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Clever Ads From Post-it Highlight Creatives Who Spend Sleepless Nights Coming Up With Bright Ideas

Posted By fershid 90 days ago on Advertising - Ogilvy Istanbul has come up with a brilliant campaign for Post-it that highlights the artists, designers, and creatives who spend sleepless nights honing their craft. The 3-ad series features illustrations of an architect, a musician, and a designer working late into the night while everyone else has left the office or is asleep.

The yellow light of their office/studio matches the iconic yellow color of Post-it sticky notes. The tagline reads, “Bright ideas are worth to remember.” Check out the ads here.

Watch This 6-Second Ad From ‘The Nun’ That YouTube Removed For Being Too Scary

Posted By fershid 91 days ago on Advertising - You must have come across those jump-scare videos that look unassuming at first, and then suddenly a scary face appears from nowhere and leaves you startled. Well, the marketing team for ‘The Nun’ movie came up with a similar pre-roll ad for YouTube, which apparently shocked viewers to the extent that YouTube had to take it down. Watch it here.

News Site Captures World Leaders From Unusual Perspectives In Clever Ad Series

Posted By fershid 116 days ago on Advertising - Argentinean news site Dos Miradas (translation: two looks) has come up with a clever campaign that features images of world leaders Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un captured from unusual but symbolic perspectives.

The objective of the campaign is to inform viewers that there are two sides to every story, and Dos Miradas offers “a different point of view“. The agency is TBWABuenos Aires. Check out the campaign here.

Shutterstock Comes To The Rescue Of Creatives Everywhere In These Clever Ads

Posted By fershid 130 days ago on Advertising - Stock photography site Shutterstock is used by designers, creatives, and agencies all over the world, everyday. To highlight how important and useful the site is for creatives, agency Cazar DDB in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) has come up with a witty print campaign that plays on the idea of Shutterstock “rescuing” creatives when they need it most.

The three-ad series features sketches of a person stuck in life-threatening scenarios with Shutterstock images coming to his rescue. The first ad features a sketch of a person in a kayak that’s about to fall off a waterfall, but there’s an image of a chopper on the right that’s come to his rescue. The second ad features the sketch of a person lost in the desert, but there’s an image of an oasis nearby. The third ad shows a person...

Brilliant Ads By Stabilo Highlight The Unnoticed Women Who Made History

Posted By fershid 133 days ago on Advertising - DDB Group Germany has come up with an exceptional print campaign for Stabilo Boss highlighter pens that honours extraordinary but overlooked women who helped change the course of history.

The ads feature old black-and-white photos of scientists, NASA engineers, and politicians. The women in the background are highlighted in fluorescent yellow by a Stabilo Boss highlighter. The tagline reads: “Highlight the remarkable“, followed by the names of the women and their contribution to science, astronomy, and politics.

The women featured in the ads are Lise Meitner (who discovered nuclear fission), Katherine Johnson (NASA mathematician whose calculations resulted in the safe return of Apollo 11), and Edith Wilson (former US First Lady who assumed her husband’s presidential role after he wa

This Brilliant Newspaper Ad Hides A 3D Kitchen In The Classifieds

Posted By fershid 139 days ago on Advertising - Classified ads are usually boring and mundane but not for this creative duo. Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar and graphic designer Karen Castañeda came up with a brilliant optical illusion ad for their home kitchen client HiperCentro Corona.

The ad uses disproportionate blocks of text to create the indent of a 3D kitchen in the middle of the classified section. Check it out here.

JBL Shows How Effective Their Headphones Are With These Brilliantly Art-Directed Ads

Posted By fershid 146 days ago on Advertising - Last year, JBL China came up with an award-winning print/outdoor campaign that used 3D illustrations and negative space to show how effective their noise-cancelling headphones are. The campaign, titled “Block Out The Chaos“, was created by Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong and the illustrations were created by Bangkok-based CGI studio Illusion.

Now, JBL has released two new ads in the same style featuring (1) Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un and (2) Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. Check them out here.

Airtel Africa Shows How Fast Its Network Is With These Brilliantly Art-Directed Ads

Posted By fershid 175 days ago on Advertising - Ogilvy Africa has come up with an excellent print+outdoor campaign for telecommunications company Airtel Africa. The 3-ad series features aerial photographs of a lion, a shark, and a cheetah chasing their preys at full speed in a circular path. The outline of a mobile phone is superimposed on the photograph, which makes the circular path resemble a loading ring that you see online when a webpage or video is about to load. The tagline reads, “Africa’s fastest network. Airtel.”

The objective was to show how fast Airtel’s network is, in an Africa-centric way. Check out the ads here.

How Hot Is The Art Direction In These Spicy KFC Ads?

Posted By fershid 216 days ago on Advertising - Ogilvy & Mather has come up with an ‘explosive’ print and outdoor campaign for KFC’s Hot & Spicy Chicken in Hong Kong.

The three ad series features a drag race car with exhaust flames, a space shuttle launch, and a background explosion in a Power Rangers film. In all three cases, the flames have been skilfully Photoshopped to look like pieces of KFC’s Hot & Spicy Chicken. Check out the ads here.

Brilliantly Art-Directed Coca-Cola Ads Make You Look Closer To See What Their Bubbles Are Made Of

Posted By fershid 259 days ago on Advertising - Coca-Cola's advertising has always been about bringing people together. In this campaign from Coca-Cola Middle East, agency Memac Ogilvy Dubai came up with a series of print and outdoor ads that show Coke cups, glasses, and bottles filled with crowds of people that look like they’re at a concert. The photography, art direction, and post production makes them look like bubbles.

The idea was to equate the feeling of drinking a Coke to the feeling of being at a sold out concert, cheering alongside a stadium of fans. Coca-Cola's global tagline "Taste the Feeling" appears in small letters in each ad. Check out the campaign here.

Leverage customer retargeting to drive more sales with PixelMe

Posted By supermonitoring 286 days ago on Advertising - One online tool that can enable you to leverage potential customer retargeting so that you can reach your sales goals and go beyond within your desired timelines, is PixelMe.

20 Reasons Why You Need To Be Careful About Placing Ads And Logos On Vehicles

Posted By fershid 299 days ago on Advertising - Ad and logo placements on vehicles can be tricky, specially on vans and buses with sliding doors. Designers need to evaluate and visualize how the name, logo, or advertisement will look when the doors slide open. We've compiled a list of images that explain what we’re trying to say. Check them out here.

Automate Facebook Ad Management with FastTony

Posted By supermonitoring 308 days ago on Advertising - In this post, we’re covering the best and worst aspects of one such extremely useful tool for managing Facebook advertisements – FastTony. Let us find out all there is to know about it.