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Telecom Company Transforms Human Voices Into Unique Chocolates For Loved Ones

Posted By fershid 10 days ago on Advertising - In the last 15 years, voice communication traffic has fallen by approximately 50%, primarily due to the impact of messaging apps. NTT Docomo, Japan’s largest mobile phone operator, wanted to remind people of the emotional importance of voice communication in any relationship.

The Idea:
Each voice is unique to that person, which is why it is the best way to express individuality and convey emotion. But voices are invisible and intangible. Agency Hakuhodo (Tokyo) came up with a way to reacquaint people with voice communication by transforming voices into something that looks beautiful and can also be given to loved ones.

Hostgator Black Friday Sale 2017

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Here we listed down all hostgator black friday sale time and discount.

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Guy Creates Spoof Ad To Sell His Girlfriend’s Crappy Car, And The Price Goes Up 300 Times

Posted By fershid 34 days ago on Advertising - Max Lanman is a writer and director based in Los Angeles, California. When his girlfriend needed to sell her 1996 Honda Accord, he decided to help her out by putting his skills to use and creating a professional commercial. He hired an entire creative team – an actress, a cinematographer, stunt driver, voice artist, music composer, and a sound designer. Max wrote and directed the spot himself, and also piloted the drone for the aerial shots.

But a visually-polished commercial wasn’t enough to sell ‘Greenie’, as they call it. To improve their chances of a sale, Max decided to pitch his girlfriend’s Accord as a “car for people who have life figured out and just want to get somewhere.” Using tongue-in-cheek humor, the voice-over explains how the car’s obsolete condition is an advantage an

22 Clever Posters That Show The Differences Between Copywriters And Art Directors

Posted By fershid 56 days ago on Advertising - In the late 1950s, advertising legend Bill Bernbach came up with the idea of pairing art directors and copywriters into teams. The strategy worked and DDB ended up creating some of the most iconic work of that era. Since then, the art-copy team structure came into existence at most, if not all, agencies.

They may be working towards a common goal, but as a creative species, copywriters and art directors are not all that similar. Their differences are best highlighted on a Facebook page called CW Versus AD where Caio Pena (art director), Henrique Parada (art director) and Letícia Hanower (copywriter) share their cool, quirky illustrations on this subject. Check them out here.

Burger King Trolls McDonald’s With Epic Marketing Stunt At 'IT' Movie Premiere

Posted By fershid 62 days ago on Advertising - Stephen King’s ‘IT’ stars a frightening clown that reminded Burger King Deutschland of their competitor McDonald’s mascot. So they decided to turn the film’s pre-premiere in Germany into the longest running ad for Burger King.

At the end of the movie, right before the credits, they projected two spotlights onto the screen. The first one read “The moral is: Never trust a clown.” followed by the Burger King Logo in the second spotlight. Watch here.

100 Brilliant Ads That Grab Your Attention With Clever Headlines And Copy

Posted By fershid 85 days ago on Advertising - “Nobody reads ads. People read what interests them. Sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Gossage. To acknowledge this famous quote by The Socrates of San Francisco, we’ve compiled a list of 100 exceptional ads that seek your interest with their witty headlines and copy. They include classics from the Mad Men era, past and present Cannes winners, public service announcements (PSAs) and more. Check them out here.

Check Out The Art Direction In These Delicious Ads For Handmade Ice Cream

Posted By fershid 130 days ago on Advertising - Agency PPM in São Paulo has come up with an exceptionally well-crafted campaign for Habib’s handmade ice cream. The 3-ad series features different flavours of ice cream in the shape of famous sculptures of the Greek Goddess Artemis, Easter Island Moai and The Thinker. The tagline reads “Introducing the all new creamy masterpiece“. Check out the ads here.

Clever Ads By Smart Car Show How Situations Change When You Reach Your Destination On Time

Posted By fershid 137 days ago on Advertising - The Smart ForTwo micro-car is only 2.69 metres in length, so finding a parking spot for it won’t take too much time. Based on this insight, BBDO Germany came up with a witty print + film campaign that shows how the Smart ForTwo can help you save time and turn a negative situation into a positive one.

The first ad film begins with a headline that says “The first thing you see at the office party is your crush making out with Bob from accounting.” After a few seconds, a Smart ForTwo drives in and gets parked in the tiny space between the words “crush” and “making”. The car looks like a full stop/period between the sentence. The rest of the words disappear leaving just “The first thing you see at the office party is your crush.”

The tagline reads “Life doesn’t wait until you’ve found a

40 Honest Advertising Slogans That’ll Make You Laugh

Posted By fershid 143 days ago on Advertising - What if brand slogans were brutally honest about the products they represent? That’s the question Nashville-based graphic designer Clif Dickens wanted to answer. So he came up with “Honest Slogans” – a series of tongue-in-cheek taglines of famous brands, most of which, make more sense than the real ones. Check them out here.

If Game Of Thrones Characters Worked In An Ad Agency, This Is What They Would Do

Posted By fershid 145 days ago on Advertising - Indian digital agency Chimp&z has come up with a series of images titled “Game of Agencies” that imagines Game of Thrones characters as advertising professionals. The project draws parallels between the characters of Westeros and the ‘characters’ we find in every creative agency.

With trademark quotes and illustrations of each of the protagonists, “Game of Agencies” sounds like the perfect crossover between Mad Men and GoT. Check out the project here.

60 Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think

Posted By fershid 147 days ago on Advertising - We’ve seen some great public awareness campaigns recently which made us wonder – why not do a post on the best ones in the last couple of years? We scoured the internet, filtered the not-so-great ones and came up with this list of 60 hard-hitting ads that deal with social, environmental, health and other issues. From ad school assignments to Cannes-winners, these powerful visuals do more than just spread the message. Check them out here.