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Starling Bank Review 2022: Better Than Your High Street Bank?

Posted By MeMoreMoney 2 hours 5 minutes ago on Finance - You've probably heard of Starling bank from your friends or their TV adverts, but you might wonder what Starling bank is and should you trust it with your money? I like you had these same questions. After joining Starling bank, I wanted to share an honest Starling Bank review to showcase Starling and answer the many […]

The Yellow Wallpaper (Icebreaker)

Posted By LaurelLit 4 hours ago on Writing - “I didn’t realize for a long time what the thing was that showed behind, that dim sub-pattern, but now I am quite sure it is a woman.” – Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper” This story is about a woman who is trapped by society, her marriage, and her own mental illness. She is alsoContinue Reading
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Should I Invest in Dogecoin?

Posted By parentportfolio 4 hours ago on Finance - When Dogecoin (DOGE) first came onto the scene, most people saw it as a joke, including its founder. Then suddenly, even Elon Musk was backing the coin, and its value soared. Now though, the price has dropped, and some are wondering if Dogecoin is just a joke after all. You might be asking yourself: Should … Should I Invest in Dogecoin? Read More »

Places to Visit in Oklahoma-Top 15 for 2022

Posted By thetravelvirgin 7 hours ago on Travel - In Oklahoma, red dirt, buffalo herds, and oil wells abound, a gateway to the west. Oklahoma City and Tulsa, the state's two main cities, have had a polished air since they were founded on the oil fortunes of the early 1900s. Even though the state's cosmopolitan image is enhanced by modern museums and galleries of foreign art and lush gardens, many tourists choose to experience Oklahoma by driving down Route 66.
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Jeff Bezos: Abracadabra, The Internet’s First Online Book Store

Posted By eBrandMe 10 hours ago on all - This week’s LinkedIn newsletter, which has been renamed “Notable People in History,” features Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who as a toddler, took a screwdriver to his crib, taking it apart, feeling that he was too old to sleep in a “baby” crib.

Unique Career and Business Choices for Lawyers

Posted By ivanpw 11 hours ago on Business - Going into law is a dream come true for many people. They love looking at all the miniscule details that go into legal issues. They might even enjoy helping other people get out of legal trouble.While many people think that becoming a trial lawyer is the only solid career path for someone with a law degree, there are many great businesses and careers that don’t require the 80-hour weeks that most lawyers put in early in their career. Owning a business or having a solid career path is important, but more than making money, finding an option that suits the lifestyle you want is critical as well.…The post Unique Career and Business Choices for Lawyers appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Raising Cane’s

Posted By franking 12 hours ago on Business - New Post From The Franchise King®
The most important thing to know about the Raising Cane’s franchise is they only serve chicken fingers. That means the restaurant doesn’t offer chicken wings, chicken breasts, or any other edible part of a Gallus gallus domesticus (chicken). Kind of strange right? I thought so too. Only chicken fingers? Read on to see what I […]
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6 Cold Calling Tools That Will Help You Sell Better

Posted By supermonitoring 12 hours ago on all - Selling over the phone by convincing first-time clients about your business is quite challenging. But when done well, you will close more deals and achieve business success.