I can only imagine how many people have stopped blogging and gave up, simply based on the opinions of someone else. Did you know as humans in society we base the majority of our decisions solemnly on how others will judge us?

Learning how to put your true values before the opinions of others is something we all struggle with in our lives. This statement is so true, many often find themselves trying to live someones best version of their self.

The influence and opinions of others does not always translate into a negative experience, in many situations it can be of great value, positive an helpful. When the opinions of others stop us from starting a blog, and blogging about what we truly value, than it’s an issue and needs to be addressed.

The Need For Approval

Can you imagine logging into WordPress and trying to write a blog post when in the back of your mind is the thoughts of being judged? If you want to have any chance of success you need to find a way to eliminate this need for approval and you need to overcome your fear of other peoples opinions.

This daunting overbearing weight of needing someones approval is a never ending struggle many of us are challenged with. It affects our lives, family, employment and more. You need to break free from these chains in order to be a true version of yourself as a blogger and content creator.

The Fear Of Failure

Your chest is heavy, your stress is high and you fear the failure of approval or acceptance for your latest blog posts. Anxiety has never been so overbearing and out of control. I know it’s harder to do then say, but if this is you and how you feel when blogging… you need to find a way to overcome these doubts and fears. In my experience, it gets easier with every blog post.

Do you struggle with blogging due to the fear of other peoples opinions? Have you overcome these fears? If so, how did you manage to find success? Care to share your own experience, please do leave a comment below!

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