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15 Great Weekend Jobs for Extra Cash

Posted By BernzJP 2 days ago on Finance - Getting a side hustle is an excellent way of supplementing your income. And naturally, the only time you can work on it is at night after work and during the weekends. Fortunately, some industries like hospitality, travel, and retail tend to have increased demand during the weekends and so may need extra hands. So you […]The post 15 Great Weekend Jobs for Extra Cash appeared first on

How To Dispute an Unauthorized Credit Card Charge

Posted By BernzJP 4 days ago on Finance - I opted out of paper billing statements about eight years ago and since then, I started to check my credit card statements online once or twice a month. I had to do this because of past experiences that I’ve had with fraudulent and suspicious charges that showed up on my statements a number of times. […]The post How To Dispute an Unauthorized Credit Card Charge appeared first on

How Landowners Earn Income From Farmland

Posted By AcreTrader 4 days ago on Finance - From passive investment to active farming, there are several ways landowners can earn revenue from their farmland investments. The following is a brief overview of the four most common farming arrangements here in the United States.

Best Practices for Turning your Hobby into a successful Business

Posted By ravikumarnama 4 days ago on Finance - Pursuing a Hobby becomes stress-buster and it is very important for those who engage in busy careers. We develop our personality and the ambiance around us, which changes the world. A hobby cannot always be pursued alone, it requires sharing and team work which allows knowledge enhancement.People on the softer side choose music, dance or painting as a hobby. People with an adventurous instinct choose wild hobbies like mountaineering, underwater diving and so on. Similarly people enjoying heritage or who like exchanging and networking involve in collectibles.

Low Commodity Prices and the Upside Case for Farmland

Posted By AcreTrader 11 days ago on Finance - For the last four years, stock prices have risen to new heights, while commodity prices have remained depressed. The decline of farm net income and cash rent rates along with commodities has left farmers worried and news outlets wringing their hands. So why buy farmland now?

The Difference Between Soil and Dirt: Why We Must Protect Farmland Now

Posted By AcreTrader 11 days ago on Finance - We often use the words soil and dirt interchangeably, but when it comes to farming, there is a crucial difference between the two. This distinction is the reason why we must take the necessary steps to protect American farmland now.

How to Sell Your old iPhone and iPad for More Money

Posted By Mdinich 13 days ago on Finance - Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to sell your old mobile devices that were easy and available online?
Of course, the carriers would love to take them off your hands for you. But that’s kinda like trading in your used car. You get low balled and don’t get nearly what it’s worth. After all, they have to resell the car at a profit.

6 Ultimate Tips to Select Best Mutual Funds for Beginners

Posted By ravikumarnama 13 days ago on Finance - Investing in Mutual funds is undoubtedly a best long term investment approach. Investing into Mutual funds through SIP approach is a well known proved concept, however selection of Mutual funds is a tough decision. Many young investors facing problems in selecting the right mutual funds to cater their financial goals. Because of the current lifestyle and lack of awareness, investors are unable to identify the right Mutual funds for their investment portfolio. This mistake results not only the precious time loss but also end up with insufficient corpus to your financial goals. I am suggesting the following tips to choose the right and best performing Mutual funds that would give you the best returns to your investments.

What to Ask Before Hiring a Financial Advisor

Posted By Mdinich 13 days ago on Finance - It’s no secret the blogosphere tends to hold financial advisors in contempt.
The money blog movement is steeped in DIY gumption that does not lend itself well to seeking outside help. Additionally, even though bloggers won’t admit it, at some subconscious level they have a self-serving interest in admonishing the industry.

Debt: A Dangerous Amplifier for Real Estate Investing

Posted By AcreTrader 15 days ago on Finance - Investing in farmland without debt is a safer investment than investing in leveraged real estate. Small down payments on commercial real estate investing increase risk. Buying a farm without debt is a lower risk investment.

5 Best Super Top up Health Plans That Should be Considered

Posted By ravikumarnama 15 days ago on Finance - Many of us not aware of the importance of having Health Insurance Policy. We may think that the Health Insurance policy is not at this stage but at the later stage like after 60 + years and having Health Insurance policy at younger stage is just waste of money in paying the premiums. However nobody knows when the life turns into fatal moments. Because any unpredictable situation may occur at any of point of time in our life. Medical emergency is one such situation. If you are not prepared well in advance to face such Medical emergency situation, it would lead to a huge loss to you and your family. But what about the premium cost? Is it affordable to meet the sky-rocketing medical costs? What are the options to get higher Health Insurance at affordable price?


Posted By Mdinich 15 days ago on Finance - If you’re planning to spend a boatload of money on your wedding, you probably haven’t accounted for the budget you’ll need when deciding on places to honeymoon. If your honeymoon budget is the last thing on your radar, not to worry, there are plenty of ways to save and still have a luxurious, once in a lifetime trip in paradise.

The 5 Big Dangers of Online Real Estate Crowdfunding

Posted By AcreTrader 16 days ago on Finance - Online Real Estate Crowdfunding can be dangerous for investors, and we think that debt, cyclicality, and other unknown investment risks could lead to large potential investment losses. We think investing in farmland is a much safer alternative.