Successful bloggers usually have more than one channel of online income. For most bloggers, the basic income channels are ads, link selling, providing services, selling affiliate and referral offers. While most things related to blogging revolve around these channels, the smart bloggers also look for greater opportunities to make more money from the same proven ways of income.

One such opportunity is known as the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday sales.

Most new bloggers always come to know about this huge online sale when the sale is already running and like most others, they start buying rather than selling. To make things easy for the new people and perhaps a gentle reminder to the old folks that Black Friday 2022 is almost 40+ days away, enough time to plan for it, write content and perhaps even start making some landing pages for the extra sales.

Before getting into it further, here’s a quick overview of what Black Friday is all about. So Black Friday is considered a shopping festival that happens once in a year, usually towards the end of November and lasts for almost a week. During this time most online retailers gives the deepest discounts to attract a lot of sales.

Now, think of it as a marketer and a blogger where you can offer these discounts to your own audience and earn referral and affiliate sales? If this idea gives you the positive vibes then read on as this article will guide you to set up an income channel out of this upcoming Black Friday.

Look for products in your niche

You already have a small audience, be it blog readers, social media followers, email lists or YouTube subscribers. All you need to get started is the products. If you choose your black Friday affiliate products wisely, some of your existing following base might just buy it before you even get started with your marketing.

Plan your social calendars

It is all about planning much in advance because when you are in the moment, you just won’t have enough time. Set up tweets, make them ready but don’t send them out. Set them to go live during the black Friday, but here is the catch. The discounts won’t be visible until the last few days and that is why you have to edit those tweets and shares with the actual link and discount codes. Still, having the catchy images and text ready make things easy.

Make it Catchy

Whether it is a blog post or a landing page or even a social media status update, everything is in the copy. If you make it catchy, people will buy it. Think of it as a flash sale where people need to take a quick action. The offer might not be available tomorrow, the stocks might get all sold out if you take that moment to re-think you’re buying decision, and in all honesty, that is mostly the case.


While we already covered how a social media content planning can help you in the process of black Friday marketing, but this is just the basic idea. Most of the social media marketing that targets various products is done by chasing hashtags that are best suited to convert into sales. These hashtags needs to be product targeted and should cover the deep discounts the offer has to provide.

Write posts in advance

If you are planning to promote your black Friday offers by writing blog posts then prepare enough content in advance. Write posts targeting most items that you are trying to sell. Optimize your content with long-tail targeted products. Consider posting some content in advance because these articles needs to rank and you need some time to build some links to these posts.

Pre-Plan your AutoResponders

Usually, black Friday emails are short and up to the point. They have their links, their discounted rates and perhaps some coupons and other details. No point writing long emails when the user is looking for quick information about the product details and are hurrying to buy things before they are out of stock.

Always re-check availability

Since too much goes on during these shopping events that it becomes almost impossible to make sure that everything is going correctly. In these times, the biggest issues are 404 pages and products being out of stock. Since most content is already created, be it social media status updates, blog posts, landing pages or emails, everything has links to product pages and if these links fails and gives a 404, it is your loss. So always make sure to keep checking if the product page links are working and the products are still available. If something goes wrong, edit quickly and replace it with a relevant competitor.

Plan your promotions

As a blogger you always promote your content, be it social media shares and tweets, emails, commenting on other blogs and so on and this same process has to be done with black Friday content as well. Make sure to write down these promotion steps too so that you don’t find it difficult to do this process. Search for other blog posts that are related to your content and comment on them – that is a quick way to get attention directly from a targeted customer.

Tweak your site

Your website should look good during such an event. If you have distractions in your sidebars or your page loading is slow then it is time to fix those so that your buying customers have a good experience shopping on your website. While as blogger we don’t directly sell, but it is something that the targeted customer does not really understand – most people just think that they are still shopping on your site while they had already clicked on an affiliate offer and moved to a shopping portal to make that purchase.

Try a bit of PPC

Most blogger don’t try out too much of Pay per Click but at times like these when there is so much to sell, giving facebook ads a bit of a try does not really hurts. Start with a small budget and see how it goes. If you get good sales then give PPC a bit more room in your promotional channels.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are yearly events, they happen only once a year. If you make it well, you will get all the sales that you need – some people even make fortunes during these shopping events but if you fail to hit something big then you have to wait for a whole year to get this opportunity again.

Most new bloggers miss out on this opportunity because they realize this too late and they fail to act. Luckily, we still have time and as of today, we have as many as 40+ days to go into this black Friday 2022. Let’s make this happen!

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