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Some Important Points to Remember While Investing in Gold in 2020

Posted By ravikumarnama 67 days ago on Finance - Gold investments are traditionally considered as a hedge against inflation. investors tend to hold on their money in the form of gold investments because the value of the currency tends to drop during inflationary conditions. Though inflation is coming down at present, gold is still considered a good investment, and it is advised to allocate a certain portion of your portfolio to protect against volatility. However, one should not put their entire investments into Gold and need to diversify their portfolio by including Gold investment, which is not more than 10% of total investment. Also, accumulation of Gold should be systematic and not as a lump sum.

How to trade the most profitable commodities | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 103 days ago on Finance - Learn how to trade and profit from price fluctuations in gold, silver or oil. Discover the different commodity markets and what drives movements on the price charts.

Your guide to trading with candlesticks | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 106 days ago on Finance - A candlestick chart is most traders’ preferred method of visualizing price action. Japanese candlesticks offer greater information regarding market sentiment as they depict the open and close price as well as the highest and lowest points for a specific period.

A beginner’s guide to forex quotes and spreads | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 110 days ago on Finance - Trading forex involves buying or selling various financial instruments including currency pairs, stocks and commodities. All these financial instruments are quoted according to the forces of supply and demand in the market and currencies that are in high demand offer the most favourable spreads.

What is day-trading in forex? | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 113 days ago on Finance - There are different strategies that forex traders can employ to maximize their trading profits and day-trading is arguably the most popular. This strategy mainly focuses on intraday movements as traders aim to hold short-term positions in order to avoid paying overnight trade fees or swaps.

Forex or stocks: which is the best market to trade? | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 115 days ago on Finance - Learn about the differences between the stock and currency markets and which market better suits your trading profile. Discover the different trading terms, available leverage and liquidity.

What is index trading and what are the most popular stock indices | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 116 days ago on Finance - Besides forex currencies, some of the many other financial assets you can trade with CM Trading is stocks and stock indices. Indices track the overall performance of a group of stocks in a country or sector and major indices like the Dow Jones in the U.S acts as a benchmark for the overall health of the U.S stock market.

The most effective tips to manage risk in forex trading | CM Trading

Posted By Felix1234 118 days ago on Finance - Despite the fact that risk management should be the top priority for forex traders or any investor for that matter, quite often, traders aim to maximize their profit potential and fail to consider the risks attached. While significant returns sometimes also carry a high degree of risk, there are tools available that can help prevent unnecessary losses.