Creating a blog is not easy, in fact when installing WordPress it should come with a fair warning in bold. “Blogging is not easy, coming up with content requires a lot of work, commitment and dedication, blogging is not for everyone.”

Creating new and fresh content for your blog will become difficult, but the good news it’s not impossible. Today I share a few tips and blog posts that have helped me understand what I needed to do!

Expand On Your Topics

Breaking down your content into smaller sub categories can help create more blog posts for you in the long run. Perhaps every headline can be expended into it’s own blog article. For example when creating a post that showcases the top 10 ways to start a blog, perhaps each of those 10 ways can actually be their own blog post. Expand on your ideas to help keep the blog fresh with new but relevant content.

Creating The Business Plan

Every successful business has a common theme, and that’s having the proper plan and goals set to help you achieve success. Setting small goals, achieving them and continuing to repeat this behaviour will help you maintain the consistency that’s needed to create fresh new content.

  • Set Obtainable Goals
  • Be Consistent
  • Complete Tasks
  • Set Milestones

Follow The Trends

Make sure to follow trends if you can and blog within the season. This will help you come up with fresh content and topics that people are more likely to be interested in. No one is talking about winter jackets in the summer time right? Stay on point when it comes to seasonal content and stick with the trends to engage your audience and their interests. Read Darren’s latest post on ProBlogger, Is Your Blog Ready for the Festive Season?

Attract With Visual Elements

Creating a visually appealing appearance can help engage your audience a bit more than without. Try to add fun, exciting but meaningful visuals to your blog posts. Infographics can also help stimulate your reader and bring excitement to your content. Adding visual elements to your blog post can increase the chances someone remembers up to 65% according to John Medina from Brain Rules.

Allow Guest Posts

Allowing your readers to sign up and guest post on your blog can bring fresh and new content to your readers. Keep in mind it’s very important to only allow real bloggers or readers to guest blog and to not promote the idea of selling links. Creating fresh new content from a guest blogger is great when the content is quality and targeted to your audience.

Let me know some of the ways you keep your blog fresh with new content. I would love to hear your tips and personal tricks on how you continue to create fun and exciting new content for your readers.

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