since. Know more in this heartwarming video.

TARDIS Materialises in Prestatyn

Posted By BlazingMinds 1088 days ago on Entertainment - The Scala Cinema, Prestatyn, a stunning traditional theatre that has recently been in the press threatened with closure, was visited by stars from behind and in front of the camera, from worlds most popular science fiction show. For the past 51 years Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, The Tardis and of course The Doctor himself haveThe post TARDIS Materialises in Prestatyn appeared first on Blazing Minds.Don't forget to leave a comment on the article, we love to reply to your comments.Show your support, ask Twitter to Verify Blazing MindsVote for Blazing Minds in the UK Blog Awards

Enterovirus D68 Still Causing Outbreaks

Posted By Techmalak 1180 days ago on Blogging -  The Enterovirus D68 is still sending sick children to hospitals across North America with no signs of the outbreak dying down. Affecting people around the world annually, parents and guardians can take steps in protecting kids who are most affected by this virus by recognizing the warning signs. So far the virus has made 18 children sick in Alberta Canada, with dozens possible infected in Ontario who are awaiting results.The most at risk are children 5 years and under with Asthma and other respiratory issues. Symptoms resemble that of a bad cold, making the Enterovirus a bit more difficult to detect unless checked by a doctor. A child may show a runny nose, fever and cough just like a regular sickness and some may not show any signs at all. It seems like preventive measures such as

Is Your iPhone Slow Now The iPhone 6 Is Out?

Posted By Techmalak 1188 days ago on Blogging -  Now that September 9th has come to pass with the latest and greatest iPhone finally unveiled, many of us may be looking at our older iPhones in a different way. Why is my iPhone slow suddenly? Just one of the many faults we may look for to justify buying a new phone. Lets face it, when an updated device comes out with all the latest bells and whistles, we want it and we want it now.This is the first big change the company has seen with its popular smartphone since the passing of its co-founder Steve Jobs. And it looks like Apple is ready to try new and exciting things under the rule of Tim Cook. Even though we didn’t get a Sapphire display like the rumors suggested, two bigger devices did make their début yesterday along with the announcement of the long rumored iWatch, which

Rates and Ratios: How much of what to do in Social Media Marketing

Posted By Audienti 1074 days ago on Marketing - Effective social media marketing is unchartered territory for many businesses. Fortunately, much trial and error has occurred by its pioneers. As a result, we have guidelines for a successful strategy across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and beyond.Make sure to take your business’ social media presence seriously. If you don’t plan on making it a vital marketing tool, don’t bother at all. A poorly executed social media marketing strategy is more detrimental than a lack thereof. If you follow the right recipe, your social media marketing strategy will become a model citizen amongst the competition.PR and marketing pros should take note that a brand’s success on social media isn’t just about…Click To TweetDownload now: Our free whitepaper, The Formula to a Successful Marketing Creative T

5 of the Latest Marketing Trends of 2015

Posted By Audienti 1069 days ago on Marketing - A new year brings new trends, especially when it comes to marketing, and we’ve been busy compiling some of the most anticipated and promising ones of 2015. Don’t waste your energy chasing after every hot new ploy that rolls into town; take note of these marketing trends instead, and become one of the early adopters. If you do it well, who knows? We may even be writing about you this time next January.Free Bonus: We’re sure one of your New Years resolutions is to learn the basics of 1:1 marketing. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with our whitepaper, “Intro to 1:1 Marketing.” You can also get some tips and tricks from our social media whitepaper, “Rates and Ratios: How Much of What Not to Do in Social Media Marketing.” TransparencyCon

Guest Crew Launches Social Features – Enjoy Now the Influential Marketing!

Posted By erikemanuelli 1286 days ago on Make Money - Guest Crew is a new, but already pretty popular platform where to meet quality websites and excellent guest posts together. It was created in 2013 by Uttoran Sen, an experienced internet marketer who has been featured on popular sites like John Chow, Problogger, Kikolani and Copyblogger. As a guest blogger, you may use the platform to […]

Game of Thrones to get a Marathon Screening in London

Posted By BlazingMinds 26 days ago on Entertainment - Get ready as winter is coming to London! For the first time ever, HBO® will host a monumental marathon screening of ALL SEVEN SEASONS of the global phenomenon that is Game of Thrones. To mark the release of GAME OF THRONES: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON and THE COMPLETE SEASONS 1 – 7 BOXSET on Blu-ray™ and […]The post Game of Thrones to get a Marathon Screening in London appeared first on Blazing Minds by Karen Woodham

19 ways to get traffic to your website

Posted By arthurwilson 908 days ago on Blogging - There are many ways to get traffic to your website, but usually it takes a combination of different marketing strategies...The post 19 ways to get traffic to your website appeared first on Fabric Digital.

Are you Making The Best Use of your Resources?

Posted By ivanpw 1175 days ago on Business - Small business, by definition, is something that is run out of minimal resources and budget. It is hence quintessential for these business owners to make the best use of what is available and thus extract the maximum mileage out of their resources. What this means is that SMBs get very little leeway when it comes to experimentation and exploration of new channels. This is a vicious cycle because without experimentation, you can never know what’s best and what should be avoided.So how do small business CEOs get out of this catch-22 situation? Here are some tips.Validate EverythingIf you are a family run business with years of operation under your belt, it is likely that a lot of money you spend on marketing and operations are already budgeted for.…