Every blogger wants to build a stronger blog. Those of us who have built a successful blog might tell a story that is unique to them. The reason is in the approach, as each blogger has a different and unique way in which they have grown their blogging success.

You need traffic, social media subscribers and followers, email list and hopefully some buyers because all of this following needs to convert into something.

One thing you might find in common between several popular blogs is that they have a lot of traffic sources. It is not just about keywords or rankings or utilizing a specific social channel, but rather it is the combination of a lot of sources. This is something that might not happen overnight but if you keep at it then there will come a time when you can look back and see that you have promoted your blog well and achieved several streams of incoming traffic and business.

1. Pinterest – This isn’t just a social site, it is a visual search engine and a real gift if you are in the niche of home improvement and interior decoration.

The secret is in using this site and most people do it wrong. The first step is to make sure that you have enough high quality images on your site and with a preferable image size of taller rather than wider images. Now that you have added relevant and catchy images, hopefully by using Canva or a similar tool to make it look better, it is time to start sharing your images to Pinterest. Before you get into this second step, it is important to start searching for public pinterest groups where you can share your image. These public group boards already have the followers and the activity, all you need is permission to pin your images to these boards – the more the better, just keep looking for more of these boards every day.

How to Promote Your Blog in 2022

2. Quora – This is the biggest question and answer site on the internet today. But like any other useful website, Quora too isn’t a website, it is a social network for information sharing.

If you want to make good use of Quora, the first step is to answer as many relevant questions as possible, follow people who are in your niche and even ask a few question. Work on your profile and make it valuable. Before you start making good use of the targeted traffic Quora can provide, it is important that you make your profile valuable and reputed. Once you feel that your profile is old and strong enough, start answering some questions with a link back to your blog posts. Make sure to keep the 80-20 rule where you need to answer 80% of your answers organically and link to popular resources, and only 20% of the time you should look to promote your own content.

3. YouTube – Ever thought about making videos on topics that you have written on your blog. The future is about videos and shorts, people want to listen rather than read.

Videos can help in driving relevant traffic from sites like YouTube. This step isn’t all that easy though as YouTube needs consistency. Assuming that you already have plenty of blog posts that you can convert into videos, it is best that you follow a video making and posting schedule. Pick your dates – be it Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or just about any day but make sure to follow this schedule strictly. This will help even more if you can follow a particular time and match it every time, right on the clock. You already have the content, just make simple videos and keep it regular.

4. Forum Marketing – This is perhaps the least used method on this list. Forum marketing is a very popular strategy of the past but somehow people have stopped to use this effective marketing strategy.

Just like any platform, forums too expect a strong and reputed profile before you can even talk a little bit about self-promotions. It is important to track down several forums that are on your niche and they allow a forum signature or atleast allow posting links to relevant sites. Even if you manage to find a few forums that allow this, it is good to go. The secret here is to make sure that you spend enough time to build up your profile and make good connections with all forum members. In a forum, your content and your reputation is everything.

5. FlipBoard – When it comes to content sharing, FlipBoard is a great place to do so. The users of FlipBoard like to read content directly from the site, thus if you share your content on FlipBoard, it will be read by many people.

FlipBoard has a huge user base, 100 Million active user as of 2021. That is a great number if you are looking for a motivation to join this network. The best part is that it isn’t like Reddit or Quora where you have to build a really powerful profile to start using it. From day 1, you can start sharing your content on FlipBoard and make the most out of it. Still, users like to see quality, so it is better to first share some of your really good content before you start sharing every single post that you have ever written.

6. Discord – One of those things that I never find bloggers do is to get their followers connected through discord or skype. This is a great way to not just communicate with your readers but let them also communicate with each other.

There are several ways to let this happen, for example – whattsapp group, telegram group, discord, skype chat etc. You just need one and thus let’s suggest discord here. Discord is free and has way too many options to setup chat rooms with various levels of privileges. This is all about setting things right but the real challenge is to bring your readers to discord and make the space active. Start with creating chat rooms in discord, making threads and discussions and finally talk about it in a blog post. Once your readers start to get the basic idea, some of them will surely join up.

Blog promotion is about being creative and unique. There’s no limit to tips and ideas that tells us more about promoting our blogs and here too we have tried to come up with new and unique ideas which are both easy to implement and are actionable. Give the ideas a try and if it works, let us know about your feedback in the comments section.

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