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PeerStreet Review

Posted By Mdinich 92 days ago on Finance - As I indicated in a prior post, I’ve decided to experiment with Equity Crowdfunding to determine if it’s a viable passive income stream. I narrowed the field down to 3 online platforms, each with their particular twist on equity crowdfunding.

The plan is to invest $10,000 with each platform over the next 12-18 months to get some hands-on experience with how they operate. The ultimate goal, of course, is to turn the experiment into a permanent investment strategy to help fund my Freedom Years.

YieldStreet Review

Posted By Mdinich 101 days ago on Finance - The plan is to invest $10,000 with each platform over the next 12-18 months to get some hands-on experience with how they operate. The ultimate goal of course is to turn the experiment into a permanent investment strategy to help fund my Freedom Years.

Can Lifestyle Inflation be Good?

Posted By Mdinich 101 days ago on Finance - We’ve all heard how lifestyle inflation can wreak havoc on our plans to achieve financial freedom. As people earn more, they use their excess cash flow to make purchases that will, at least in theory, improve their lifestyle. However, many people reward themselves at the expense of their financial goals.

4 Fundamentally Strong Stocks to Invest for Long Term Through Systematic Equity Plan / SEP in 2019

Posted By ravikumarnama 112 days ago on Finance - Like Mutual Funds, we can invest into stocks through SEP or Systematic Equity Plan for long term. Many major Demat service providers are offering SEP facility to their customers. Selection of strong stocks is the major key factor in winning your portfolio. Certain points you need to consider for selection of strong stocks for SEP or Systematic Investment Plan. The following 4 stocks are fundamentally strong stocks to invest for long term through SEP or Systematic Investment Plan for 2019

Additional Passive Income Sources from Farmland Investments

Posted By AcreTrader 112 days ago on Finance - Many landowners do not realize additional sources of revenue may lie beneath their feet. Depending on the unique features of your land and your level of creativity, you may be able to secure residual income opportunities in addition to your farming leases. Let's explore these options in detail.

29 Price Comparison Sites To Save You Money

Posted By Mdinich 113 days ago on Finance - Are you interested in Online Shopping & Saving Money? Read on to see 29 of the Best Price Comparison Websites & Apps To Save You Money. First off, let’s discover why Price Comparison Sites have become so popular in the US


Posted By Mdinich 116 days ago on Finance - New reasons to love the Target Wedding Registry
One of my favorite places on earth is Target. Who hasn't had the experience of wandering into that place on a mission to pick up a few specific items and walked out with a cart full of stuff they didn't know they needed?


Posted By Mdinich 117 days ago on Finance - While the media might lead you to believe that wedding planning is stressful, overwhelming, and expensive, it certainly doesn’t have to be. In this post, you’ll find the best tactics for planning a wedding on a budget you can afford– all without the stress and overwhelm!

Top 4 Best Applications To Buy the Scrap / Waste At Your Doorstep

Posted By ravikumarnama 119 days ago on Finance - Recycling is divine and responsible to save the earth from the pollution and making clean environment to our future generations. Use these online solutions to sell out your scraps and waste and save the earth with commitment to the environment.

How to Invest in Real Estate

Posted By Mdinich 119 days ago on Finance - I’ve always been interested in real estate investing, and wanted to share this article written with DiversyFund to make you aware of their $500 minimum investment required to get started! So check them out, do your due diligence, and see if they might be a good option for you.

How Landowners Earn Income From Farmland

Posted By AcreTrader 127 days ago on Finance - From passive investment to active farming, there are several ways landowners can earn revenue from their farmland investments. The following is a brief overview of the four most common farming arrangements here in the United States.

Best Practices for Turning your Hobby into a successful Business

Posted By ravikumarnama 127 days ago on Finance - Pursuing a Hobby becomes stress-buster and it is very important for those who engage in busy careers. We develop our personality and the ambiance around us, which changes the world. A hobby cannot always be pursued alone, it requires sharing and team work which allows knowledge enhancement.People on the softer side choose music, dance or painting as a hobby. People with an adventurous instinct choose wild hobbies like mountaineering, underwater diving and so on. Similarly people enjoying heritage or who like exchanging and networking involve in collectibles.

Low Commodity Prices and the Upside Case for Farmland

Posted By AcreTrader 133 days ago on Finance - For the last four years, stock prices have risen to new heights, while commodity prices have remained depressed. The decline of farm net income and cash rent rates along with commodities has left farmers worried and news outlets wringing their hands. So why buy farmland now?