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Switching from PC to Mac? Here are Three Subtle Differences Between Windows and MacOS to Look Out For

Posted By clifhaley 1 day 16 hours ago on Humor - I’ve you’ve finally come to your senses and decided to switch from a Windows PC to a Mac, here are several of the small differences that might trip you up as you try getting used to the far superior MacOS operating system that you should have embraced a long, long time ago. Why you were […]
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Posted By clifhaley 75 days ago on Humor - This is a short story about dogs taking over the world called “Schmedley” that I originally wrote when I was a 22-year-old college guy in 1996…

Hi. My name is not Bo Bo. My name is Victor Kennedy. I am thirty-seven years of age. I used to be a fairly successful businessman. I’m not crazy. l am NOT crazy. l am writing this for all the humans of the future – assuming there will be any to read it – and I’m going to bury it with my Rolex and my favorite chew toy in a secret place in hopes that someone will find it. This will stand as a record of the downfall of humanity for the beings of the future. Who knows when it all started? I will begin from where it started for me, about six months ago. . .
I lived in a small suburban home alone. My only comp

Arm Pain After My Second Moderna COVID Vaccine Shot

Posted By clifhaley 87 days ago on Humor - I think I got off fairly easy from my 2nd dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine. Other than a nagging headache I just had some pretty bad pain in my arm. Felt like an ATM fell on it the next day. Not a modern-day lightweight ATM, but one of those sturdy, old ATMs powered by vacuum tubes and diesel and utilizing cathode ray tube TV monitors the size of a deck of cards but weighing 75 pounds surrounded by a chassis of 100% solid government-grade American steel held together with rivets the size of 90 mm anti-aircraft gun shells. An ATM that the men who made it were proud of when it rolled off the line that foggy afternoon in 1953. They slept well at night, these men, swaddled in the pride of not only hard work, but skilled work. Honest work. And so, too, their wives carried this pride with the

My Favorite David Lee Roth Quotes – Volume II

Posted By clifhaley 108 days ago on Humor - Image via Van Halen News Desk.
It’s been EIGHT YEARS since I first published my list of favorite Davide Lee Roth quotes and as a testament to the magnetism that is Diamond Dave it has consistently been the most trafficked page on this site getting between 1 – 5 visits every day for eight damn years. Well, why stop there, eh? DLR is a man with no shortage of wit and wisdom, so here are more of my favorite David Lee Roth quotes!
Music is like girlfriends to me. I’m continually astonished by the choices other people make.
You can’t expect somebody who spends 10 years of their life on a postage stamp stage in a bar somewhere to all of a sudden be a major movie mogul. I just lucked out.
I’m not Gregory Hines. I’m not Baryshnikov. I’m not trying to ach