Niche blogging is truly effective when you start a blog on a focused niche. If your niche is too big, then it is almost equal to a general purpose blog where you can write a variety of content but you can’t set aside yourself as an expert on your field.

Having a very specific niche blog has its merits. When you write strictly on your niche, you tend to attract more links, the user retention in terms of email subscribers or readers have a very low churn rate because the content is exactly on a topic they are looking for. While the benefits are huge, it is important to choose a niche you are comfortable to work on, as it is a onetime decision and is going to last the life time of your blog.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several sub niches of tech to start a new blog.

1. Computers: With new models of laptops and desktops being launched every now and then with specific requirements like gaming etc. this niche has a huge potential. On the basic is requirements, the specification vary and thus it becomes difficult for the end users to choose a computer that best fits their requirements. This is where an expert like you can guide users to buy a laptop that is best for their usage.

2. Gadget Reviews: From kitchen gadgets to home appliances, tech is everywhere. There are hidden gems that can solve a lot of everyday problems and make life easy but it is difficult to search for them because they aren’t problem solving gadgets, rather they are easy sellers if you can feature them properly.

3. Social Media: Social media is a vast niche, from Facebook to Instagram, there’s so much to write and explore. There are several topics like social media calendars and automations or social media marketing that can easily last for a life time and you won’t have to worry about finding new titles to write your next article.

4. Cell Phones: Cell phone reviews from android to apple is a very deep topic. Newer versions of operating system keeps coming with new feature upgrades, cell phones keep throwing new features and better specifications. From display to RAM and Processors, everything gets an upgrade every now and then.

5. Wearable: Smart watches aren’t the only tech that you can wear; there are plenty of wearable gadgets that are available in the market now. There are smart glasses, helmets and even medical stuff that you can wear and stay healthy. This market is growing with the rise in technology and is only going to get better with time.

6. Security: As the tech grows the demand for more secure systems keep rising. Ethical hacking, finding bugs in systems, securing online websites and apps, anti-virus and many such niches has a potential to keep growing. Every system from android to desktops to browsers and other online items require security fixes and patches.

7. Digital Cameras: When digital pictures kicked in, the earlier variants of reels become fully obsolete. The new digital system of photography changed the entire landscape and become not just better but cheaper and more accessible. Picture can be clicked from the comfort of your cell phones. However, for more effective photography, good lenses are important which brings us to this niche of digital cameras and powerful lenses.

8. Search Engine Optimization: SEO has always been a strong sub niche of technology where search engines keep coming up with newer upgrades in their search algorithms and the website owners keep adjusting to the difficulties of rankings. This niche isn’t just limited to search engines now as competition is pretty much the same on every platform. From ranking products on Amazon, to getting views on YouTube and even struggling to get more downloads on Play Store, pretty much everything is SEO.

9. Video Games: If you are a gaming fan and want to play more video games then starting a blog on video game reviews is a great idea. As a video game fan you are likely to try out new games as soon as possible and if you do so then covering it on your blog section might be fun. As a good gamer you might be able to complete the levels quicker than others and make tutorials for others to help them out.

10. Apps: Every problem today has an app as a solution. Anything that you can think of, someone has already created an app for it. This market is very competitive but the good thing is that you aren’t here to create an app, rather than that you are here to start a blog on the application category. Simply browse through the Google play store or the Apple app store and find new and useful apps to cover in your blog. Do roundups of similar apps and compare their features. There’s a lot to do on this niche.

Tech Sub Niches

11. Tech News: Technology is dynamic and with its every change and upgrade, new things keep coming. If you are able to make a tech news blog and get it listed on the Google news search, the potential of that blog will be huge. One needs to keep up to date with new trends in technology to be able to keep up with this niche. However, that is where all the fun is. You will be able to cover new things every day and there will always be something to write about.

12. IOT: Internet of Things is an amazing tech niche. The last few years has shown so much of potential in this niche. Everything today can be controlled by the internet, from the luxury of your cell phone you can control your fan, light, door locks, air conditioners, fridge, floor cleaners and pretty much anything that you can think of.

All this can make your life easier as the power of the internet allows you to control your devices from anywhere in the world. Think of the possibility that you can watch the progress of your devices on CCTV cameras and have your home cleaned and cooled and ready before you even enter your home.

The great thing about the Technology niche is that it keep changing and upgrading. New things keep coming up and that makes your value as a writer grow many folds over time.

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  1. Great post!
    It’s true that having a niche blog can be very effective in attracting and retaining readers. These 12 tech niche ideas are all very interesting and have great potential for growth.
    Thanks, Blogengage!
    Gary Francis

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