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Panasonic Arc4 Review – The ES LA93 Electric Shaver

Posted By kciantar 32 minutes ago on Beauty - Panasonic have, for a long time, been a respectable name in the digital appliances world. They are best known for their range of televisions, DVD and Blu-ray players, microwaves, fridges, etc. However, they have also turned their hand to the shaver world – with startling results. As we found in our Panasonic Arc4 Review, their shavers […]

How to Shave with a Straight Razor – The Complete Guide

Posted By kciantar 19 days ago on Beauty - Learning how to shave with a straight razor seems daunting for some men, but believe me when I tell you that it's well worth the effort. Once you learn how to use a straight razor you will never turn back.Just check out any straight razor community forum and you'll see what I mean. It's a […]

Home Remedy To Improve Your Sight And Thicker Your Hair

Posted By ekuzevska 55 days ago on Beauty - Many of us have a problem with our hair, but a lot of us have a problem with sight too. Nature offers us solutions to these problems. You may solve them with this home remedy full of healthy ingredients. With this home remedy, you can improve your sight and thicker your hair.

How To Stop Your Hair Loss

Posted By ekuzevska 56 days ago on Beauty - Although hair is not always essential to health, its decline can cause anxiety. The remains of fallen hair on the women brush can cause intense mental tension. The baldness in man scalp can cause embarrassment and diffidence. Leading causes of hair loss are stress, anxiety, and sudden shock, general exhaustion caused by severe and long-term illnesses like typhoid, syphilis, chronic cold, influenza, and anemia, as well as an unhygienic condition of the scalp that weakness roots of hair through blocking of pores for usually collected dust. Hereditary factors may also be a cause of the disease.

The Best Beard Trimmer for 2018

Posted By kciantar 73 days ago on Beauty - Looking for the best beard trimmer for your needs? Then you've landed in the right place.Before we dive into the reviews of our top choices however, let’s take a step back and understand what you should be looking for when choosing the ideal trimmer for yourself.As a guy trying to, or already growing a beard, […]

What is Co-Washing? It’s Benefits and Best Co Washing Products

Posted By kciantar 73 days ago on Beauty - How Co-Washing Supports Healthy Hair Growth Conditioner washing, or co-washing as it is popularly known, is a way to cleanse your hair using your favorite conditioner in place of shampoo. The founder of this term is believed to be Lorraine Massey. To co-wash natural hair means cleansing your hair and scalp using a rinse out […]

Male Hair Removal: Your Options

Posted By kciantar 80 days ago on Beauty - In spite of the rising sales of products to help prevent hair loss, there’s also a rising popularity of businesses offering hair removal for male customers. The hair most of these male customers are looking to eliminate isn’t on their heads though. There are a few areas and several reasons why male hair removal has […]

Review of the Revitol Hair Removal Cream

Posted By kciantar 82 days ago on Beauty - I've never met a men with a lot of body hair who was happy about it. Some of us will accept it and get on with their life but many are conscious about having too much body hair and would like to do something about it. Let's face it, the truth is that no one […]

Choosing the Best Organic Shampoo

Posted By kciantar 82 days ago on Beauty - Good shampoos made from ingredients that are natural are ideal to clean your hair and avoid any harmful side-effects and for this nothing could be better than identifying the best organic shampoo in the market. Not only shampoos but even organic conditioners are needed to maintain good and lustrous looking hair. Most of the organic shampoos […]

The Best Hair Clippers for Men – What to Look For before Buying

Posted By kciantar 89 days ago on Beauty - There are no set rules when it comes to choosing the best hair clippers for men that will actually work well for you. Choosing which type buy is essentially a personal preference based on one’s experience and skill level. Nowadays, you can pretty much choose from a wide variety of hair clippers for men that are […]