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Public Speaking Demystified: Tips To Successful Workplace Communication

Posted By SlideUpLift 8 hours ago on Business - Introduction We live in a world where we are overwhelmed with content, and communicating information effectively to others is more important today than ever before. Public speaking is a great way of communicating at many levels, whether your goal is to engage in a debate, make a career as a speaker, or gain confidence in presenting to an audience.  Public...    read more 

Reasons to Save Money From Influential Money Minds

Posted By EmCollin 8 hours ago on Finance - You’ve probably been given all sorts of reasons to save money. Been told things like “The earlier you start saving the better”. Or come across the 50/30/20 budget rule, which advises you to save 20% of your income. But why should you save a portion of your money instead of say…invest it? Savings accounts and …
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5 Factors to Consider With Packaging Design

Posted By ivanpw 15 hours ago on Business - Packaging is one of the last things most businesses think about when developing a product. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most important. And if you don’t give it the attention it deserves, you could be unintentionally holding your business back.The ‘Why’ of Packaging DesignThe right packing design is important on multiple levels. But according to Industry Today, it ultimately services four distinct purposes:1. ProtectionPractically speaking, packaging exists to protect the item inside from being damaged during transit, storage, and display. For food and beverage products, it also keeps the product safe and free of germs.…The post 5 Factors to Consider With Packaging Design appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

4 Ways Blockchain Is Revolutionizing the Industrial Sector

Posted By ivanpw 16 hours ago on Business - The blockchain has proved to be a revolutionary technology. One that has not only sent seismic shocks across the societal fabric but also uprooted the future of the industrial sector.Around the world, global supply chains, healthcare providers, food and beverage manufacturers, government bodies, and innovation think tanks are leveraging different ways they can integrate blockchain into their existing protocols.Because the Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that has the capacity to store huge sums of data, and process it efficiently, its utility in the industry is unquestionable. Many leaders have already found ways to utilize the Blockchain to achieve visionary business benefits, and with the rise of the blockchain API, integration is becoming possible across industrial lines.…The

Why Integrating HR With Payroll is Beneficial for Your Small Business

Posted By ivanpw 17 hours ago on Business - Does your company currently use a standalone HRIS with separate payroll software? If so, then you’re missing out on the many benefits that cross-departmental integration can provide! After all, both HR and payroll systems manage a lot of the same data, so why enter data twice when you can input it into a single shared database?There’s a long list of reasons why integrating software can be beneficial for your business; sadly, that list would be too long for one single article, but below we’ll be covering three of the main reasons why integration is a worthwhile endeavor. If you haven’t already integrated your HR with your payroll, read on to learn why you should!…The post Why Integrating HR With Payroll is Beneficial for Your Small Business appeared first on SMALL BUSINESS CEO.

4 Tips for Better Order Management in the Construction Business

Posted By ivanpw 18 hours ago on Business - Construction companies may face difficulties when setting up a new construction project when it comes to order management. When setting up construction projects, the companies must order supplies according to the project specifications, and they need a complete plan for the project. By implementing better practices, the construction companies stay on task and avoid common issues.1. Use An App to Order SuppliesNew apps are available through building material suppliers that make it far more convenient for construction companies to place their orders.…The post 4 Tips for Better Order Management in the Construction Business appeared first on Biz Penguin.

How To Improve Your Cash Flow As A Single Parent With These 20 Tips

Posted By peronalfynance40 19 hours ago on Finance - As a single parent, it can be challenging to stick to a set budget and grow wealth at the same time. I’m also a freelancer so my income can be irregular at times. Over the years, I developed a system of hacks to help me save money and improve my cash flow. Here is how to improve your cash flow as a single parent. 1. Set Your Budget I use the Personal Capital app, a spiral notebook, and my Chime bank account as my main tools for creating my budget. You can create your budget with a spreadsheet or with pen and paper. Start by writing down your most important fixed expenses such as the rent or mortgage, utilities, groceries, childcare, and clothing. Write down the due dates of those bills then write down your miscellaneous expenses such as subscriptions and eating out. Cut out all unne