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PSG to turn to Mohammed Salah if Mbappe leaves

Posted By format 3 hours ago on News - PSG to turn to Mohammed Salah if Mbappe leaves Mohamed Salah is said to be a surprising option for Paris Saint-Germain in the summer transfer window as the club looks for a replacement for Kylian [...]

The most useful features in the latest Javascript (since ES6)

Posted By Duomly 5 hours ago on Coding - In June 2015, after six years of break, there was a significant update of Javascript which brought lots of new features. Since that time every year we a new edition with a set of new features which are supposed to help developers and make our work more efficient. To help you keep track on what is going on with Javascript versions, I’m going to list the most useful features grouped by the edition and add some code examples for a better overview.

Papers of (Broken) Record

Posted By ChandraClarke 8 hours ago on Business -   Thank goodness for small town newspapers. What’s left of them, anyway. I once read that a small town is a place where everyone knows what everyone else is doing, so the only reason they read their paper is to find out who got caught. More importantly, small town newspapers are usually staffed with writers […]
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Say Hi to Tanzania’s New Vice-President – Dr. Philip Mpango

Posted By LifestyleAfrique 8 hours ago on Personal - On Tuesday, Tanzania’s President H.E. Samia Suluhu Hassan hand picked his vice-president effectively ending the power vacuum that had engulfed the East African Nation since the demise of John Pombe Magufuli. The President has forwarded the name of the Finance Minister Dr. Philip Mpango to parliament for approval. Dr. Mpango will need at least 50 […]

ToFu, MoFu and BoFu: A Secret to Acquiring Customers and Keeping them Satisfied in 2021

Posted By SlideUpLift 8 hours ago on Business - Consumer satisfaction is the primary force that powers the business to grow. All marketers only know too well that the journey to a satisfied customer starts with early expectations and ends with the product and service-related experiences. This journey can be a tortuous one, full of twists and turns. With consumers becoming more aware and getting unprecedented choices, many age-old...    read more 

Top 10 Trusted Websites To Stream Live Football

Posted By Braith 9 hours ago on Sports - Saying that the round leather game, football, is a popular sport is an understatement, it is the most popular sport simply because of the distinctive feeling associated with it. Whether you are a fan of your local club or your national team, football can inspire hope, passion, and happiness within everyone. However, as interesting the […]