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What is functional programming and it’s most important aspects?

Posted By Duomly 8 hours ago on Coding - Intro to what is functional programming Functional programming is an interesting programming concept which gains a lot of attention lately. This article presents some of the most important aspects of functional programming in general and provides several examples in Python.Functional programming is a kind of the declarative programming paradigm where functions represent relations among objects, like in mathematics. Thus, functions are much more than ordinary routines.This programming paradigm can be implemented in a variety of languages.

Differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and why it’s important for us

Posted By Duomly 22 hours ago on Coding - Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere around us: image recognition and contacts suggestions on Facebook or Twitter, self-driving cars, software that beats champions in chess and go, books recommendations on Amazon, Google search, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana, and so on. It became a very important aspect of our lives. Its importance raises, and we rely on AI more and more every day hoping that it’s going to improve our well-being.

How to create image recognition with Python?

Posted By Duomly 1 day 12 hours ago on Coding - Image recognition is one of the most widespread machine learning classes of problems. It aims at training machines to recognize images similarly as people do.Image recognition belongs to the group of supervised learning problems, i.e., classification problems, to be more precise.This article presents a relatively simple approach of training a neural network to recognize digits. This approach uses an ordinary feedforward neural network. The accuracy of the model can be further improved using other techniques.

How to create a chatbot in Python

Posted By Duomly 2 days ago on Coding - Natural language processing (NLP) is one of the most promising fields of artificial intelligence that uses natural languages to enable human interactions with machines. There are two main approaches to NLP: – rule-based methods, – statistical methods, i.e., methods related to machine learning.There are several exciting Python libraries for NLP, such as Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK), spaCy, TextBlob, etc.A chatbot is a computer software able to interact with humans using a natural language.

6 Top Machine Learning Libraries For Javascript in 2019

Posted By Duomly 2 days ago on Coding - Intro to Machine learning libraries for Javascript Usually, people apply machine learning (ML) methods and algorithms using one of two programming languages: Python or R. Books, courses, and tutorials about Machine Learning most often use one of these languages as well (or both).Python is a general-purpose programming language used not only for Machine Learning but for also for scientific computing, back-end Web development, desktop applications, etc. R is created primarily for statisticians.

20 Essential Python Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Posted By Duomly 3 days ago on Coding - Python is a popular, general-purpose, and widely used programming language. It’s used for data science and machine learning, scientific computing in many areas, back-end Web development, mobile and desktop applications, and so on. Many well-known companies use Python: Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Mozilla, IBM, Quora, Amazon, Spotify, NASA, Netflix, Reddit, and many more.Python is free and open-source, as well as most of the products related to it. Also, it has a large, dedicated, and friendly community of programmers and other users.

What do you need to learn to become a front-end developer?

Posted By Duomly 3 days ago on Coding - Recently, a lot of people ask what they should learn to become a front-end developer. How to learn front-end while there are so many things to learn, everything changes so fast, new technologies, new popular libraries almost once a year. When you start reading articles and news about it, you can feel lost. All these technologies React, Angular, Vue.js, jQuery, Javascript, even Bootstrap are popping up everywhere. And at this point, you probably wonder how and where to start and finally become good at it.

How to pass the machine learning interview?

Posted By Duomly 4 days ago on Coding - You can download pdf version here.Intro to machine learning interview questions Machine learning (ML) is a rising field. It offers many interesting and well-paid jobs and opportunities. To start working in machine learning, you should become familiar with: mathematical fundamentals — linear algebra, calculus, optimization, probability, and statistics, etc., machine learning fundamentals — prepare data, validate and improve results, interpret results, recognize and avoid overfitting, etc.,

The most useful features in the latest Javascript (since ES6)

Posted By Duomly 5 days ago on Coding - In June 2015, after six years of break, there was a significant update of Javascript which brought lots of new features. Since that time every year we a new edition with a set of new features which are supposed to help developers and make our work more efficient. To help you keep track on what is going on with Javascript versions, I’m going to list the most useful features grouped by the edition and add some code examples for a better overview.

15 Best Machine Learning Datasets For Free

Posted By Duomly 5 days ago on Coding - One of the main characteristics of the early 21st century is an outstanding rise in the amount of available data. This is followed by the significant improvements in computational power, storage capacities, as well as the improvements of the algorithms and software for data processing, interpretations, and predictions.The skills related to data analytics, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are widely demanded and well appreciated. Acquiring such skills requires a significant effort and months or years of learning.