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Get More Money Back on Your Tax Return with help from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Posted By ACUWeb 13 days ago on Finance - Are you expecting a tax refund for your business this year? Check this out. There’s a way to get an even bigger refund, no matter the size of your business. This year the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) goes into effect, a law that might offer huge tax benefits for individuals with Qualified Business Income (QBI) through a partnership, S Corporation, LLC or sole proprietorship. Here’s how to qualify your business for the new tax deduction under the Tax Cuts and Job Act.

Simple ways to improve your invoicing and billing process

Posted By moneytized 20 days ago on Finance - There are ways to stop wasting time on invoicing paperwork.
And invoicing and billing might not be the definition of fun, to be honest.

So, in this article, there simple ways to make things easier and more fun!

Don’t Fall Victim to these 3 Tax Scams in 2018

Posted By ACUWeb 34 days ago on Finance - We’re only a couple of weeks into the 2018 Tax Season, and already the IRS has put out an alarm concerning multiple tax scams. The IRS says they’ve received numerous fake tax returns complete with names, addresses, Social Security numbers and bank information. Many of these false returns originate from the Equifax breach in September 2017, when hackers stole personal data for over 145.5 million people in the United States. Since then, many actions have rolled into place, minimizing the effects of the breach.

The best way to handle the Equifax breach is to file early. Filing as soon as you have your W-2 and other tax documents in place will lock out any fraudsters from filing as you. However, the Equifax breach isn’t the only thing you need to worry about this tax season. Make sure that

Effective Business Expenses Management

Posted By moneytized 48 days ago on Finance - Keeping your business expenses under control is of vital importance for your business. Learn how to fix your working capital, take care of your accounting processes and all about automated payment systems.

The Student Loan Debt Crisis – Infographic

Posted By JohnPaul 67 days ago on Finance - Student loans are the second highest consumer debt category, behind mortgage debt and higher than credit card and auto loan dent.

To show just how bad the situation is, I wanted to share these statistics put together into an infographic by Student Loan Hero.

A Complete Guide on Taking Control of Your Taxes in 2018

Posted By ACUWeb 74 days ago on Finance - Happy New Years! As always, the start of a new year means the nearing of another tax season. The tax season is always intimidating, but with the right help, you can get through it without a sweat! From Lucia CPA to you, we want to let you in on a few highlights regarding the new tax laws, and some tips and tricks to get the biggest tax return available to you before the 2018 tax deadline on April 17, 2018.