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Keep the Outlook Mailbox Size in Check – And How to Reduce it!

Posted By giriu 1647 days ago on Software - In today’s digital day and age, it’s no wonder we frequently worry about the overflowing databases and their massive sizes. Even though plenty of services now often a larger storage capacity, but the problem of crossing the allowed limit is still prevalent. Know About Your Outlook Mailbox Size It’s seen no more frequently than with […]
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Top 49 Must Have DevOps tools for 2021

Posted By AdNgin 640 days ago on Coding - DevOps is about people, processes and technology. It is often referred to as a movement and a culture and as such, requires organizations to have in their arsenal the tools that enable all these benefits.

In this post, we will present the top 49 DevOps tools to make your software development life cycle more efficient in 2021.

Microservices vs APIs: One Doesn’t Always Imply the Other

Posted By AdNgin 568 days ago on Coding - The oft-misconstrued relationship between Microservices and APIs is one that is critical to distinguish between. You’ve definitely heard of them if you’ve been working in app dev and especially with microservices.

Export Emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird – The Finest Approach Recommend by Experts!

Posted By giriu 1963 days ago on Software - Export Emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird Email migration means migrating data (emails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, etc.) from one email client to other. It’s not generally a simple and straightforward task. A lot of it depends on the size of the database, your requirements, the number of times, the complexity of files, and so […]The post Export Emails from Apple Mail to Thunderbird – The Finest Approach Recommend by Experts! appeared first on USL Software.

Awesome Free Photo Tools

Posted By techwork 2196 days ago on Software - Digital cameras and smartphones are something most people own today, but you don’t need to buy expensive software or be a photo editor expert to work with your photos. In this post I will introduce you to some of my favorite programs for screenshots and photo editing.

The Changing Trends in Programming and Some Predictions for the Future

Posted By stunningmesh 1249 days ago on Software - In this article, we are trying to look into some future trends of programming to make some predictions in terms of what programming will be like over the next ten years.

Which Web Browser is best?

Posted By techwork 2148 days ago on Software - Which browser is the best to use surfing the Internet?
That is a question that many people are debating and never can agree on. I am not going to tell you which is best, but I will share some statistics and test reports with you and share my own experiences about web browser in 2016.

Code, Test & Learn with JSFiddle

Posted By supermonitoring 2131 days ago on Coding - There are a number of online tools that let you test your code and improve it to hone your programming skills. Herein, we’re focusing on one of them that lets you do all this and much more. We’re talking about JSFiddle, one of the most popular code playgrounds available online today.