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Zinnia's August Additions Have Arrived!

Posted By PixiteBlog 4 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Zinnia friends (and newbies!), our new August goodies are here! At the
beginning of each month, we add a bunch of new content to the Zinnia Studio
– updated calendars, seasonal templates, user requested themes, and lots

We packed some August sunshine into this month’s adorable additions!

Pigment New Feature : Hex Value Support

Posted By PixiteBlog 9 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Hex codes are fingerprints for colors: each shade has a unique set of
numbers. Want an orange with a splash of blue and a smidge of red?
Interested in going beyond basics? Salmon, papaya, chartreuse? Hex codes
help you capture your specific color choices so that you can create with

Zinnia Community Spotlight: July 2021

Posted By PixiteBlog 10 days ago on Creative Lifestyle -

Design a page that speaks to you on Zinnia.

Thoughtful color palettes are the perfect way to create a mood.We love seeing the gorgeous spreads that Zinnia's community designs. Today we’re continuing our monthly Community Spotlight with three journalers who use colors to create cohesive – and fun – pages.Artist: Mandii Smith@mandii_smith's rustic color story gives us all the forest feels. Bonus points for the color palette on the bottom right - we see you!

Spread by Mandii Smith, using the Zinnia App.

 Artist: Navya KushalappaWe are crazy for collaging, and @navyas.canvas is speaking our language!

Different Types of Savings Accounts You Can Have

Posted By youbethree 14 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - By Julia Califano Original article found at SoFi and has been republished with permission If you’re looking to put money aside for future needs and watch it grow, a savings account can be a great option. Not all savings accounts are created equal, however. There are actually several different types to choose from, and the … Different Types of Savings Accounts You Can Have Read More »

Why Minimalism Matters

Posted By PixiteBlog 17 days ago on Creative Lifestyle - Zinnia is full of vibrant journal elements, from mood-setting paper packs
to nostalgic collections and endless washi tape. Pixite’s wildly creative
Nicole Barlettano designs and curates gorgeous new art releases every
month, based on user requests and her magical knack for making