Yes, the dream of every blogger, to be productive, efficient and to make the most, out of the least. The phrase “I’m going to be a more productive blogger this year” comes around, well quite frequently this time of the year.

As the holiday season and celebration of the new year approaches us, we find our self reflecting back on what we have accomplished, who we have become and perhaps set goals to do a better job next year. Whatever your “better” needs to be, we need to recognize ways to increase our time management allowing more time to focus on our improvement, and not the task.

Start Scheduling

As a blogger we have several ways to be more productive and the first major game changer is to start scheduling everything. Schedule your blog posts and also schedule your social media sharing. WordPress allows you to write your blog posts and schedule them for later dates. This helps you to write posts in advance opening up and clearing your schedules during busy times of your lives. If you can write in bulk, do it!

Schedule Your Social

Go Social With Buffer or HootSuite and start posting your Tweets and Facebook shares in advance. It’s very easy to use these services and for most of us we get away with the free version. If you have a need for more than the free limited accounts offer, then use both Buffer and HootSuite together to manage all your social media accounts. Scheduling your social media will help you save so much time as a blogger, in fact in my opinion it’s a must.

How to Create a Social Media Posting Schedule (Free Template and Tools)

Separate Writing From Editing

If you can manage to schedule your posts in advance, it will also allow you to separate the writing from the editing. Proof reading and editing takes a lot of time from a bloggers perspective, typically done in the same sitting. If you can separate these elements it makes for a more productive writing session. When I’m at my best I set posts for Wednesday and Friday 8am. I have these posts written 48 hours before hand allowing me to edit 24 hours prior to going live.

Stick To The Plan

When you make a plan, try and stick to it. If you were honest with yourself when making the plan it should work. If you start to feel the stress and start to hit failure within the first two weeks you need a new plan, one that’s more realistic with your commitment level. Be fair to yourself and set goals you can achieve not goals that will create stress and failure. Read my latest post on why bloggers fail. Let’s make sure this doesn’t become you by following these basic tips on being a more productive blogger.

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  1. Brian each of these tips is excellent because being productive is simply a mindset. Thinking about ways to produce more helpful content and to amplify your reach in less time is the way to boost your productivity. I have been scheduling many tweets daily through Twitter and it made my life easier and easier. I also created a more crystal clear vision of where I intend my blog and brand to be. Once you have the mental picture then everything else gets easier. But being productive ultimately comes down to genuinely enjoying helping people. When the work becomes the reward you will have no issues with being a highly productive blogger at any time of the year. Thanks for sharing my friend.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Do You Try to Solve Your Problems or Reader Problems through Blogging?My Profile

    1. Hi Ryan, blogging sure is alot of fun I consider you and I lucky to have this mindset and opportunity. I don’t need to blog, I enjoy it so I do, much like yourself, I enjoy helping others with content, tweets, shares whatever I can do to help. I think once we know the plan, like you say, have the outcome in our minds, a clear vision everything else just becomes easy and fun. Thanks for visiting and adding value to the post, keep on blogging my friend!
      blogengage recently posted…What Matters Most When Blogging?My Profile

  2. Hey BlogEngage Admin,

    Excellent and well-written. You have shared an awesome content providing great tips for boosting the bloggers productivity. I appreciate the way you have explained and elaborated each tips that are so true to understand.

    Yes when it comes on productivity level then is is really essential to focus on creating quality content. Scheduling is essential and sharing the blog post on social platform also provide good advantages. As social platforms allows user to showcase their work-piece and keep it infront of huge audience crowd. Social platform works really great if used correctly and in a proper way. Yes making plan is crucial but stick to that particular plan is equally essential and we should always being true to ourself. Your each tips are vital and must be considered. Adopting an implementing your tips will be helpful and surely helps boosting the bloggers productivity level.

    After reading this complete guide am sure that this post will surely help lots of people & readers. Lastly i would like to say that you are definitely providing good understanding to your readers.

    Very informative and keep sharing more similar post.


    1. Hello Aadarsh Roy, thanks so much for the visit and comment here on my blog. I hope the post has helped you a little! Blogging is so hard, many times we don’t need to increase productivity, maybe it’s time for a break right? LOL I know I love to find new ways to make myself more efficient and I consider tat task a weekly goal! Anyhow, thanks so much again for the visit and I hope to see you visiting again sometime!
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