I hope this is not the case, I hope you did not quit blogging! Blogging is fun, it should be fun and you should love every minute of it. I’ve been marketing blog content for 14 years and one thing consistent is bloggers come and bloggers go.

Many things can go wrong when blogging and the list of reasons to quit for many can be endless and over whelming, this is the sad truth. It’s in my opinion that in order to start a blog and continue it’s success online you must have the mentality of an entrepreneur.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you stopped blogging or why most bloggers quit.

Commitment Level To High

Many of us, when starting a blog have no idea on the commitment it takes to start and continue an active blog. Creating new content is not easy and takes much dedication. Users have issues balancing their blog with real life and slowly the idea and concept fades into what is only a memory. Never underestimate the difficulty of launching a successful online blog.


Not Making Money

Intentions for most bloggers is to start a blog, create content and make money. Well I’m sorry to say, blogging doesn’t make money… well not easily anyways. If your pure intentions are to monetize your blog and the goal right from the start is to make money, chances are you’re going to be very disappointed and you’re going to quit.

Making money is the byproduct of a great blogger or great content creator!

No Positive Results

Positive results can range from receiving comments, social media shares or likes and even as mentioned above, making money. When bloggers don’t see a direct response from their efforts it’s easy to simply give up. The easiest part about blogging is simply giving up, trust me in my 14 years online content marketing I’ve seen thousands of bloggers give up!

Content To Difficult To Write

Yes! Writing is difficult but not impossible. If you find yourself having difficulties producing new fresh content, see my post on how to keep your blog content fresh. It’s not hard but does require commitment and consistency. Like any successful business you need a plan and you need to be organized to help give yourself the best chance possible at success.

  • Set Obtainable Goals
  • Be Consistent
  • Complete Tasks
  • Set Milestones

Unrealistic Blogging Expectation

Maybe the blogger thought it was going to be easy. “My friend does it, how hard can it be?” I’m going to make money from blogging and quit my job attitude is not realistic. Perhaps you can work hard and make blogging a side income, a small passive income that substitutes your real life income but chances you will make enough to quit your day job, I don’t think so.

Have you quit or thought about quitting blogging? I would love to hear what challenges you face, and how you overcame them or how you didn’t.

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  1. All of these are some of the most common reasons why bloggers stop blogging. For me, getting through the period of nothing appearing to be happening felt the most difficult. In truth, it just felt highly uncomfortable to face all my fears related to wasting my time, running out of money, being criticized and failing.

    Edging through these fears to make blogging mostly about having fun helping people carried me through this long journey. But you really need to blog mainly for fun and passion because these inner fuels keep you going when the outside results just don’t seem to be coming together all that quickly. When the work is the reward you will do it for as long as you’re having fun. This is the perfect mindset to keep blogging no matter what. Excellent post my friend.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Can You Make a Full Time Living with a Personal Blog Today?My Profile

    1. Hi Ryan, I love your message, like me you have been online for a long time. But you have been a blogger for years and years before I was. In fact I truly only believe I have recently become a serious blogger here on Blog Engage. Your message about enjoying blogging is huge, and your statement about overcoming your fears is 10 out of 10 for me! Thanks for all your kind words and for visiting the blog 🙂
      blogengage recently posted…Overcoming Your Fear Of Others OpinionsMy Profile

  2. These points really spoke to me:
    Set Obtainable Goals
    Be Consistent
    Complete Tasks
    Set Milestones

    A lot of the times when you start a blog, you really don’t know the commitment it takes to create, promote, be on social media, look for ways to monetize traffic, SEO, and the list goes on and on and on. But when you read how to start a blog posts, you never see such disclaimers. It will be great to read a how to start a blog that is brutally honest, not one that simply urges people to buy hosting. Thanks for this post. It’s encouraging to new bloggers.
    Angela Nellie recently posted…80 YouTube Video Ideas That Guarantee Massive Views And SubscribersMy Profile

    1. Hi Angela, nice to meet you and welcome to the Blog Engage Blog. I’m so happy you could relate to the post and that you took the time to say hello and leave a comment! Its nice when people leave a little bit of their own story so like minded bloggers know we are not alone! Blogging is hard!
      blogengage recently posted…Tips On Keeping Your Blog FreshMy Profile

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