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Archaeology News: May 23, 2017

Posted By AncientDigger 1532 days ago on History - ARCHAEOLOGY NEWS – Ancient Digger brings you the latest archaeology news and headlines everyday of the week!Washington's birth site more mysterious than thoughtOn Popes Creek in Westmoreland County, park rangers tell visitors that “George Washington slept here first.” It’s a riff on that old line encountered at innumerable Mid-Atlantic historic sites, but if any place has bragging rights, it’s here—George Washington Birthplace National Monument in Virginia’s Northern Neck. Here on this acreage, the first U.S. president came into the world.Stone Age 'cult' henge site and human remains discovered near StratfordA STONE Age ‘cult’ henge site and human remains – which could belong to some of south Warwickshire’s earliest residents – have been discovered close to Stratford. Archaeologists have

Houston Festivals: Houston Cultural Events

Posted By uttoransen 1602 days ago on History - The culture of Houston is a boisterous blend of cuisines, languages, food, fine arts, cinema and festivals. This is due to the great diversity of the people. Over a million of its residents were born outside the U.S. and there are more than 90 languages spoken here.

Archaeology News: August 2, 2016

Posted By AncientDigger 1826 days ago on History - ARCHAEOLOGY NEWS (August 2, 2016)– Ancient Digger brings you the latest archaeology news and headlines everyday of the week!Prehistoric Native American Fishing Camp Found in New JerseyAncient hearths and some 1,300 artifacts, including unglazed ceramics and pieces of soapstone, have been found at an industrial construction site along the South Camden waterfront. Roman Cooking on Display in Restored Pompeii KitchenThe Local, Italy, reports that cooking equipment, such as metal grills, pots, pans, and earthenware crocks, have been returned to the kitchen in the Fullonica di Stephanus, a three-story launderette where the garments of wealthy Romans were washed some 2,000 years ago. The equipment was discovered in the launderette in 1912, but had been moved to other areas of Pompeii over the y

Field School Opportunity: Jersey, Channel Islands on Ice Age Island

Posted By AncientDigger 1904 days ago on History - Morning Ancient Diggers. I was contacted about a wonderful opportunity for those of you interested in digs pertaining to prehistory. The archaeological fieldschool in Jersey, Channel Islands is located at Les Varines, a Magdalenian settlement site approximately 15,000 years old. To date, the site has yielded over 5,000 stone artefacts, preserved animal bone, paved areas and, most exceptionally, engraved stones which have recently gained international media coverage and was featured in BBC2’s Digging for Britain. © Jersey HeritageThis year the field school is available to students from external universities. They have five placements available for the 2016 season, and the deadline is right around the corner, May 25th.Accommodation is camping but there are modern, clean, indoor WC/showering

22 Archaeology Books every Future Archaeologist should be reading

Posted By AncientDigger 1914 days ago on History - Even before I began my education in anthropology and archaeology, I had read several books on theory and method, as well as researched diverse cultures and multiple religions. However, once I started taking classes, the required course books became some of the most impactful resources and tools I had at my disposable. Granted, Indiana Jones would say "If you want to be a good archaeologist, you have to get out of the library". However, what if you also love the research aspect of this discipline, which does require you to sift through hundreds of good and bad books, trying to decipher what's fact and what's opinion?These books, all of which I have either read cover to cover for classes, or read out of pure enjoyment, all have something to offer archaeology students looking to get into the

Archaeology and Anthropology Internships, Scholarships, Books, Tools and Resources

Posted By AncientDigger 1921 days ago on History - The Archaeology and Anthropology Internships, Scholarships, Books, Tools and Resources page was created to provide you with helpful resources before and during your archaeological career.  I have included the popular Top Archaeology and Anthropology Schools, Universities, and Colleges page, US Archaeology and Anthropology Schools and their Disciplines, as well as several other guides and resources.Archaeology and Anthropology Guides (Ancient Digger's Most Popular Help Articles)US Archaeology and Anthropology Schools and their Disciplines –I created this comprehensive list of Archaeology and Anthropology Schools in the United States and their Disciplines to assist students looking into the fields of anthropology and archaeology. When I first started looking for schools I quickly figur

Ancient scarab discovered dating back to the Thirteenth Pharaonic Dynasty

Posted By AncientDigger 1922 days ago on History - An ancient scarab dating as far back as 18th century BCE, and belonging to a senior Egyptian official of the Thirteenth Pharaonic Dynasty,  has been discovered by an Israeli amateur birdwatcher.Alexander Ternopolsky was birdwatching near the Tel Dor archaeological site on Israel’s Carmel Coast, where an ongoing excavation of the ancient port city of Dor is taking place, when he happened upon the incredible find. Ternopolsky immediately handed it over to the archaeological team working at the site.An ancient Egyptian Sacrab Seal dating back to the 18th century BCE, discovered in Israel in the Tel  Dor archaeological site.Credit: Tel Dor Excavations. (Photo: Courtesy / TPS)According to Haifa University, the coastal city of Dor at the foot of Mt. Carmel was a key port city for thou

Hotel Travel Deals for Your Upcoming Vacation or Holiday

Posted By AncientDigger 1923 days ago on History - There are 59 days left until my husband and I head to Aruba, Curacao, and Grand Turk. I wanted to thank many of your for your suggestions on historical sites to visit while there. We already have some excursions planned, but this time around, we may just wing it.  I'm always on the lookout for a good fortification, and there always seems to be one, accompanied with a great history at every site we visit.My last visit to a fortification in St. Kitts, the Brimstone Fortress, was truly enjoyable, and very educational. Not to mention, climbing 800 feet above see level is not an easy task after an umbrella drink. The fortress is one of the earliest surviving examples of a new style of fortification known as the 'polygonal system'.One of the things my husband and I like to do before settin

The Greeks: Agamemnon to Alexander the Great Exhibit at Field Museum

Posted By AncientDigger 1948 days ago on History - The most comprehensive exhibition of Greek art and artifacts ever to tour outside Greece opened at the Field Museum of Chicago on November 25. This highly recommended show will be on view until April 10. From Chicago, it will move to the National Geographic Museum in Washington, D.C. and be on display from May 26 through October 9.The Greeks were a diverse group of peoples inhabiting mainland Greece and the Greek islands, and, in ancient times, the coast of what is now Turkey. They shared a common language and religion, and many of the same political institutions.Over the course of the several millennia of their ascendancy, the Greeks passed through a variety of social formations: from early class societies on the basis of the “Neolithic Revolution” in agriculture that began some 10,000 y

Promoting Global and Cultural Awareness through Private School Programs

Posted By AncientDigger 1962 days ago on History - For the past 4 years, I have had the pleasure of working as an Academic Director at an international private school. The position has allowed me to experience the general nuances of international schools, particularly their curriculum. While I am a product of public schools, and I’m aware of the AP program, I was slightly less familiar with IB and its benefits. Both programs allow students to excel well beyond their potential in college, however few schools actually offer both program. From my experience, the main reasons for this are space constraints, and also the cost to educate teachers and coordinators to implement the program.The American School of Paris is a prime example of a private institution who excels in providing both programs to students. Their IB curriculum is global,