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8 Dumb Writing Mistakes that Make You Look Like an Idiot

Posted By TheBadBlogger 76 days ago on Blog Tips - So, you’re striving to be a world-class wordsmith and you believe you have what it takes to dominate the blogosphere. You want people to hang onto your every word, and you dream of having the Huffington Post and Forbes constantly badgering you for your next piece of genius content.

7 Types of Comment Replies that Make You Look Boring

Posted By TheBadBlogger 96 days ago on Blog Tips - Bloggers love getting comments, and though many of the elitist bloggers don’t reply to them, there are several (like me), that love responding to comments. To me, getting even just a single legitimate comment is an honor; I’m proud to have people commenting here!

8 Things Your Blog Readers Eagerly Want to Read in Your Next Blog Post

Posted By TheBadBlogger 106 days ago on Blog Tips - If you want to keep your readers coming back for more, the trick is to give them exactly what they want. But this extends far beyond just creating great on-topic content. If you want to really connect with your readers, here are eight things your blog readers early want to read in your next blog post.

8 Things Your Blog Readers Don’t Want to Read in Your Next Blog Post

Posted By TheBadBlogger 110 days ago on Blog Tips - It’s no secret that giving your readers exactly what they want is the key to successful blogging. But, just as importantly, you also have to make sure you don’t write the things they really don’t want to read.

7 Tips to Get Your Comment Approved, Attention and Reply Almost Every Time

Posted By TheBadBlogger 131 days ago on Blog Tips - One of the most common pieces of advice veteran bloggers give to new and struggling bloggers is to development and implement a comment strategy. While I agree this is a good tactic, I feel much of the important detail is often left out, and as a result, hordes of new bloggers begin commenting on blogs in ways that make them look foolish.

11 Practical Ways to Outsmart Writer’s Block Once and for All

Posted By TheBadBlogger 138 days ago on Blog Tips - Almost everyone thinks that staring at your computer screen and thinking about what to write is writer’s block. The truth is – that’s not writer’s block. That is because you don’t know what to write, which also means you have no knowledge about the topic you are writing.

8 Ways to Revive Dead Blog Posts from the Grave

Posted By TheBadBlogger 143 days ago on Blog Tips - As a blogger, it’s your job to constantly come up with new ideas and create captivating posts that delight your audience. But what happens to those ideas you’ve already used? All too often, your dead blog posts are left to just sit there and gather digital dust.

12 Rejected Writing Tips that Was Ask to Pitch it Elsewhere

Posted By TheBadBlogger 146 days ago on Blog Tips - If you want to build a loyal following of people who hang on to your every word and relish reading every single post you make, you need to spice things up a bit. Here are 12 writing tips to help you out:

10 Effective Ways to End a Blog Post that Grab Your Reader’s Lapels

Posted By TheBadBlogger 150 days ago on Blog Tips - Believe me, the end of a blog post is every bit as important as the beginning. It’s your chance to make people remember you and keep them coming back for more.

14 Practical Tips to Create Awesome Content When You’re Out of Ideas

Posted By TheBadBlogger 160 days ago on Blog Tips - You’re trying so bloody hard, but your creative juices just flatly refuse to flow. It’s frustrating and disheartening to say the least.

But if you find yourself all out of content ideas, I’m here to tell you that there’s absolutely no need to panic. Here are 14 practical tips to help you out…

8 Easy to Implant Tips for Writing Your Next Blog Post

Posted By TheBadBlogger 165 days ago on Blog Tips - If writing a blog post feels like a nightmare that keeps playing over and over again, here are 8 easy to implant tips to help you write your next piece of killer content: