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How Kristin Addis Quit Her Six-Figure Salary to Travel the World, and How She’s Funding It

Posted By herreport 13 days ago on Society - By Re Originally Published on Fairygodboss Since quitting her investment banking job in Newport Beach,...

Why Women Should Travel Solo in an Age of Terrorism, Pandemic Disease and Regularized Rape Culture

Posted By herreport 19 days ago on Society - By Re Fear—it’s simultaneously idiosyncratic and indiscriminate, and neither tangible nor quantifiable. More...

The Unbearable Pressure of Being

Posted By Doublebelle 123 days ago on Society - We never knew. It had been going on for a number of years. You never know. These are the perfect people in the perfect houses with the perfect lives. What a load of crap. That need, that pressure, that expectation. That pursuit. That’s what leads people to seek refuge in the synthetic, to escape the reality that never was real. To numb the pain of the pressure of banality.