As a blogger, the success to your blogging activities lies in the amount of content you create. Agreed that everything still has to be done, from link building to promotions, but the biggest factor for the blogging success remains with the content.

When you create more content, your posting schedule improves, that is rather than posting one to two posts a week, you can speed up your content by posting 3 to 5 times a week. If you still manage to write more than the extra content can be used for guest posting, or running other blog sections like LinkedIn pulse or Medium.

Here, in this article, we will discuss several tips to help you write more content.

1. Be active in the comments section: If you have an active comments section then simply replying to and discussing with other commentators, you will be able to get more content ideas. However, if your own comments section isn’t as active then start reading the comments that other blogs in your niche gets. Those comments, often ignored by your competitor, is truly a gold mine of ideas and thoughts. Go through it deeply and you will find enough ideas to start working on some new blog posts.

2. Quora: This site isn’t just a question and answer website, it is truly a social network targeted to the question and answer niche. If Quora is utilized properly, it will serve as a hunting ground for ideas on any niche. Whatever your niche might be, Quora has questions waiting for you to answer.

Take out some time answering questions on Quora. This will increase the ideas that you have on your own niche and the more your research the more knowledge you will gain.

3. Take a Walk: Sometimes sitting in front of the computer does not help to gather the ideas. Out in the open, perhaps walking around a park often helps to collect ideas. This is where you should carry a notepad with you and quickly jot down the ideas that you gain from spending quality time off line.

4. Read books: If you truly want to master your niche, it is important that you read a lot of good books on relevant topics. Look for good authors who have written on topics that you often write content. If you aren’t able to find related books, then join some networks like good reads and it will automatically start suggesting you various books that you should be reading.

5. Review a product: There are so many products on your niche find them on Amazon and other places. Buy them if you have to and start reviewing them. Good or bad, write an honest review and try to cover them in as much detail as possible. Do not worry about being negative here as the idea is to write good content and not to please anyone.

6. Cover Television: If there are shows or even films on your niche, take out some time to watch them in full. Then write a detailed review of the show you have just watched. There’s always something relevant, no matter what niche you are in. For us entrepreneurs, there’s shark tank, which is a reality show and worth covering in your blog section.

7. Check what is trending: Google trends are a great tool for finding topics that are currently making the waves. Surely trends and hashtags are visible on most social media sites, like Twitter, but Google has a very detailed page on trending topics. They even have a hot trends section for content that is getting a lot of views.

8. Interview someone from your niche: While interviews are a great way to add content, it is also an opportunity to do some networking. For interviews, most of us target the popular people from our niche. If you manage to get time from an influencer from your niche then it is also a great opportunity to know more about the influencer. This is truly a networking opportunity and the influencer is surely going to remember you after the interview.

9. Start story telling: Readers always wants to know more about the person behind the blog. Surely, you do have a story about yourself and how you got started which is something that you keep in your about us section. But once in a while, writing more about your personal life in the form of blog posts helps in making a stronger bond with your readers. If you are able to connect with your readers on an emotional level then your readers will have a strong bond with you and in time, this relationship will become further stronger.

10. Turn off distractions: When you are finally ready to start finishing up the article, it is time to block all distractions. Get rid of the music, if possible close the doors and the windows and remove the unwanted tabs that are open in your browser. In the long run, try to find a white noise option that will get rid of the stronger and disturbing outside sounds.

Write more Content

11. Re-purpose content from other sources: When it comes to getting content created, you might already have a variety of content ready. There’s content created for the newsletters, or Guest Posts, or other form of content that goes into slide share or even infographics. All these content are different but still several of this content can be easily re-purposed into the blog section.

As a blogger, our main work is to create content. This can be for the main blog section, or guest posts, or social media and micro blogging. Every online marketing activity in some capacity requires the creation of content. If you are able to write more, you will be able to do a lot of marketing activities. In such a case it is always better to invest in oneself and work harder to get more content created.

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  1. All of these tips look good Brian. Story telling allows words to flow more freely from my mind, to the laptop to the WordPress backoffice. The challenge is to keep telling stories when my mind wants to publish solely dry, plain content. Sure the plain stuff has its place but stories inspire me to genuinely dig into my writing in an authentic way.

    From there, when I am really cooking, blogging seems more fun and I publish more blog content, too.

    Excellent blog post. Keep up the great work my friend.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…How to Ride a Turkish DolmusMy Profile

  2. I have my doubts if comments are as powerful as they used to be, but your tip #7 is the one I think can bring the best results these days to overcome big competitors.

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