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The Musician’s Two Modes

Posted By LaurelS 6 days ago on Education - There are two mental modes every musician can use: Learning Mode, and Expression Mode. The best musicians can easily access either mode and use both modes equally to learn music effectively and perform joyfully. How can you be like them?

How soon will I see results from my music lessons?

Posted By LaurelS 14 days ago on Education - How long do you have to take music lessons to see results? I don’t think sounding amazing as quickly as possible should be your biggest concern, but I'll give you a timeline anyway!

Difficult student, don’t change

Posted By LaurelS 17 days ago on Education - Do “difficult” students resist instruction just to be difficult, or are they responding to their own feelings? Here’s why I’d rather let my piano students learn more slowly than teach them to ignore how they feel.

Ultimate Guides for ParentsINSTRUCTOR

Posted By tengzihaoboy 17 days ago on Education - Getting admission to a top tire university or college is very difficult. That is why you must prepare yourself if you are planning to secure admission. Read on to find out how to get into a top college or university?