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10 Ways to Get More Business & Profitability in Lafayette, Louisiana and Acadiana

Posted By AcadianaList 584 days ago on Advertising - The founders of Acadiana Business Listings have over a decade experience in doing whatever it takes to become more successful, and much of that means failing & doing the wrong thing. Following gurus who talk a lot, but don’t follow through with action. Well, this guide is going to cut through the BULLSH$T and tell […]
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Lafayette, LA: the Top Five Salons

Posted By AcadianaList 585 days ago on Advertising - Here are the top 5 hair salon businesses in Lafayette parish, Louisiana and greater Acadiana. Rate & review your favorite local salons! Submit your thoughts for the best local places below and we will review them, next time. 1. Salon des Amis: With a decade-long history of quality hair care and professional grooming assistance, Salon […]
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Louisiana B2B Chambers – ALL Cities & Parishes: Complete Chamber of Commerce Directory

Posted By AcadianaList 586 days ago on Advertising - How to Best Network in LA: Navigating Business to Business (B2B) Commerce & Learning How-to Acquire Quality Leads for Retail Industry Business to Customer (B2C) Referrals Louisiana is not the easiest place to live, make money, and support a family, thus businessmen and marketers need to think outside of the box and gain referrals from […]
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15 Most Popular Types of Guest Blog Sites Online

Posted By AcadianaList 586 days ago on Advertising - Becoming a featured niche topic guest blogger for a popular industry based blog is rewarding and personally gratifying, as put powerful topic relevant back links on a more popular blog and become a known author in your field. Many find it rather a test of skills, technical knowledge, writing abilities, and a challenge to find […]
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Worst 10 SEO Mistakes that Even the Professionals Make

Posted By AcadianaList 588 days ago on Advertising - Search engine optimization is not easy and can be very tricky, it’s often difficult to see things that are right in front of us. In this article, you’ll learn about the top ten most deadly and costly mishaps which even professionals make! Learn from this guide so that it doesn’t happen to you and ruin […]
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How to Start a Business for Louisiana Veterans

Posted By AcadianaList 595 days ago on Advertising - The Louisiana state & local governments, United States government, and private citizens are extremely proud of it’s veterans, especially entrepreneur vets willing to take a chance on starting a business on their own. Many people aren’t aware of the available funding programs, special discounts, government discounts & supporting offers, and other ways which a vet […]
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Banner Stands NYC | Retractable Banners | X Banner Stands

Posted By GuppuBoss 1568 days ago on Advertising - Whether you’re manning a trade show booth, promoting a product, or selling farm stand vegetables, an attractive eye-catching banner stand is one of the most prominent ways to turn heads and introduce yourself to everyone walking by.

With both retractable and non-retractable banner stands available — made just for our custom banner stands printing — we can put together the perfect custom display needed for your store or next big event.

“Miss The Start, Miss The Story” – Clever Ads By Sky TV Promote Its Restart Movie Feature

Posted By fershid 1583 days ago on Advertising - Most people in Germany watch linear TV instead of on-demand TV, because they don’t like to spend too much time choosing what movie to watch. They tend to just turn on the television and watch what’s running.

Sky offers movies on-demand, and also on linear channels. The restart function from Sky Q let’s you watch movies on linear TV from the start, by accessing the same movie in Sky’s on-demand library. This gives the viewer the benefits of linear TV and on-demand TV.

Resultful web push notifications campaigns with PushPushGo

Posted By supermonitoring 1603 days ago on Advertising - PushPushGo lets you send mass and target campaigns as well as create scenarios. Therefore you’ll get the holistic approach on web push notifications and be able to send any kind of campaign.

Legendary Painters ‘Deliver’ Their Paintings In Brilliant Ads For Fine Arts Transport Company

Posted By fershid 1636 days ago on Advertising - Welti-Furrer is a leading Swiss company for fine art transports. Their experts transport valuable art with the utmost care. To communicate their services to museums, galleries, curators, and art collectors, agency Ruf Lanz (Zurich) came up with a brilliantly art-directed campaign featuring four legendary painters: Salvador Dali, Vincent van Gogh, Andy Warhol, and Frida Kahlo.

The ads show the artists dressed as Welti-Furrer delivery personnel carrying/transporting their paintings themselves, in wooden freight boxes. The tagline reads, “We transport fine art as carefully as if we had created it ourselves.”

The campaign ran in art magazines, selected billboards, and at Art Basel – the world’s largest art fair. Check it out here.

Motherboards Look Like Agricultural Fields In Brilliant Ads For Volkswagen’s Tech-Savvy Trucks

Posted By fershid 1638 days ago on Advertising - Volkswagen Argentina wanted to promote its Amarok V6 4×4 pickup truck to young, tech-savvy agricultural workers who work in crop fields and rely on technology to get the job done. The Amarok has 4×4 capabilities but also comes loaded with technology that these “rural millennials” will appreciate.

Agency Geometry Argentina came up with a brilliant print and outdoor campaign that features, what looks like, aerial photographs of an agricultural field. When we look closer, we realize that the fields are actually motherboards. The tagline reads, “Amarok V6 4×4. In the technology field.” Check out the campaign here.

Clever Ads From Post-it Highlight Creatives Who Spend Sleepless Nights Coming Up With Bright Ideas

Posted By fershid 1750 days ago on Advertising - Ogilvy Istanbul has come up with a brilliant campaign for Post-it that highlights the artists, designers, and creatives who spend sleepless nights honing their craft. The 3-ad series features illustrations of an architect, a musician, and a designer working late into the night while everyone else has left the office or is asleep.

The yellow light of their office/studio matches the iconic yellow color of Post-it sticky notes. The tagline reads, “Bright ideas are worth to remember.” Check out the ads here.

Watch This 6-Second Ad From ‘The Nun’ That YouTube Removed For Being Too Scary

Posted By fershid 1751 days ago on Advertising - You must have come across those jump-scare videos that look unassuming at first, and then suddenly a scary face appears from nowhere and leaves you startled. Well, the marketing team for ‘The Nun’ movie came up with a similar pre-roll ad for YouTube, which apparently shocked viewers to the extent that YouTube had to take it down. Watch it here.

News Site Captures World Leaders From Unusual Perspectives In Clever Ad Series

Posted By fershid 1776 days ago on Advertising - Argentinean news site Dos Miradas (translation: two looks) has come up with a clever campaign that features images of world leaders Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un captured from unusual but symbolic perspectives.

The objective of the campaign is to inform viewers that there are two sides to every story, and Dos Miradas offers “a different point of view“. The agency is TBWABuenos Aires. Check out the campaign here.

Shutterstock Comes To The Rescue Of Creatives Everywhere In These Clever Ads

Posted By fershid 1790 days ago on Advertising - Stock photography site Shutterstock is used by designers, creatives, and agencies all over the world, everyday. To highlight how important and useful the site is for creatives, agency Cazar DDB in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) has come up with a witty print campaign that plays on the idea of Shutterstock “rescuing” creatives when they need it most.

The three-ad series features sketches of a person stuck in life-threatening scenarios with Shutterstock images coming to his rescue. The first ad features a sketch of a person in a kayak that’s about to fall off a waterfall, but there’s an image of a chopper on the right that’s come to his rescue. The second ad features the sketch of a person lost in the desert, but there’s an image of an oasis nearby. The third ad shows a person...

Brilliant Ads By Stabilo Highlight The Unnoticed Women Who Made History

Posted By fershid 1793 days ago on Advertising - DDB Group Germany has come up with an exceptional print campaign for Stabilo Boss highlighter pens that honours extraordinary but overlooked women who helped change the course of history.

The ads feature old black-and-white photos of scientists, NASA engineers, and politicians. The women in the background are highlighted in fluorescent yellow by a Stabilo Boss highlighter. The tagline reads: “Highlight the remarkable“, followed by the names of the women and their contribution to science, astronomy, and politics.

The women featured in the ads are Lise Meitner (who discovered nuclear fission), Katherine Johnson (NASA mathematician whose calculations resulted in the safe return of Apollo 11), and Edith Wilson (former US First Lady who assumed her husband’s presidential role after he wa

This Brilliant Newspaper Ad Hides A 3D Kitchen In The Classifieds

Posted By fershid 1799 days ago on Advertising - Classified ads are usually boring and mundane but not for this creative duo. Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar and graphic designer Karen Castañeda came up with a brilliant optical illusion ad for their home kitchen client HiperCentro Corona.

The ad uses disproportionate blocks of text to create the indent of a 3D kitchen in the middle of the classified section. Check it out here.

JBL Shows How Effective Their Headphones Are With These Brilliantly Art-Directed Ads

Posted By fershid 1806 days ago on Advertising - Last year, JBL China came up with an award-winning print/outdoor campaign that used 3D illustrations and negative space to show how effective their noise-cancelling headphones are. The campaign, titled “Block Out The Chaos“, was created by Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong and the illustrations were created by Bangkok-based CGI studio Illusion.

Now, JBL has released two new ads in the same style featuring (1) Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un and (2) Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. Check them out here.

Airtel Africa Shows How Fast Its Network Is With These Brilliantly Art-Directed Ads

Posted By fershid 1835 days ago on Advertising - Ogilvy Africa has come up with an excellent print+outdoor campaign for telecommunications company Airtel Africa. The 3-ad series features aerial photographs of a lion, a shark, and a cheetah chasing their preys at full speed in a circular path. The outline of a mobile phone is superimposed on the photograph, which makes the circular path resemble a loading ring that you see online when a webpage or video is about to load. The tagline reads, “Africa’s fastest network. Airtel.”

The objective was to show how fast Airtel’s network is, in an Africa-centric way. Check out the ads here.