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5 weird experiments made by governments or institutions

Posted By GlobalistTb 681 days ago on Society - Human manipulation, electroshock therapy on children, radiation exposure on pregnant women. In the past decades governments and institutions had been responsible for many disturbing experiments on humankind.

The Unbearable Pressure of Being

Posted By Doublebelle 822 days ago on Society - We never knew. It had been going on for a number of years. You never know. These are the perfect people in the perfect houses with the perfect lives. What a load of crap. That need, that pressure, that expectation. That pursuit. That’s what leads people to seek refuge in the synthetic, to escape the reality that never was real. To numb the pain of the pressure of banality.

UK Charity Launches Shocking Ad Exposing Double Standards In Domestic Violence

Posted By fershid 1998 days ago on Society - Creative agency Dare (London) has created this shocker of a PSA campaign for ManKind, a UK based charity organisation against domestic violence. The 1:50 hidden camera film features people’s reactions (and double standards) to physical violence between a couple in public. The spot has been directed by David Stoddart of Dark Energy and has received over 4 million views in just 2 days!